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They are the current leading soccer tipsters in this month competition. See also tipsters rankings.

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Top Football Clubs

Motivated teams after winning five matches in a row or they have maintained a ten-match unbeaten run. The bookmakers label them as favourites for a reason.

Maccabi Tel Aviv

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Worst Football Clubs

传奇sfTeams in crisis after five consecutive defeats or they did not win their last ten football matches. You should avoid betting on these underdogs.

Cracovia Kraków

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Teams Home Win 100%

Teams that have won all their home matches.


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Good Home Teams

传奇sfTeams that have not lost at home matches.


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Poor Away Teams

Teams that have not won at away matches.


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Top Customer Reviews

The best site ever
By aatanganam on 18 December 2019
Thanks to soccerpunter for giving me this awesome/great opportunity to be among the best tipster to be trained and to give out the best
Bringing us fun and challenging in predicting football
By talksportaz on 17 December 2019
Soccerpunter.com is a place where we can gather together and work as a community toward helping each other to get their goals in football prediction world. As a reward to their community, they have a great competition which let us to predict. Simply the best site i have ever seen.
By kingshook2686 on 6 December 2019
Soccer tipster competition developed my skills to accurate match prediction. Nice to be a part of it.
best tipsters
By John9990 on 5 December 2019
I'm so happy to join this group, it really help me in knowing more tipsters n improving in my betting skills. thanks alot
soccerpunter is the best
By chikwempajack on 1 December 2019
Virtual Betting has never been made this easy.. with soccer punter you have got a chance to prove you know the game. Without losing real time cash. This allows you to build more confidence and experience. Kudos soccer punter ur the best!
Good work
By Lacita on 1 December 2019
Perfect h2h statistics which can help one identify special team to win.keep it up guys
Thanks for this beautiful site
By oluwadiyar on 30 November 2019
This is the finest of all all soccer statistics site.i so much love this site! I have been using this site for all my betting prediction and Started recommending people to use the site. Love you developer team For helping me with this site to win bet consecutively. Thanks for the good work
you will never lose your hard earned money here
By ezimakingsley on 23 November 2019
soccer punter has help me to know how good I am in sport betting, any match I placed is not a real money only just virtual fund.
Home away from home
By dadiusongera on 22 November 2019
Soccer punter is the best so far.Head to head analysis gives you a glimpse of a probable outcome.This it the place to be.
Now I enjoy anything here
By Shikara on 20 November 2019
Thanks soccer punter for your information on soccer now I enjoy anything here but I take two years to understand bookmark and done research day and night I get what I want. I will never leave soccer punter
Best of the bestest
By Stacey on 15 November 2019
After hopping in and out.... east or west the best of the best platforms for soccer prediction is soccerpunter. You learn and each day you become great in the picks
soccer star
By calleboyano on 14 November 2019
very much informative,detailed and excellent for soccer analysis
My experience on Soccer Punter
By Maruf on 10 November 2019
Soccer Punter is been an avenue for every football lover, where you can showcase your talent and learn new things though game prediction is a probability things that one need to know but there are also analysis that could help when participating in Soccer Punter, for me its been fun been here and playing it, its amusing give it a try and see what I am saying
A Route To Success!
By mcmander on 30 October 2019
It's exciting trying out soccer trading strategies here on Soccerpunter's Tipsters' Competition, while observing your progress and making necessary adjustments.

I'm watching my virtual money grow. I'm looking to double it, triple it, maybe make it into 100 million, systematically... lol!

I hope to make real money, however, from the competition, and whatever other benefits Soccerpunter promises to offer.
Kudos soccerpunter
By Joses on 24 October 2019
With soccerpunter everything is just woooow,it's fun and helps one an opportunity to win and make better life in future actually I just love soccerpunter
By Efeace on 23 October 2019
This is the best prediction and virtual betting website without loosing your real money and it also helps to build your betting ability.
I so much love this soccer punter
By eldybancy on 22 October 2019
I have been using this soccerpunter since 5 years ago... im really catching up from learning on other punters. really cool
Bruvusky's take
By bruvusky on 20 October 2019
I like soccer punter because it gives you the skill and will to try your predictions without losing your real hard earned money.
By ELIPAT on 18 October 2019
This site is superb. Very easy to understand and you learn at your own timing. This is really amazing. No financial commitment for betting, just learn and prove you understand and can predict at least 90% accurate, you become top 10 and win prize. Wonderful! No financial risk involves. Thanks very much SoccerPunter Team.
Set apart for time such as this??
By UMPHITHIZELIRICHIE on 16 October 2019
This Tipster competition has taught me to focus on one thing at a time and see the results in long run. What i would like to encourage others about is to focus on long term investment than short term. God bless you all.
By Ken4503 on 12 October 2019
The best ever online website with clinged distinction betting tips globally.
Thank you soccer punter
By pemisire on 9 October 2019
I love Soccer punter because is the best site for beginners and those who wants to make big profits betting with professionals. It has helped me improved my game. I love been here always to keep learning.
Well organized platform
By khalbam on 2 October 2019
I believe it will help me so much to forecast. That's why am competing.....i don't just want to be picking any team to win just by the names and the achievement but good form and records of chances to win
Best Platform
By I_shudi on 2 October 2019
why i like tipster competition is because it is a very good avenue where punters can show case their punting skills as well as analyze games so as to stand a chance to beat other punters also on this wonderful platform
By Faazbaba on 19 September 2019
I am highly flabbergasted having take part in the tipster competition for the very first time. Actually it has helped me not having the fear of staking on most difficult games which i always have insight it will come.
the best among equals
By fabc on 14 September 2019
soccer punter is the best competitive site because it improves your insights spirits of betting there by making you to be perfect in prediction I like it because it is very very enjoying
competitive and beneficial to punters
By sharibhai on 10 September 2019
i love the fact that tipsters can compete against one another to win prizes and at the same time help out punters wanting to make a profit on the side.
By TopSport1 on 4 September 2019
By Anderson360 on 4 September 2019
The best site i have ever being exposed to is:SOCCERPUNTER which is informative,captivating with lots more, that turn the world around.
Soccerpunter... The Most Serious minded people
By BrightIyke on 3 September 2019
This is the best site for gamblers to overcome their gambling Addiction. I have learnt a lot about football predictions from this site ever since I started using the site. Can you believe I don't watch football matches but I win predictions??
No more loss in betting
By goldteeto on 30 August 2019
I used to place bets with my bookmaker and lost most of the time. Then when I did research on where to get good tips, until I came across soccerpunter. Since then I've had more winnings even with free picks by ordinary members here. And I'm amazed at the results of Platinum picks here. To be true to my words, I've never come across a website like soccerpunter and I'm very sure there's none out there to compare. It's really entertaining and productive in here. I'm inviting all my friends to this site. This is where we belong.

Kudos to everyone here - tipsters and the management. It's a brand new world right here. Don't miss it.
I like soccerpunter because it helps me alot.
By justinefredrick23 on 29 August 2019
Soccerpunter is a very nice site which helps me to know more about soccer, because I don't watch football, but it makes me talk when my friends are speaking about football. Thanks to soccerpunter.
profit making
By benedictsbundi on 28 August 2019
Hello, have been studying the site for some times, it's good to follow reliable tipsters if you want to earn a living.
Have just joined today , and am competing with the best tipsters across the world. Am hopping for the Best.
By Yulle on 25 August 2019
I always thought football punting was Home Win / Draw / Away Win. Before I used to have 25 matches on one ticket (just 1x2) till soccerpunter.com taught me other markets to predict and defined each and everyone of them in layman terms. Now my multibet tickets are three to five matches long with more value.. More value, less matches. Thank you SP, you really improved my earnings. I feel like a pro stock trader now.
- Ke ya Leboga
My Sweet Experience
By 007classic on 25 August 2019
I have been a member since 2011 and one thing that makes Soccerpunter to standout is the content and consistency over the years. This site is a killer any day. I am hopeful that more winnings will be available for all those who want to win weekly. I will get my ranking back to Top 10 I was away for a long time but I am back to make a difference.
By Manu2016 on 19 August 2019
Actually this is the best site when it comes to soccer statistics.Well organized,user friendly,fast load times and well planned information architecture.Keep up the good work soccer punter.
By Dglorious1 on 17 August 2019
I sincerely appreciate those brains behind this competition. It motivate me to do better in my predictions. To me Its not all about winning rather being the best. This is international competition, my focus is to be the best. Thanks for this opportunity
Experiencing greatness
By busolamijuwon on 15 August 2019
I've been a jackass before but getting in to this platform has really improve my intellect and prediction power... Kudos to the platform and I'll make sure I refer my friend too to see wonders here. Thanks, Soccer punter
Best Way to Build Your Confidence!!
By Diplomatmighty05 on 14 August 2019
This site has been a source of confidence building tactics for me! Ever since joining this site have gained a lot of confidence staking on singles! It's really good been here!
Getting started
By Emmytech2019 on 12 August 2019
A site to learn, gain more insight and experience in sport predictions glad i participate...
Hedge Accordingly
By wesfry on 11 August 2019
When we do our analytics there are all kinds of gotchas and if we are able to remove the big mistakes IE recency bias and ignoring value will result in bad results. Even when we are on our game we still need to hedge according.
Best site
By becker4christ on 11 August 2019
Good to be here, best website i use for soccer.Hope all you out there would look out for this genius site in sports
Success story
By martinezowei on 10 August 2019
Soccer punter has also been my favourite. I never make any prediction on bet site without consulting the head to head comparison and present form of the teams from soccer punter. Soccer punter has always been my first and only choice.

Thanks Martins
By Obokun on 10 August 2019
I have been to so many predict sites but none was compared with soccer punter, my prediction is getting better now.but I have a suggestion in head to head analysis at least last five match of each team should be show among h2h please do some correction for that and that is going to make soccer punter no. 1 best prediction site.

Obokun keep the good work Soccer punter
Best Tipsters Website
By cent on 7 August 2019
This is so far the best betting tips site I have ever seen. It provides real punters with real results. Will be upgrading to VIP soon. Looking forward to get rich while logged in soccerpunter.com
My experience so far
By Bubesky992 on 4 August 2019
Best and good site in learning how to predict,from being a loser, now I can predict Excellent straight winning matches, I'm happy to use soccer punter it is the best I have ever seen or used
A good investment
By jaydykn on 25 July 2019
I am pleased to let you know that soccerpunter is more than just a website, it's a community where its members look out for their own, and grow together as a unit.
By Wolf.of.wallstreet on 25 July 2019
Howdy, Practise makes perfect they say. Soccerpunter gives bettors and tipsters the platform not only to exhibit but to put their skills also to test. The fact that one could play risk free bets with set financial limits helps one prepare for the real world. One gets to virtually feel the thrill in winning and the adverse effects of loses. The need to practise better inorder to make better predictions is then imployed and the knowlege that gambling has its risks keeps one grounded, all resulting in one becoming a better and disciplined investor or gambler, a good tipster as well. Call me old school but i still listen to the country song by Kenny Rogers titled "The Gambler". The chorus contains some useful tips on successful gambling. Ciao and the good luck to ya'all.
By Chinonge on 21 July 2019
Thanks to soccer punter. Its really a great privilege to participate in soccer punter as a Tip star.
Machai from Zambia.
Expressing your passion to get rewarded
By Dammie on 11 July 2019
There's nothing like a place which gives you the platform to exercise what you love doing. Soccerpunter is that avenue where you can interpret your passion, get rewarded and be a blessing to other users.
Soccerpunter is the big deal, and am loving the experience.
Great experience
By Gnaly on 11 July 2019
I feel great to be part of this competition. I believe it will enhance my punting skills. Soccer punter is the best!
Parabéns estou ao site
By jessefdasilva on 10 July 2019
Em primeiro lugar o site está de parabéns o Layout é fácil de se encontrar tudo em particular estou bem satisfeito com. Vou ser o melhor number 1 logo logo obrigado por tudo e serei o melhor.
Best Ever!!
By princebolaji on 10 July 2019
Honestly, this is one of a kind opportunity to display one's betting skills without any risk involved. When I first saw the virtual bankroll I was given here, it really blew my mind away. Like I am now established to test anything to maximize profit as far as betting is concerned. Thanks so much SoccerPunter and see you at the top for I will surely win this someday!
It has been really helping in terms of prediction
By Iceboss56 on 8 July 2019
It has been helping in the aspect of predicting and betting as a whole. It has limited me from the addiction of betting and paved a new way for me
By Ibinnytex on 6 July 2019
Soccer punter is the compass every tipster should have. Its been a learning process since I joined and am delighted
By Splend on 6 July 2019
I'm so happy I can now pick game confidently and in play,i wish to upgrade to platinum member thank you soccer punter for great opportunity
By hemyyc7654 on 1 July 2019
conheço a plantaforma a pouco tempo, porem pelo que vi parece ser confiavel, justa , e tem os odds bastante significativos , resumindo ; gostei muito
Thumb up for soccerpunter
By ShadowGame on 30 June 2019
I never knew there is a platform like this that gives young tipster to compete and showcase there ability of prediction with free money. Soccerpunter is indeed a dream come through for me. I love you guys.... KUDOS.
it's all about Investment
By okari7 on 27 June 2019
I like soccerpunter analysis and tips because I'm a winner from the day I joined soccerpunter I really appreciate for help and support
By WONANIGOMA on 19 June 2019
thumb up to Soccerpunter for giving me this opportunity to participate in tipsters competition.expect the best from me
By Fare13 on 16 June 2019
Buongiorno a tutti!
Dedico questa mia recensione a tutti coloro che non sono bravi nel pronosticare delle scommesse sportive , ma grazie a Soccerpunter, facciamo tutti esperienza ogni giorno senza pagare nulla, imparando ogni giorno nuove tecniche che solo la costanza può sviluppare.
Grazie Soccerpunter per questa opportunità che ci offri in cambio di nulla.
Tipster Competition
By Flibbert on 15 June 2019
As a punter ,joining this tipster competition is more or less like a great training and chance to hone my skills .Thanks to soccerpunter.
Soccer Punter, a platter of gold.
By ambalik on 10 June 2019
Soccer punter is a platform where we have been given all the necessary resources to succeed in sports betting, and with it the sky is the limit,I say a big thank you to the soccer punter team for delivering sports betting on a platter of gold!
In an appreciation to the admin soccerpunter
By vdepaul24 on 8 June 2019
I am humbly honoured to be among the member of tipster competition because it's motivating and give a room for someone to contribute to the welfare of others by giving out a good prediction of matches, and I am excited to join the soccerpunter. its a welcome development and I will give out good prediction. Thanks to you soccerpunter for the opportunity.
nice tipsters place
By bex2017 on 26 May 2019
Good tool for simulate before real bet.

Nice place to look at other tipsters views and predictions.

A lot of information useful.
Learning to perfect my winning strategies
By Abotiyuure on 26 May 2019
This is by far the best virtual betting platform you will ever come across on the internet. It has given me the opportunity to perfect my winning strategies without losing any real money. Besides, you stand the chance of winning real money. You lose nothing on Soccer Punter. Go Soccer Punter! You are the best!!
great site
By Fanstic27 on 25 May 2019
Soccerpunter is the best site I have ever visited. I love this site, kudos.
By chafesuka33 on 23 May 2019
This is a platform designed to keep you wanting more.The rankings make you see where you really stand in this/its a game changer and real punters ought to be here-there is nowhere else.It also boosts your confidence with mind sharpening as a bonus.Gooood work Soccer-Panther(Punter).
New member
By fredricktembo227 on 21 May 2019
I am seeing new things here and I believe and trust we have best soccer analysts here. I am happy to join you guys and how learn more
Soccerpunter is one of a kind!
By Pejoe6 on 21 May 2019
Have never seen a such consultative soccer predictive statistic site since ever had surfing through online with their professional gurus & help of H2H machine am now winning steadily
A safe way to test betting strategy
By yomie on 20 May 2019
I get to test various betting strategy without losing real money. It has helped to fine tune and perfect my betting strategy, now I don't lose money again.
I'm happy,I'm here
By Justicegodsent on 19 May 2019
I have learnt alot in this soccerpunter indeed they are really good and it is helping me,and please keep it up
Soccerpunter mindblowing
By materazy1 on 10 May 2019
Soccer punter has been fantastic since I joined the platform 2014, it allow you to be able to reason well. It rewards are fantastic.
SoccerPunter for real
By Droid on 7 May 2019
Soccerpunter is nothing but the pure site for betting solutions. In fact i enjoy the service of this site which make life of soccer betting to be happy than sad. Congratulation to all who accept Soccerpunter as their favourite site.
By kspatricksammy on 6 May 2019
Soccerpunter is the best in heads to heads to achieve ur a predicting and sampling judgement over game. The forum is just fun and a creative platform to learn, motivate and predict. Awesome to be soccer
Soccer punter is great for every punters
By Shonibare14 on 6 May 2019
Soccer punter is awesome it an opportunity
For you to train yourself and be a master in prediction with more fixture to follow by it is a great website for every punter
i love this site man
By odunayo on 3 May 2019
its the best site for prediction in all the site have seen,am just glad to be a member of this group
One love soccer punter
By hadeck007 on 1 May 2019
I'm Hadeck, soccer punter is number one place to be, it segregated from other platform, it's fun and educative. Its recommendable and its good to present. I love soccer punter.
Best Side Ever
By AHexpert on 29 April 2019
Soccer Punter help me to improved skill of my prediction & betting strategy,it's provide anything that a professional punter need.
Building my confidence.
By tayormoore on 21 April 2019
Soccer punter is helping me to build my confidence,I have been trying to inculcate what I am learning here into my system, I believe with soccer punter.....I can achieve my aim and objectives.
Soccerpunter-doing what you love and get paid for doing so
By Osahon98 on 21 April 2019
Is a great platform to do what I enjoy most following football, basketball tennis and as well as been able to provide sure prediction to help other users and myself make more money.careful selection,high game stat analysis,games carefully picked.

soccerpunter is a great platform for sport lovers to have a life time experience.
Best soccer prediction platform
By osahon.richard on 20 April 2019
Is a nice platform for me to do what I enjoy most.. football and also predict and get rewarded for doing so.Am happy to be in soccerpunter.
soccerpunter is the best among the most best
By clyfordbul on 17 April 2019
Its really nice,awesome,informative and it helps in testing formula in making sport picks.
By josephmweemba929 on 16 April 2019
This is a wonderful and great opportunity.i used to post predictions for free on my facebook page without earning anything. Soccer Punter is great cause as you are posting football tips,you also stand a chance of earning points and money.
Great platform to operate.
By Supertj on 16 April 2019
A great platform that gives room to self prediction development.
By FrancisHolushola on 15 April 2019
Its has really been a very exciting and very educative platform
SoccerPunter best of the best in the world
By bonny98 on 12 April 2019
Anyway for me I like these site because is the first time me to attend these site and I have tried my best to my tipster of today so I will keep on trying my best. For SoccerPunter I appreciate you guys so much because these site can make me the best predictor in the world.. Thanks A lot.
By shadrachsam on 10 April 2019
Soccerpunter has impacted great things in my well being, I really appreciates you guys for job well done
By slyjachabby on 5 April 2019
It is exciting. i was so bored but now I am very busy because of the tipsters competition.
i am glad to be here.
By karawoh on 4 April 2019
this is my first time here and I am glad to be here for a long time I have been trying to get here but to God be the glory tins is going well. thanks to all members that are here.thanks
By kolo2020 on 4 April 2019
I 'm really happy to join here, the moment I want to know I open up this site as ma hobby accessing internet, big up punter tipsters
By adeoyeyusuf247 on 3 April 2019
This is a Great Forum/Website for beginners, Though I.m not a Beginner...
I hope to earn in this Forum.
Prince. Kingsley Anderson for Soccer Punter
By kings4bizz on 2 April 2019
Soccer Punter can help you build your ability in predicting football without having to loose your real money.
Still new and learning
By suzzannekriss on 1 April 2019
Thanks Soccerpunter for offering a platform where one can learn much on football and sports betting.I am hoping to icrease my skills in football betting.At the same time avoiding being an addict.Last night I won on two of my tips and lost on one and thats a good start.
Freedom from debt
By timex28 on 1 April 2019
I have lose a lot of money in recent years on gambling, but soccerpunter has ease my addiction to gambling, it looks to me now as a fun...
Change your life today
By STEVESOBA354 on 25 March 2019
l'm new here, but i think this site is great and guide, and i need someone to thought me how make it, We move forward together..
It is a good platform
By Bossman96 on 23 March 2019
is a great platform as it frees one to explore more risky and profitable options without fear of loosing real cash. I love this....Thumbs up
Good for testing ml prediction
By mluna2014 on 22 March 2019
It's a good point of start to teach any ml algorithm prediction, and play funny
why i like soccerPunter
By dazzy on 21 March 2019
I love SuccerPunter because of so many reason which i'm going to mention but few. The odds are are cool, it is easy for you to understand what you are doing and how to choose.
The layout is very unique, easy to select and easy to find what you are looking for.
I learn alot, which mean i benefit alot and now my methods of selection has increased to 85%.
I have learnt alot from SoccerPunter.
I love SoccerPunter.
By Shadonic92 on 21 March 2019
Seriously I have been a fan for a number of years and would honestly recommend it to any betting friendly person.
why I like soccerpunter and it's contributions to me
By Oliver19 on 17 March 2019
I like soccerpunter because it is cost free moreso it enables me practice my predictions even though if I am not right I lose nothing. Also the rating is a challenge on my side, it keeps me awake and the hope of earning some reward keeps me alive. Many thanks
beyond imagination
By nabubakaradam on 15 March 2019
being In soccerpunter it's really fantastic, because it wonderful betting predicting site
Home of the best punters
By ceejay on 12 March 2019
Soccerpunter is making an expert out of me,if you are addicted in gambling it will help you overcome,if you need sure predictions this is the place to be,if you are not here you are missing so much
I love this site
By bronze on 5 March 2019
This website has made me a stronger and pro gambler and I want to thank the creators.
This is the best website for soccer punters ,looking forward to turn the tides & make decent profit
By 0763893900RM on 5 March 2019
Am new here ,learnt about soccerpunter a year ago but going by the positive reviews ,am looking forward to raid the bookies safes.
hi i like this platform and sure you would also like it
By ekowkrams95 on 28 February 2019
Yeah i like tipster competition, tipster competition help to critically analyse games that helps your winning chances...And I have been following and checking matches statistics on here and it has really help, so now I would be glad to be in tipster competition.....
Very good
By esopfriday on 27 February 2019
I like the idea of practicing the betting skills, and for now I believe that I can confidently challenge the bookmakers with the decision of picking the right options, thought it as easy as that. But I know that I have learned something spectacular from SOCCERPUNTERS.

Thanks from ESOP FRIDAY
By slimkiss on 24 February 2019
SoccerPunter has given me a chance to improve my predictions. I love the challenge,thank you
First Timer
By alexiowillis on 23 February 2019
It's my first time here. From the look of things it's going to be great, challenging and encouraging. It's really going to boost my confidence in placing my bet.
Awesome experience
By agatugi on 23 February 2019
It's an awesome experience for me.this will greatly improve my games analysis skills
Money is a law
By misofalanga on 21 February 2019
this site is great ... I type it without risk .... and how other tipsters type a specific mec ... all this I am editing and compiling a tick for a real cover...
New member
By Power7mms on 21 February 2019
I just sign in today and I'm still learning how to play
The best ever Platform.
By solongo on 16 February 2019
Soccer Punter as a platform provides both seasoned and upcoming tipsters with an opportunity to gauge themselves against other members as well as creating a learning platform where one learns new tricks to up their capacities and make accurate choices that earn them good returns.
As a new entrant to this great tipsters competition, I have improved greatly especially the way I approach the single games. Very soon, I will be in the top 10. I am determined to shine and after the perfection, I will try and grow as many members as possible through analysis and sure choice making.
This is a place to be.
Best soccer analysis by far!
By kanthanp on 15 February 2019
Soccerpunter has the best stats for accurate predictions on every game played.
Soccerpunter has definitely given me an edge against the bookies. Great indepth information that is really, truly valuable to winning consistently.
Tipster improve
By peterlangat21 on 14 February 2019
Soccerpunter is the place to improve betting skills.upgrade to platinum membership to claim your money thanks in advance soccerpunter
awesome games and healthy competition
By Jerry_mwas on 13 February 2019
tipster competition helps odds smashers out there upgrade their skills and luck by having a healthy competition with some of the best smashers in the planet. this way it helps you judge your skills and also improve on your weaknesses. it also gives you a chance of getting best possible odds for staking with minimum loss risk. congratulation guys for creating and having such an amazing platform.
Best information
By xianglong on 13 February 2019
I like the advice odds notification and statistic H2H will help me thank you soccer punter your help
Awesome Discovery
By temmyt215 on 8 February 2019
I wonder how I never knew of this soccer site sooner, I really love this. I make good bets and also get rewarded for it
learn to get A feeling for sportbets
By nowounder78 on 7 February 2019
how to win? u need luck and something i call lalove.. a combination of feeling in your stomage and see the right facts in the tons of stats every prediction site publish..but the true is...stats give u a little to confirm u.(before the match) after the match u lose your bet and beat the stats..lol..find here people that cant explain why but they make profit and that share with u
Learning and Punting.
By knet32 on 2 February 2019
This site is unique, you learn as well and review games. The best part of it is you become a punter on your own terms.
My On Why I like Tipster
By akpes on 2 February 2019
Being in tipster has granted me the experience of knowing more clubs and their performance. This experience help me to ascertain their strength as to winning or scoring in a mature on previews. I have also be able to understand that bigger odds on a club doesn't necessarily mean defeat or win but a predetermined insight to what might happen and vice versa, but past result and general statistics usually help in making decisions as to what would happen in a match on preview. These are my experiences.
The best i have across
By MWALIMUBETS on 1 February 2019
i like it the you guys predict your matches, real fantastic with great platinum winning streak record.
soccer punter the amazing tipster ever!!!!!!
By eazyboy on 29 January 2019
mmmmm....!!!what can I say about this site. I think I like it more and more every day because I learn from it since I found it. thanks to all members who are participating in this tipster site because I always learn from you guyz. keep it up!!!
Its a Breakthrough innovation
By IAIP19 on 29 January 2019
The soccer punter solution has provided a lucrative gateway to the world of soccer betting, from my research so far they are best of the best
How to become a PRO with soccerpunter
By Kingbooker on 27 January 2019
I was introduced to the website by a friend, it took me some time to register bcoz i wanted to read and understand what the whole website was about and how to place bet with confidence using the statistic available at your disposal, you may not be 100% right bcos there would be always exception in life.Am still learning and greatful for the up, hope by the time am well abraised i would be among the best top rank tipsters. KUDOS.
Best football site
By dlaminqk on 26 January 2019
Best website ever in football for punters, win after win after win. Just commit and spend some time you ripe the benefits also join the Membership
By delaprince on 23 January 2019
With the little time I spent on this website I know I am at the right place and I will definitely make a lot of money.
soccer punter is a coach, you r realy training us.
By Munguromo on 20 January 2019
I think with this competition my experience will increase and my way of betting is know different from the one before.thanks soccer punter team you really training pipo and soon we r becoming PROOOOO! and will get a job in soccer punter hahaha amazing
amazing website
By novalino_crew on 18 January 2019
web ini sangat membantu untuk mendapatkan pasaran yang baik...
Just got in
By kefdvents on 16 January 2019
I am a newbie, but so far, I marvel at the loads of information that could help build your prediction ability. What's more? a ranking system that throws you open to other tipsters where I feel one could learn from and a forum for analysing games before you stake on them. I see soccerpunter, in no small measure, a premise where one could actually cut off from the depressive tendencies of losing so much stakes. We all are here to sharpen whatever betting skills we think we have got. There's still more, though, as we all stand a chance of winning prizes and becoming really great with consistency. I say kudos soccerpunter
Red and yellow card prediction
By vincoag on 13 January 2019
Most reasons I love succcerpunter, is that it shows Complete statistics table of the league red card, yellow card, and it help me to predict the team that will have red and yellow card in in a match
My preview
By chilyalyahjunior on 12 January 2019
My experience in betting have seen great improvements as the skill of analyzing matches have considerably become part and parcel of my betting life.
Tipster competition brought the best in me
By krisboi on 12 January 2019
I only believe in getting better. Tipster competition made my predictions real and build my confidence concerning betting and I like it. It is a privilege to be here.
By 4DTOTOMAN on 11 January 2019
SoccerPunter, a site for me to learn, improve my prediction and betting skills. :)
By mudiagab on 10 January 2019
I have my own VIP tipping site and bets only on draws with good profits to show for my mastery also a growing client base, AND OF ALL THE FOOTBALL PREDICTION SITES ON THE INTERNET, NONE COMPARES TO SOCCER PUNTER, the data here is concise and has really made my tipster business an highly profitable one.

Thanks SP.
Betting college
By kihereko on 8 January 2019
to me soccer punter is havard, manchester, or even silicon valley name it. why? after graduating from GED picking winners with no knowledge of how important it is to manage your bankroll and learn to upgrade you punting skills, sharpen them, i learned it all here, i can confess every pundit out there before they are into sports betting as investment they should open an account with soccer punter to test their skills.

Kudos soccer punter team keep up the good work.
Eu gostei muito
By fidel123 on 6 January 2019
A plataforma e nota 10 gostei muito, e os criteiros de copeticao e justo. estou ansioso em chegar ao top 5...
By tunjibabalola on 4 January 2019
I just want to appreciate Soccerpunter for giving me this opportunity to participate in tipsters competition. With the soccer statistics and analysis here, I'm sure of winning this competition someday. Kudos to Soccerpunter.
Football world
By Mangidy on 4 January 2019
My lovely football website,this is where I get almost all what I want in football,I even test myself by competing with other members in this tipsters competition because I love virtual gambling in football,this is where I spend most of my time
Best betting simulator
By andremertenzs on 4 January 2019
This is the best bet simulator i have ever met. i love it
amazing sites ever swan
By cap5 on 1 January 2019
its the best site ever seen in the world whereby competitors enjoy themselves into the art of gaming before loosing money.
Diversity and hardwork
By AriolaRepGh on 31 December 2018
The tipster competition makes you work very hard to stay on top and win as well as improving on ones way of prediction. It helps to explore other available options too
planning to migrate to soccerpunter ....my second home ..good work
By ndirituedwin6 on 28 December 2018
In a competition there's a winner and a loser but in soccerpunter i believe all are winners...good soccerpunter
Nice web
By josh0505 on 28 December 2018
It nice and fun for me. It also helps to know other good tipsters
building a new mind
By danzee on 28 December 2018
It fun and am learning formations from different Clubs
By mbuguanahashon0 on 28 December 2018
i would prefer to be the best tipstar in all competitions though challenges can't lack
The best there is in sports prediction
By Mba2 on 27 December 2018
It helps me analyze matches in detail and it has also helped me in single bets
Perfecting Dexterity
By Greatd on 27 December 2018
It's indeed an atmosphere to fine tune tactics n skills that can work. The next big punter is coming out from here; I know it can be me. Soccer punter is just the best! Cheers
very impressive
By chimanzo on 26 December 2018
soccerpunter has been good to me,the tipster competition has helped me a great deal,nice one guys
By bryayz on 24 December 2018
I have tried many stat sites but to no avail bt all thanks to you guys am starting to see soccer in a different light
SoccerPunter is actually the best.
By Freeheartshakor on 23 December 2018
Ever since I started betting I've never come across a better platform like soccerPunter before. This site has really coached me to predict wisely because I've found great men on this site who are real professional stakers. Well appreciated SoccerPunter! Kudos
Best betting
By CHARLIEBOYMOGALE on 22 December 2018
By charlieboy

Very good tips and tipstar very helpful good site for virtual betting
By emekur on 19 December 2018
It helps one to gain confidence on the team they want to make a prediction on. And also clears out the possibility of a loss.
i love the platform mal
By kend on 14 December 2018
it's really a good site I think I love it. just a few days ago that I registered I have learn so many things from soccer punter. I hope to learn as time passes by 100%
By peterchamulesile on 14 December 2018
this is my best predicting site.....guys ur the best
Soccer punter, you are the bomb
By Emeka2005 on 12 December 2018
I think this is the best site for football analysis,predictions .it has been good working with your guys. Keep up the good work.
By ndt2 on 12 December 2018
best ever, amazing site, could not be any easier honestly!! thank you soccerpunter you have helped me so much in regards to my predictions. 5 stars all the way!!!!!
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By openji2017 on 10 December 2018
#team soccerPunter
for real this website is great and best....
By adebayoadewale6660 on 9 December 2018
Soccerpunter website is the best web with many features integrating the best heads to heads to achieve ur a predicting and sampling judgement over game. The forum is just fun and a creative platform to learn, motivate and predict. Awesome to be soccer punter member.
By Lupanga
By Lupanga on 8 December 2018
Soccer punter is one of the best in history,you can compete to fulfill your addiction in gambling,where you find this beautiful family you will never regret.
By madala on 6 December 2018
Really the soccer punter its a CLASS PLATFORM...not a form PLATFORM.
Everything its there from A to Z....What more can you ask.
Guys who are already in the platform lets share the link to get more members
to soccer punter family.
I love this site
By Femsh on 5 December 2018
Soccer punter is one of the best platform I have seen over the year.... Very actuarate livescore.... One reason I prefer them is the actuarate in play Stat they provide for every match... It is my dream to become a plantinium member
By Evans530 on 5 December 2018
By now soccerpunter has provided that platform for everyone to come and prove his abilities as a good punter. I am so happy to have discovered this website and by extension tipster competition. Let the competition begin.
Hi soccerpunter
By Star_betvietnam on 1 December 2018
hello brothers soccerpunter my 2nd house.
I come from Vietnam, a faraway country, a heroic country fighting all invasion of imperialism and colonialism. I am here to tell you wish me extraordinary strength despite the poor country but cptooi will not stop to reach out to you. As well as the soccerpunter community, I will promote my potential and learn from you to improve myself and help defeat the bookie. thank you
What becomes always is.
By nmoreify on 24 November 2018
Soccer Punter has been always the best site where people can easily concentrate on the tipster's competition and improve on football predictions
Exceptional site for football statistics and prediction
By Saprodigy on 24 November 2018
Soccer punter continues to tower above others punters.This great platform is makes the difference when it comes to football statistics,it also serves as an avenue for extra income.Trust me;when you put in effort it yields benefits.....
Soccer punter is just the best in what it does.
A great platform .
By Jamescalos on 20 November 2018
Soccer punter is a dream fulfilled platform , I'm happy to have located this site.
Great Platform
By Babatomi on 20 November 2018
This is a much organized competition that allows tipsters to not only test their formula in making sports picks, but also get rewarded with the feel of real money and a prize
By danmuhia on 18 November 2018
great platform to share predictions.i love the idea of ranking up the tipsters.its been awsome in the last 3 years
Tips all the way
By museveni on 17 November 2018
win win win, all you got to do is keep winning to evoke the passion soccerpunter in you
Soccerunter is more than website !
By MindHunter7 on 15 November 2018
Awesome Informative ,Supportive ,Experience , Recreation on Great Platform .

So Thanks .
The Greatest soccer body of all times
By ekamsy01 on 10 November 2018
if you are looking for the best well search no MORE because this site is fantastic, Accurate predictions, win win win situation no losses in here with professional world class tipsters around the world give nothing but the best tips ever.

i will definitely recommend this site all who cares to be among the champions of our age.
it is certainly a 10 star rating for me
Team SoccerPunter you're the best Among the rest.
By Easyboy1 on 9 November 2018
Soccer punter is a 5 star rating because I think it's the best platform you can always wins if you can play safe with the predict odds.You're just the best among the rest and as matter of fact I'll keep on sharing your site to all my friends so they can also gain from soccer punter. Thanks so much.Love you guys.
Best Soccer prediction site
By juliustsafaris55 on 7 November 2018
Soccer punter has helped me a lot . I will soon in coming days pay to get platinum membership
By mastabeta on 5 November 2018
soccerpunter is the best football analyst so far. it gives me a chance to participate and win and also provides deep head to head of all games.
Only the best
By princemosting on 4 November 2018
I am glad to be part of the tipster competition. I wish to become the best soccer tipster ever
By mona30 on 4 November 2018
it's been great. been on this platform has helped increased my interest in soccer sports
Medicine to gambling addiction
By ArigaTheGuy on 1 November 2018
Over years I have been struggling with gambling addiction, but after coming across soccerpunter site my addiction disappeared. So in short this wonderful site is a powerful medicine to gambling addiction.
Improving Betting skills
By Henbergo20 on 31 October 2018
This site has help me a lot in knowing teams i should bet on, it has also do me good by using virtual money rather than using my real money.the tipsters are all trying to keep up with their betting skills, i love the competition.thumbs up!
I'm gland to be here!
By britah on 28 October 2018
I'm looking forward to learn much from the great tipsters here.
Appreciation by tomsam
By tomsam on 26 October 2018
I appreciate the offer of the soccerpunter team to enable gamblers better their gambling activity without running at a lose through tipsters competition. I personally do it as a hobby.
Soccer Punter
By victormurei on 25 October 2018
I do appreciate the quick customer service available 24/7 I feel satisfied always
Learning never stop
By 6329925 on 22 October 2018
Today I have registered and I went through the soccerpunter narratives and i am happy tell the yet to register people that join here and together we shall be winners in the world of virtual betting
By chidyke20 on 22 October 2018
This site has been a guide to me on how to manage odds, time and money. In fact, is a sch and has thought me alot for a very long time now. Thanks soccerpunter
Good can become better
By justiceroyale1 on 19 October 2018
I have been using this platform for some time now, but I have reserved my review until I could get a better feel of the platform.

Soccerpunter is very good for punters with a mind to improve their game. They got analysis, head to head stats, live scores update and so much more! However, I would like to state that their are some things that are not so great; first it the sign up functionality - this is something I personally experienced; I discovered that I could only signup through facebook, I mean if you have build a sign up system, at least try to make sure it works. Secondly, I have noticed that this platform is totally neglecting the sheer strength of it community of punters; which is an exceptional tool for marketing the site; I mean I don't think it would take too much to add a facebook share button on a tipster's page which can be used to share their profile.

Overall, this platform is quite amazing but for the two short comings highlighted above, it might have been perfect!
Great Platform
By sammy247 on 17 October 2018
This is a great platform as it frees one to explore more risky and profitable options without fear of loosing real cash. I love this....Thumbs up
By kajewole on 17 October 2018
I love Soccerpunter, it's an amazing website that educate individual to becoming an excellent tipster. I have improved my skill since i joined. It'S a wonderful experience. Thank you
problem solver
By Tommy2020 on 17 October 2018
Very gorgeous site. I'm happy to be here becoz i gain a lot of experience. Thanks to the admin
By Oledaudi on 16 October 2018
Unmatched experience in football betting an eye opener for football predictions
Relevant information to know in betting
By Jeffrey_khalifa32 on 14 October 2018
Soccerpunter is very educative in such a way that we the tipster are given a fantasy money and platform to Test our skills in betting....The more you stay at Soccerpunter It helps you to relax and destroy real bookies which were hard for u to win...

In one word i will describe soccerpunter as "Magnificent"
Best of the rest
By lasco17 on 14 October 2018
I've been using Soccerpunter offline, I recently came accross under punters review about the site and got convinced that this is a place for me to be so as to improve myself as a pinter. I'm really amazed by all the testimonies of other members and I'm looking forward to having a good time here
This is a new world entirely
By Oyeleketaiwo02 on 11 October 2018
This is the best prediction site ever where tipsters give betting value,it good to be here
best helpful site
By bull25 on 11 October 2018
soccer punter is the most helpful site. it's easy to understand the soccer
By adroitmatthobi on 10 October 2018
There are two-three joy everyone can gain from soccer especially when your home team is winning. you feel excited when the sound is pumping out of the other fans and all are going towards the winning team that is your home team. I like been a good punter in all manner of football, because I want to make out the best of myself to everybody who love soccer.

with this platform, let us rule together.
the best site
By hart25 on 10 October 2018
I love this site it gives u that urge to winning and exposes one to creativeness
a game changer web
By kelvinj on 8 October 2018
this site will help me sharpen my betting skills further,with the info I get I will try use it well to my advantage.Thank you
Great and Wonderful
By donromanus on 7 October 2018
Soccerpunter is the best among all the football prediction websites.it analysis the teams in such away that even a kid can predict a winner with 100% accuracy.thanks for your good work.keep it up.
Am loving it everyday
By leftii on 4 October 2018
Its just where real punters should be. Am getting better each day thanks to tipster competition! If you are out there, come join this big game
Melhor site de sempre!!!
By baldro on 1 October 2018
Se pudesse daria muitas mais estrelas ao soccerpunter,melhor plantaforma de aposta que facilita nao so a simulaçao de uma aposta,mas tambem poder apostar sem ter que gastar dinheiro real e com a possibilidade de ganhar premios,parabens.
Continunem assim e espero que o site se mantenha sempre em actividade.
You're the best choice
By xhxhelite1 on 1 October 2018
Soccerpunter.com Best choice site! a lot of more~!
am here to enjoy the game
By mokha on 28 September 2018
it has helped to sharpen bettors ability to win and getting informed about upcoming matches
By Bitonrojo5._ on 27 September 2018
One of the best tipsters I have ever seen before..it makes life more easily and enjoyable in nowadays..keep it up dudes
keep it up
By casino72 on 25 September 2018
l am happy for this platform ,it makes me to know that there are a lot of football and sports lovers and followers all over the world who indeed can predict matches almost to perfection
By ruicasimiro76 on 24 September 2018
great site to do soccer prediction,i have great ways to do soccer picks
By lastKING on 24 September 2018
SOCCERPUNTER the best site for soccer tips exchange to gamblers.
the best
By toscononi on 22 September 2018
I can boldly say that soccerpunter is the best forecasting site so far. I do go through their preview before I book my game. so reliable.
Best site
By tsakalos on 21 September 2018
The best of the best compete here and it's is good to know and get better!
Chizet mba1
By Chizet on 21 September 2018
To be very honest,SOCCERPUNTER. has help me so much to win my most bet.
home of soceer-soccer punter
By wellywinner on 20 September 2018
good to be back...there is no place like home...soccer punter
Endless Possibilities!!!...
By daolielgs on 20 September 2018
With Soccerpunter.com tipster competition anyone can experiment on their predictions without losing real money while they improve on their success rate and still have a chance of winning amazing rewords by moving up the levels to Top 10. This I say is awesome, it's like training to be a good trading investor using virtual money; in the long run with dedication, you become better and your chances of losing reduce drastically. Thanks for this opportunity Succerpunter!
Best platform were you get to learn how to beat the bookmakers
By gudluck212 on 19 September 2018
I want to say that of all platform out there I really prefer soccer punter because it will force you to development in all round in betting such as money management, good predictions and most of all teaches how to become a good tipster. I will say a big thank you to soccer punter for this precious opportunity.
exciting competition
By shodex07 on 19 September 2018
This is a more preferable way to enjoy sports without having heartaches. The idea is to be consistent and understand your strategy. Being in the midst of thousands of tipsters is so exciting. I'm loving it
By OKELLOSAMU on 17 September 2018
This is the real free betting
By QuickSilverrr on 16 September 2018
I gave up on betting a long time ago. But i still watch football games and sometimes i think at the outcome of one match and in the end i am right about that.This site gives you the oportunity to predict the final result of a match without losing money from your pocket.
Makers of winners
By KingXzibit on 15 September 2018
SoccerPunter has given me a chance and platform to improve my predictions. It's competitive and also grant inspirations for winning in real prediction site.
Enjoying the Challenge
By wazimu001 on 15 September 2018
Good predictions from tipsters. It helps me analyse the games more intelligently and which team to put my money on. Its a plus to have such a platform. thanks
Good job
By DarkStorm on 13 September 2018
Today i just sign in. It`s look like good. I will try it here to show my experience and improve it. It`s always good to try without risky.
very useful
By kapeloh on 12 September 2018
This platform is great for small punters it improves your betting skills it gives a purpose in betting, I like it
I have over come my greatest fear in enjoying the sport I love
By wallex636 on 11 September 2018
I love football so much, I usually predict games on paper mostly on weekends most time my friends play my games on bet site and win

I am scared to play my games because of fear of addiction and losing of my hard earned money.

But since I joined soccerpunter two of my greatest fear in enjoying my best sport has been overcome. So now with soccerpunter I won't lose my fund and I won't be addicted to gambling. So guys give it a try and share your own story
Soccer Punter, Saving men.
By Amanyanabor on 11 September 2018
Soccer punter saved my bank account from collapsing.It taught me common sense and logic. Now I'm a better pundit of the beautiful game of football.

#Soccerpunter,Saving Men.
What a great location.
By Taoglad on 10 September 2018
I always happy whenever I login to this website, thanks you very much on your Service.
best site for soccer experience
By Goldenut11 on 10 September 2018
this is the best place for soccer league table and form even members prediction is the best i have ever seen
By patohandsom on 10 September 2018
Just finished betting my first game, it's like playing an online game and i think i will be addicted to it because am loving it already
What a great opportunity.
By kingbonna on 7 September 2018
Soccer punter is a great platform that has help me to improve in selecting right games. Thank you.
very nice
By youngmo001 on 5 September 2018
I love soccerpunter...easy to use and easy to predict...and easy to win
What a nice opportunity!
By AndyKipawa on 5 September 2018
I like Tipster Competition for it has given me an opportunity of testing my punter's skills before actually venturing into wagering my money. Sometimes I even wish I could really withdraw my winnings. Soccerpunter you're the best out of the rest.
I like it
By IsaaMuya on 4 September 2018
It is fun I like it and I want become a best tipster
If You Know, You Know
By Alpha1082 on 1 September 2018
Tipsters competition is where members show their skills.Is about having fun,learning and meeting a lot of people.
#knowing our advantage#
Excellence. A must see
By njengajames on 30 August 2018
You are the best.i like your website both graphics and information and also a livescore within and many more.
I wish to advise my fellow gamblers to get in touch with you before even placing another bet.
I really liked what you are doing.
Keep it up pals.
By one2million on 30 August 2018
This is wow!.. am loving this site being a new guy here.. something keeps echo in my hears that this is where I should have been all these while... I was lost..but am found by soccerpunter... I give kudos!
SoccerPunter For Real
By SirEnergy on 29 August 2018
I loves tipping during sports betting and SoccerPunter is my dreamed site for exercising my tipping talent.
Interesting game
By asenlv on 29 August 2018
interesting and fun game. some things are still unclear to me, but I hope that I will teach them over time. Good luck to all.
Buenas estadisticas
By Martinrodriguez on 29 August 2018
Biendo las estadisticas que ofrecen. Como el head to head. Quien juega de local y quien de visitante.como esta el rendimiento actual de los equipos, eso ayuda mucho a tomar una decision de quien ganara el juego.
By pmwanjala on 27 August 2018
I do appreciate to join soccerpunter due its risk free and in addition you can earn a reward when you be the top ten competitor
Nice Concept
By profkay on 26 August 2018
Here is so good for those who are scared to loose real cash... I think I'm here and I make good bets, that's all.
This is amazing
By yinkstar005 on 26 August 2018
This is real amazing ...this site has boost my moral and gave me confidence on how to place bets and predict difference matches correctly by using H2H Statistics.you are too much keep it up for the good job you're doing, we need more of this. Thanks alot.
By Jotisfag on 26 August 2018
Wao it very nice and okay it improve people to predicts game in all area, even by looking H2H you will know team to win or lose. Kudos
By Tikam on 26 August 2018
its somehow a funny and nice place to entertain where there is no loss or gain money. me i like it
Best so far
By dalagift10 on 25 August 2018
soccer punter has been my favorite in predicting games, keep up the good work.
It is free and it is fun.
By winston1900 on 25 August 2018
This is a free way to abstain from betting and keep up with harmless predictions.
By ianogato on 23 August 2018
I will also like to give thanks on behalf of all my brothers and sisters in Kenya participating in the competition. this competition will help most of the youths to quit gambling and channel their energy towards the right course. PEACE LOVE & UNITY through @Soccerpunter.#BLESSINGS
Its nice to learn at soccer punter..
By Ramphela866 on 22 August 2018
I'm a new member. But from the analysis I've seen so far,soccer punter is certainly different from others i have seen so looking forward using this site.And to the guys out the keep up the good work so far.
Soccerpunter my imitator
By elorm on 21 August 2018
Through my research on sport betting, I came across this website. In fact, soccerpunter is the best when it comes to educating stakers to win big. As I join this group it have improved my knowledge on betting. Am on the platform to be educated on betting to win big. Thank You.
a bout team soccerpunter
By vincentngetich0 on 21 August 2018
first, I would like to thank team soccerpunter for excellent work,since I have join I have gained a lot of experience about football.thanks.
By kipronotorongei on 20 August 2018
Hi guys. There are so many ways to lose, but so few ways to win. Perhaps the best way to achieve victory is to master all the rules for disaster, and then concentrate on avoiding them.
What a loving site to improve your betting skills
By kawharhe on 19 August 2018
I enjoy being the best in anything i do, and competing in tipster competition is for me to prove my worth as the best pundit in football world. And as a member of the site, it has taught me the better way to bet, by understanding my teams and sharping my skill in analyzing football games.
A Great portal for Tip Star!!!
By jetwonder on 19 August 2018
Indeed it great portal for tipster, good H2H statistical analysis. it is fun, but the knowledge is real!
By baymonth09 on 18 August 2018
Apparently, This place is the result of someone or a group of peoples brilliant idea. Its beyond brilliant.I'm glad I came across it. I love SP
By usaiat on 18 August 2018
Soccer is my favorite hobby, predicting a match is very pleasant. Here in The Best Site SOCCERPUNTER, I want to learn and try predict and get to know football from all over the world. Hopefully what i produce can be useful and help others who have the same hobby. Thank you SOCCERPUNTER, good luck.
woo.! soccer punter is the best.
By junsome on 17 August 2018
soccer punter is one of the best the site around,it is one of the place to be.
tipster competition helps in prediction and betting experience..
By jeanjunia1993 on 17 August 2018
it helps me understand gambling,and gaming experience..it helps me expertise in betting and prediction....e.t.c
By rexryche on 15 August 2018
Short of words. this a dream come true for me.. Best site for free predictions
Amazing Source of Experience
By dharex on 15 August 2018
Wow!!! Soccerpunter has really helped me to gather an amazing experience in predicting effectively and I love the idea that I had gotten from this fantastic site.
All thanks to the administrator of Soccerpunter.
Thank YOU
By James311 on 14 August 2018
is indeed another wonderful experience of the world of soccer. soccerpunter enabled me to widen my scope of what soccer prediction is all about. I love this site.
What a platform for statistics WOW.
By robbielindsay on 14 August 2018
this is by far the most informative site out there currently. the football data available is phenomenal and I'm very impressed with how the feel of the platform responds. 5 star quality.
Tipster competition review
By Power390 on 12 August 2018
I love the competition because it helps me show the world how much am good at football prediction and also its free to participate!!!
Great betting platform
By kunzie22 on 11 August 2018
Soccerpunter has helped my betting skill. boost my confident initially I go through lot's of prediction site's before I place a bet, but all to no avail..... for me soccerpunter is the real deal where I get to test my betting ability before placing real bet.....it gives me foresight on what to bet on....
By Shaullyb on 10 August 2018
been a member here is great, after all loss in predictions from several forbes, forcast and others
i finally got a reliable source that make things easier and better...soccerpunter is the best platform to work with in other to stop losing your bets...
Inspiring The Winning Part Of You.
By samuelamos95 on 10 August 2018
SoccerPunter has been a league of success driven Professionals, Designed to help Substitute Losses For Winning
Soccer punter a place to learn
By Fred201ad on 9 August 2018
I had wanted to gain experience in soccer prediction, I think this platform is great place to learn more, thanks for the privileged
Tip to greatness
By planarcdc on 9 August 2018
I guess I don't have much experience but I believe tipster competition allows me to bring the best out of me analytically and the opportunity to share my thoughts and predictions with one of the largest community on the web
Top analyses
By LorenzoVlaeminck on 6 August 2018
Top website om sport weddenschappen te analyseren
soccer punter
By herbertkipsang7 on 6 August 2018
soccer punter is the best platform to show the world how capable you are in giving them correct predictions as well getting to know what others think about predictions
SoccerPunter#makes football betting a hustle Free
By Mluhyia on 3 August 2018
SoccerPunter has helped me to avoid loosing money to betting sites because I don't need to deposit money to SoccerPunter account to play in the Tipster competition.This is my home betting Tipster
By kenzojababy on 1 August 2018
soccer punter is a site where you can build up your confidence and how you can learn how to control your betting ability in a minimal and responsible manner. it also gives a platform to show case skill and inbuilt talent of predicting
by bashirutaiwo14
By taiwobashiru14 on 30 July 2018
soccer punter has made betting tip so easier for me since have been their member right from today...kudos to soccer punter i really love and enjoy it
By adekunleadegoke55 on 29 July 2018
Soccerpunter is the best site for the novice predictor like me,but since I joined this group I have been improving in my predictions.am now putting more efforts to lead the table and compete with the best tipsters
Soccer punter is my right chose
By Chapo.Christo on 27 July 2018
finally I have made the right choice..and I hope am going to enjoy a great moment at tipsters competition
By JulietTony on 27 July 2018
This is one of the most Amazing site I know, it feels like real betting.. Thanks soccerpunter
Soccer punter is the best
By Koko123 on 27 July 2018
I'm amazed soccerpunter is the best.there is no site like this one helping me to predict right
To Tipster
By Kinyagah25 on 26 July 2018
Actually Tipster competition prepare one to become best predictor in the world.
Train to become a millionaire
By samjoe16 on 26 July 2018
I just join this soccer punter and I love the platform it gives you a clue to predict and win even when you place your money you already have the experience. Tipster competition train you how to win
By hardebholar on 26 July 2018
Tipsters competition has been paned out as the best of all best.. Thanks for google who referred me here..
More power to you
By Mxheti on 25 July 2018
I can find more information about a team. Their previous match ,halftmts/fulltm result n goal minutes etc.with aid of the tipster competition i can now get to discover more ways of achieving success
The best platform ever!
By austine55 on 20 July 2018
I am very excited to have found this platform... Its very unique! Soccer punter is really the best... For a long time find it difficult to analyse games but since i knew this platform i have been able to predict matches... It was through this platform i predicted Spain to draw Portugal in the world cup after going through the H2H stand! I was very amazed...
By dreymoney10 on 16 July 2018
By gwapo_ako on 16 July 2018
it is fun and awesome!SoccerPunter For The Win ;)
Big up Team soccerpunter...
By dixonn12 on 13 July 2018
Soccer punter tipster competetion is the best of its kind I have come across.The opportunity to bet on a virtual account and the various types of odds is awesome. It gives me a chance to sharpen my soccer analysis. Big up team soccerpunter!
it made feel Happy being a pundit
By emoney117 on 12 July 2018
I was very bad in predicting matches but with the help of soccerpunter I can see analysis and know who have the upper hands thanks for making me part of thus excellent website.keep it up
Profit maker from Soccerpunter
By emeviks on 10 July 2018
I have always enjoyed consulting soccerpunter.com before placing my bets. I have been making profits ever since then.
Great site!
By fanheavy on 7 July 2018
The best stat site I have seen. Won many bets thanks due to this site, thanks soccerpunter!
By benfred on 6 July 2018
I am so pleased to know about a site like soccerpunter, great site with tipsters competition helps in predicting skills... you all are urged to participate in great benefit
platform to the attainment of excellence
By thunderstorm on 6 July 2018
just new but the team analysis,information gathering and sharing at this level is second to none,this is just another way to achieving immortality and am taking it with both hands.
By wisebetting2015 on 4 July 2018
I have come to realized that it is better to stake few games that combo, in fact, on single game as this is evident in my recent results and I will apply same to real life betting. Thanks to soccerpunter
Ótima Ferramenta
By aarcj_017 on 2 July 2018
Agradeço a este meio de testar meus prognósticos,buscando evolução constante e uma disputa saudável com os demais usuários!
brain relieve
By wasiembi1 on 2 July 2018
Through joining the competition have rested my brain and through this overcomed gambling addiction
By jerrisonorogun on 1 July 2018
Seriously this is the best site to help you control your betting addiction....
Thanks 5stars to you soccer punter
By kennydagold1 on 28 June 2018
Brilliant, but...
By robin_hood on 27 June 2018
The site is awesome, it functions incredibly well, it's a testament to the programmers' (assuming there's more than one) passion and skill.

I would, however, really like the ability to sort the tipster rankings based on people's performances over a longer time period and/or by their accumulate performance. It's one thing to lose 99% of your stake every month for 10 months and then get a 10-leg accumulator up and be number 1, but is that a person you'd really emulate in real life?

Wouldn't you prefer to follow someone who made 10-30% per month almost every month? There's no way to find such people, though, except by manually going through the rankings which is very time consuming.

All in all, though, a great site, but it could be improved.
Why I like Tipster Competition and its benefits
By Uzyben123 on 25 June 2018
Soccerpunter website is the best web with many features integrating the best heads to achieve a common goal of predicting and sampling judgement over game. The forum is just fun and a creative platform to learn, motivate and predict. Its the best I have seen for far.
Wow This is So Encouraging and the Best Platform amongst others
By up2dstar on 24 June 2018
When i got to know about soccerpunter, i was so astonished because it's the exact kind of platform/website i would created to help reduce or subdue betting addiction. Soccerpunter in own knowledge is like a training ground, if i can make it here then there won't be any lose when i stake my games for real. Thumbs up Punter thanks for making my betting goals and aims achievable/ a dream come true.
thanks to this site I can continue to do something I love so much
By joao230499 on 22 June 2018
I always liked to bet because I'm passionate about sports but I was starting to lose money and I did not want to stop and starting to be afraid of becoming an addiction then this site is helping me a lot with this and so I appreciate the opportunity to continue playing and keep the emotion alive
Tipster Competition is fantastic
By Fxspecialist on 19 June 2018
I have always wanted to see this kind of virtual betting competition among punters for us to really be able to know the best punters we have around the globe. Everybody claim they are the best punters and that you should subscribe to their services so you can be a winner but there's no platform for you to see who and who is really good at punting. But now soccerpunter has provided that platform for everyone to come and prove his abilities as a good punter. I am so happy to have discovered this website and by extension tipster competition. Let the competition begin.

Galvanize the interest of soccer fans.
By garrykhoo on 18 June 2018
Tipster competition not only exciting but gather all punters around the world join the community of soccer only forum. Love the community here!
Best website to play
By nguikb1978 on 17 June 2018
I think it is very good especially for new soccer punter to play so that someday we will become a professional in this field.i recommend this website for my friends who really enjoy playing soccerpunter like real.
Best Website
By Kenax2030 on 15 June 2018
Soccer Punter Remains The Best And Precise Site To Use As Compared To Other Sites, I Highly Recommend Everyone To Join Us Here And Bring The Difference In The World Of Football Predictions.
Great prediction place
By ronaldo1975 on 15 June 2018
Good prediction place, people to share their knowledge and experience.
A great place to check statistic and data.
A great place to learn.
Life is Beautiful!
By dream17 on 13 June 2018
This platform is very helpful for all including beginners. This competition is a good opportunity for showing your skill and talent. I like so. Thanks a lot!a
Thumbs up tipster
By adelankedare on 12 June 2018
This platform is amazing and educative with lots of fun,I really do like it. Being able to share ideas with others makes even more interesting. Thumbs up
By MP1000cc on 11 June 2018
Soccerpunter is the place to let off steam and interact with the subject of our passion which is football and hone our prediction skills without risk.
Love football
By Albanomutua90 on 10 June 2018
Great to have soccer tipsters on one platform ,exchanging ideas and predictions
nice site
By lilwiz on 10 June 2018
Great website, from this site have learnt to be a good predictor. Thanks soccerpunter!
greath achievment
By datom on 9 June 2018
My journey of prediction have got to my destination being soccerpunter tipsters platform. I hardly lose my had earn money to bookies. Due to the tricks,permutation,accurate predictions of other tipsters
By Mwangijosem on 9 June 2018
Soccer punter is a like a bridge to cross to the other side of the richness
The Best Soccer Punter Worldwide
By GodSon2015 on 7 June 2018
I am happy to write this review, their site it's top notch and their tipster are great. You can trial each one and find out what's the one for you, almost for free.

I am following some tipsters from their platform right now. And I am very pleased so far, they all have those losing spells, but it does not take long for them to recover from it.

It is a 5 star rating because I think it's the best platform you can always wins if you can play safe with the predict odds.
The best
By javedyousaf786 on 4 June 2018
I've been using soccer punter for over a year now, it's got to be the best amongst the rest, Soccerpunter offers so much more than only tips but in-depth analysis to and the head to head is a awesome feature too.
Gaining some experiences
By sirtee91 on 1 June 2018
I have gained some experiences here in term of football. In the years back, I didn't talk about football, but now I am a guru in the field and I have vowed to make people happy here. Thanks a lot
By yusufbpeter on 31 May 2018
Whao! This's simply the best.
By Ogburhobo on 29 May 2018
I joined this incredible site just few days ago and I'v seen a lot. An opportunity to self-train and test your experience with virtual money. Indeed, it will save many people from losing their hard earned money to the bookmakers. A millions thanks to SoccerPunter
Fantastic site
By tetleybadger on 28 May 2018
What an excellent way to have fun and learn how to be a tipster without the risk of using your own money, i cant rate this site highly enough.
Great team Stats
By lexmaine on 26 May 2018
Very informative match statistics. I have improved my betting skills all because of soccer punter.
the real king is here
By feelips111 on 25 May 2018
i love competition......... then this will improve my betting skills and i will love to top this site in weeks to come.
Karena, soccer punter sangat membantu saya dalam mengetahui dan mencari tahu tentang seluk beluk klub sepa bola seluruh
By ajanu on 24 May 2018
Karena, soccer punter sangat membantu saya dalam mengetahui dan mencari tahu tentang seluk beluk klub sepa bola seluruh dunia dan sangat membantu saya dalam mengisi waktu yang kosong dengan aktivitas soocer punter. Saya berterimaksih dan semoga persyaratan yang dijanjjikan disini dapat direalisasika apabila saya memdapatkan rangking berdasarkan target yang ditentukan.
Hormat saya
Januario Tavares Exposto
Bet satisfaction
By Iljimae on 24 May 2018
It's with much joy to compliment the service offered by soccer punter in helping football fans on the teams they should place their bets on. To me it has changed my betting analysis a lot.i would say it's useful to me. Thanks a lot
Biggest opportunity
By loveiyegbe on 23 May 2018
This site and competition has taken My knowledge and betting skills to a whole new level. Thanks to you Guys, .
So Useful
By WhiteRock on 22 May 2018
I have been by-passing it but i think it has gotten all info i require for betting.
amazing betting forum
By kimaninduta on 21 May 2018
This is the best forum ever.Every punter should look here.
Better than good and better than all.
By michaelholubajo on 20 May 2018
Have seen a lot of site shine but soccerpunter is the brightest...A trial will make your payroll grow better...am lucky to be here...obrigado
Skills improved
By Brandychuchu on 19 May 2018
my prediction skills is improved and now i can spot a winning outcome easily thanks to this great precious site.
awesomeness tips
By Emmanuelokezuo on 13 May 2018
I like this soccerpunter because is awesome and we can share ideas and get more analysis about matches.
Awesome site
By kikagat96 on 12 May 2018
This is the site one can use to gain experience in football games before direct gambling , one can use this site to check teams history or head to head also the progress of an individual team apart the #soccerpunter is amazing & helpful .
Educational Experience
By orinoco03 on 12 May 2018
Personally I find the Tipster Competition fun and educational. I have been able to supplement my strategies with analysis using the Head-2-Head information and as a result my prediction accuracy has improved. Furthermore, I can play with these strategies without risking actual financial loss!
Amazing,Exciting and Mind blowing.
By chillax16 on 12 May 2018
I truly believe a platform like this is just what a lot of people out there need,it's amazing to come here,participate,discuss and relate with like minds aiming for a common goal.I have read a couple of comments from other guys and it's fun,entertaining and educating as per the subject matter thus far.I'm sure following all the procedures pragmatically here will end in a lot of profits.
Well done guys!
Sure soccer tips
By fellyx_234 on 10 May 2018
soccer punter has being able to help me discover more about my betting skills. One gets to place a bet for free and get rewarded for that without losing physical cash,The most interesting part pf soccer punter is you get to compete among the best predictors across the continents of the world honestly thus is a place to be thanks soccer punter.
By vickymartoh on 8 May 2018
wah what a nice play site. soccerpunter is just amazing i have full time interest to stay lo key and play play play the tipster competition
Thanks giving
By Muyoga on 4 May 2018
Soccerpunter has given me experience in betting am getting hope that one day I all hit the jackpot
soccerpunter is number one
By gerasoita on 3 May 2018
I like soccepunters games predictions and analysis.I will recommend any who likes betting to make use of the site.
Best site for soccer fanatics
By The_BurnZZ on 3 May 2018
This is a good site for people someone like me who loves soccer. its easy,fun and takes you to the real world of soccer.
a life entirely
By siremajesty on 2 May 2018
coming around to this site is like an eye opener to an entirely new world. it is an avenue to smoothens and perfect our soccer predictions. i takes away the burden of having to put your money on teams you have doubts on and in the end, you learn a great deal of what it feels like to be a very good punter
soccerpunter is realistic
By april7genius on 1 May 2018
soccerpunter gives your real time analysis on soccer data to make a freedom of choice from according to your goal
responsible site
By ejianyachukwudimma on 30 April 2018
helps u overcome addiction
gives u that urge to winning and exposes one to creativeness
It's a site for the best
By Mkenyalukas on 28 April 2018
Being a member for over five years soccerpunter has made me to understand the game of soccer such that I have become a pro when it comes to analysing football
Great Platform
By brightchilex12 on 27 April 2018
Hello Soccerpunter!
I must confess this website is the beat of its kind. I was doing the normal google searching on head to head and Soccerpunter was everywhere in the results. You have no option but to join this great platform. And to crown it all, they have a competition for tipstars which makes it not only fun, but addictive. Since i started using a smartphone, This is the best site I know. Keep up the good works Admin and members of Soccerpunter.
Prediction ability
By brownkidd4all on 25 April 2018
In a short word, i like tipster competition way of allowing you grow your insight towards prediction. Because, when you are are losing, you don't feel it because, it's not your real money. So the more you lose, the more you want to get it right. Remember, practice makes perfect.
My passion, my game
By stephyn88 on 24 April 2018
it's my utmost pleasure to be part of this great community. I never give it a doubt before signing up for an account. I love football so much because it gives me more joy. more so predicting has been my hobby. Well done Soccer Punter.
Not your normal tipster platform
By infinitytrader on 23 April 2018
Soccerpunter is not just a platform to analyze odds or bet virtually. Its more of a community in which every member's desire is to see others winning. Members comment and encourage the top tipsters, follow them, ask for advice, try their strategies and this is all at no fee. If you decide to go with the paid memberships, the advantages triples and winning becomes inevitable. I joined the platform just to access some tips I needed for that day, but since then, a day never passes without me logging in a couple of times. It's like my Facebook. This is where I come to learn new skills, try analytical technical, socialize with the best tipsters and bet on virtually to test what I have learned. It's an experience you can't do without. Long live soccepunter, we owe you guys.
the best
By gee101 on 23 April 2018
soccer punter is one place for statistics, betting ideas & tips, reviews, livescores and so much more all under one roof
amazing just wow !
By hardcoretinker on 19 April 2018
amazing site recommend everyone you can find everything whatever you need just register and lets go win !
Head to head
By miyentei on 14 April 2018
it has made soccer prediction easier in the sense that you are given detailed team statistics in a format thats simple to understand even by the average reader. And there is a wide variety of options to choose from to facilitate background research/buildup play before a match stars....the part i love most is the indepth statistics
By chiblink on 14 April 2018
It gives me the opportunity to see other people's prediction. I then use it to compare my own before placing my bets. I have used this method to win several times. I love the competition.
The site for professional punters
By Chinojokayz83 on 14 April 2018
I love tipster competition because it helps us showcase our talents as tipsters and brings us closer to beating the bookies daily...
By stylem on 13 April 2018
I like the competition it trains me to become a better punter
no site like soccer punter
By patorinprince on 11 April 2018
soccer punter gives you more detail about a particular team which will help you predict well
By Colette on 10 April 2018
I joined this competition to help me work on draws. I want to be a football draw expert. So far I feel I have started knowing my weakness and I am working on it
Home of champions
By wilbon on 9 April 2018
Every champion begins from a lower level to a higher level. To be a good tipster it needs confidence,perseverance and time. Also a good platform is needed and I really thanks soccer punters for providing it and learning more from them. I see many others including me being the best and real champion in tipster . Together we can achieve greater heights.
Rescued by soccerpunter
By agyology on 7 April 2018
Soccerpunter has helped me in tackling my betting addiction problem and reduced my lost. Here, the simulation has helped me to place my picks at no cost financially while still getting that feeling when I win. It also helped me in making decision from other members' review for particular games hence some more winnings for me in my other real betting platforms. The discovery of this platform is a positive for me. Value added on. Thanks
Best analytic soccer platform
By Iceman007 on 7 April 2018
I think I like tipster competition because it has really helped my analytic skills in the way I see soccer games.. Paying close attention to various teams forms.. Either their Winning streaks or their losing streaks. I think the competition is good because it also help people that want to bet on any soccer games know the best teams to put their money on. I think its a very good concept.
By ghostworker on 7 April 2018
Yes! I thank God for giving me the opportunity to know SOCCERPUNTER site, with big passion I have for soccer, I see this site as the reward for my passion.
Prediction platform
By Lewisbabere on 6 April 2018
Since I joined soccerpunter tipsters I have stopped betting and enjoying creating my one betting tip,it helps to evaluate the ability to win many predictions hency prediction master.I would like to make soccerpunter the prediction platform.
Awesome Place To Be
By Prince_Hillz on 6 April 2018
This is an amazing platform. it feels great predicting games, trying to see how good you are at this. It really makes you feel awesome when you're winning, that relief alone is super cool. its free to register, if you haven't, check it out. you won't regret, trust me.
By Greenlife on 4 April 2018
This site gives a nice and open platform for testing your probability skills
wonderful site
By onesmomathew9 on 4 April 2018
It has made me to know other option, and mutual benefit from friends
By TheBankr on 4 April 2018
Awesome predictions and tips love it, when i am stuck with a tip i always come on here to check against other tipsters . thank you
By kibonde67 on 3 April 2018
i like soccerpunter as it is a good forums to strengthen our capability to predict then to become the best tipster in the world
By efficiency92 on 2 April 2018
Personally, I just joined up a month ago, buh my knowledge about footballing outcomes have been sharpened immensely. I believe that with time, I'd become one of the best tipster around. #Aim
By Ekemonda on 2 April 2018
Am having great expirience in this competition.
Its a win win situation.
Lets do this together.
# MadeOfWinners
Top fun
By daren3xt on 2 April 2018
It is fun and i like tipsters competition cause i can practice here for real gambling and also make new friends and expand experience.
Back at it!
By alessio90x on 29 March 2018
I'm back here after a few years. I'm having so much fun competing at tipster competition. There are quite a few good tipsters so if you like betting it's a good source to find some good tips.
By yehmzy on 27 March 2018
This site is best site ever. I have gained confidence and i could predict matches on my own since i have been using your h2h statistics. Keep up the good work. Thanks a bunch.
Proof of Concept
By ortiz29 on 25 March 2018
Soccerpunter gives you the opportunity to test your expertise before putting your money on the line. Quite an impressive idea.
By lolly1234 on 25 March 2018
soccer punter h2h analysis has been a useful tool to me in predicting correctly
The Best Punter Team
By andyjay on 22 March 2018
For a while I've been searching for group test how far I can go in predicting without actually spending real cash, and I have found that in soccer punter.
Excellent initiative
By betangel247 on 21 March 2018
i'm a new member. but from the analysis i've seen so far, you guys are doing something exceptional here. the fact that you give members credits to improve and perfect their pundit skill,and create a forum to meet like minded pundits, is REMARKABLE. you are second to none. keep up the good work, and the sky will be just a starting point for you. thanks for such a wonderful opportunity.
A Great Learning Curve
By betbros86 on 20 March 2018
Tipster competition is like a training session. So much room for experimenting.. and when you finally find a winning rhythm.. just pedal to the metal. Remarkable idea it is. Looking forward to a great experience.
Fun All The Way
By Creativity on 20 March 2018
Soccer analysis for me is fun, competing with others makes it more fun and interesting. Joining this site has improved my skill a great deal and it tickles my fancy to see how wrong or right my analysis are compared to good professionals in here!!! Thank You!!
Double Dose
By bishopslow on 19 March 2018
The race of the bustle and hustle of gambling is such that when it comes to winning,is what keeps you alive while consistency makes you loved. Such is soccer punter and much more.
By oracle4 on 18 March 2018
Ya, I was not introduce by anyone to this site, I came across this site as a result of my desire to make a difference in soccer prediction and as well have regular winning, I believe that soccer punter as the name sound will definitely provide the best tips and also have the best soccer predictors who are sure of their predictions. so I am here to contribute my quota and make good profit as well.
just found this site and I am loving it
By jonpita on 18 March 2018
Well Well Well is my first time trying out this competition, but I really love the h2h statistics that helps one to predict correctly and the competition on the site can help improve my ability to make near perfect predictions with risk free practice
By ZeroTips on 16 March 2018
Site is perfect for practice and gaining experience
By horlando20 on 15 March 2018
Wow am happy to be here I love the way this site operate the tips and live game it really helps me a lot to study games and it helps me to predict right
soccerpunter-the most resourceful and benefiting site I can tell the world.
By omooluwa on 15 March 2018
For acquisition of betting skills,resourceful and reliable information about soccer teams and updates on soccer scores and odd,only soccerpunter can effectively assist you on this. Thank you,soccerpunter teams,I really enjoy using your site.
Best tipsters site ever
By dominicfaith30 on 13 March 2018
This is indeed the best tipster site that i have ever seen...keep it up!
Great betting platform
By khaycee48 on 13 March 2018
I get very scared whenever I want to place a bet...I keep thinking and going through statistics..all to no avail......Things changed when I discovered soccerpunter....this platform is very good as it has increased my betting skills......I can now bet confidently without losing any real money......am so grateful I knew about soccer punter
Winning Tool
By marcoteebag on 13 March 2018
For me, soccerpunter has been a friendly site and has helped me recover lost funds in the course of betting as well as perfecting my punting ability...so for me Soccerpunter is a big "YES"
Great and amazing
By hollyhood on 13 March 2018
great and amazing site make become challeged by other tipsters its arena where you can learn more about soccer and make you become more accurate in your analysis ...keep it up soccerpunters
By Randhir42 on 13 March 2018
Had always been trying to join a tipster competition ....seems to be a great soccer site...thnx
the place to be
By wangilah on 12 March 2018
soccerpunter is the home for punters has more tools which are best for research am in love with it.
The best site in tutoring tipsters skills in betting
By Bee on 12 March 2018
Soccepunter is the best thing that could ever happen to those interested in sharpening their betting skills as it gives an environment together with other tipsters ranging from risky bets to let's say safe bets. It makes one have the confidence in analysis of matches. Looking forward to learning more skills through the best site that ever happened to tipsters. Viva soccerpunter. Thanks.
SoccerPunter#Making Sport Count
By pknjuru on 12 March 2018
Many say music is a disease and that they are infected, while to me SoccerPunter is giving me a chance to realize my full potential in football analytical skills by creating a source of income in real life. Also in tipster competition without the risk of losing money. SOCCERPUNTER THE PLACE TO BE ALWAYS
Love it
By wawerughost on 11 March 2018
Brilliant!who ever came up with this is super genius
the best soccer betting resource I've seen
By sbechi on 11 March 2018
As somewhat reluctant punter this has been the real simulation for how to calculate the risk. I love it...
By Macrush on 9 March 2018
It gives me confidence and much interesting because I love challenges.
Experience as a punterw
By Pahul on 7 March 2018
I love soccerpunter!
my betting life has been full of heartbreaks till soccerpunter came my way.
Was totally addicted to gambling and every penny itched my pocket.
Thanks to soccerpunter now I bet, win and get happy without wasting any of my hard earned money. Love you mmmwah!
By foxxy on 6 March 2018
I finally got a chance to compete against fellow gamblers risk-free, all thanks to the Tipster competition
By OSORO2017 on 6 March 2018
Tipsters competition has improved my living standard and also helped my friends win alot of cash i want to invite my friend Mr yomba to also join us he is a genuine and humble client
Very Rewarding
By John_87paul on 5 March 2018
This is the most rewarding way to play around with my betting systems.

More power!
By kentfong on 5 March 2018
A great help app in predicting the correct outcome of matches with at least a 70% strike rate and a fun virtual betting app
Good game
By calygeo on 4 March 2018
I just started to play and it s feel like real betting. Just love it
very educative in prediction n analysis
By petersafe on 4 March 2018
Thanks a lot to soccerpunter, there is always good and I have learnt more in game prediction since I joined.. I hope to have more fun with the site
Inexplicable Site
By Mentor5 on 3 March 2018
I am lost of words of the good work you're doing here. When I came in here I was in search of a genuine site that would give me sure predictions and being that I was just a novice on how to predict games. Soccerpunter has really thought and given me the platform to acquaint myself. Please keep up the good work you're doing here
Soccerpunter is the best
By phenase on 3 March 2018
I love this site. There is no site like this in terms of learning how to become a better punter. I have really increase in knowledge about sports. Soccerpunter team,please keep on the good works.I am with you always.
Best in the World!
By olumideoluwasegun71 on 1 March 2018
I really love this site...i mean i can actually share my thought and review it with others.
keep it going...the best tips site so far.
Spot on analysis
By Dynamicduke on 1 March 2018
I just discovered soccer punter recently and I have fallen in love with this site. It has given me everything I want to know in one go. Which has improved my winning rate recently. More grease to your elbow guys. Keep up the good work.
Still learng how to bet with no worries using soccerpunterv its the best
By MAXMIKE on 28 February 2018
Still in love with soccerpunter
My learn experience have increased since I started using soccer punter.
It's fun all the way!
By tri7nity on 28 February 2018
Up to date H2H STATS, detail analyses and preview, tips and guidepost to teams reputation and form, and above all a chance to capitalize on such priceless infos to make your cash effortlessly! It's simple, rewarding and fun all the way!
Good choice
By Abo99 on 26 February 2018
I just join recently. Here I can get some good information can be found here, enjoy it.
Wonderful imitative.
By pristine77 on 25 February 2018
It is very competitive as it give me the privilege to do what I enjoy doing. It helps me to improve my skills on predictions. Nice initiative, I must commend the developers.
By PaulArthur123 on 23 February 2018
Soccerpunter is actually a great site that gives us great and deep analysis on matches which had help me alot.. Thanks and keep it up
SuccerPunter is the Best
By KardinalZik on 22 February 2018
The site with the best hints on how to defeat the bookies while avoiding greed. I've learnt, through this site, to treat punting as a business, not as gambling.
Best betting control arena
By justicejonas on 22 February 2018
When I began sports betting, I never knew how to go about it. Some terminologies used in betting were abit tricky for me. I joined soccerpunter.com and I got to understand how to bet and not to gamble. Tipster competition helps me control betting addictivity
By dimabobrown on 22 February 2018
This site is one of the best when talking about soccer tipping and prediction. You have the best tippers selection that will give you a WIN WIN WIN.
Outstanding and fun resource
By Johnmaxnl1 on 20 February 2018
I am very happy that I found this wonderful site. There is such a wealth of information to be mined here, from the team stats to the tracking of your performance ranked by league. This is the perfect place for anyone trying to quit or moderate their wagering to have a fun outlet, or an ideal setup to test and hone various betting strategies. Some of my matches even get credited faster than at my book. Fantastic work.
Building Skills
By josephkiptonui on 20 February 2018
This is a very wonderful site to build soccer teams assessment skills through available data for FREE
why i like Tipster competition so much
By webconnector on 20 February 2018
Prior before my joining of soccerpunter.com platform where tipster competition is carried out, i was a soccer tipster but an amateur who out of curiosity to gain money on my own. I started providing tips to but was not really going smooth because my games where always not pulling through. This was due to my inability to carryout a proper statistics of teams in my selected games.

Tipster competition here is so much cherished by me because of it vast area of coverage.Everything here is in it nearest reality and one can not do otherwise than to get emulated and start following up how matches and been analysed and predicted here.

Few days after i joined the competition, my rank rose to 438 just within days and when i saw that i was encouraged and i took up the challenge and told myself i was going to be a great tipster. Being in the competition is what motivated and am head high making sure that i put all the necessary strategies in use in order to always provide game with a possibility outcome that has a high level of accuracy.

I know that with this, i am going to make my soccer prediction platform a great one with the knowledge am going to gain here.
By sumel on 20 February 2018
best ever tipster site for betting idea. a great web site for breaking boredom, plus a site with serious statistics and teams comparison
Soccerpunter is owsome
By joeayeni28 on 20 February 2018
Soccerpunter is a great tutorial platform we you learn how to stake and make profit. For me it's perfect because you will learn manage your funds to make huge profit. Soccerpunter is excellent.
By souza2729 on 19 February 2018
o site está de parabéns, muito legal e organizado para fãs de esporte, mas, a brincadeira aqui é séria.
By OkechukwuPius on 18 February 2018
Seriously I don't know which words or phrases to express. My gratitude to soccer punter. These guys have helped me over come the habit of gambling, sometimes I feel sad if I don't have money to stake a bet. But soccer punter is here helping with tips and reviews for games and I have made some cash for using this site for just three days. Once again...
Why do you like soccerpunter
By Sebbygrey on 18 February 2018
So far, soccerpunter has been selected as the best among its kind. It's flexibility and unhidden charges are among some of the reasons why i like soccerpunter. It's ability to help you hoard your betting habits and still have fun are among the reasons i like soccerpunter. I would say no more from here it is well said that experience is the best teacher, so try soccerpunter today and then you'll understand what i mean. Why do you like soccerpunter?
Comfortable gambling
By geomote on 17 February 2018
Thanks soccerpunter for the opportunity to bet without my adrenaline and heartbeat racing over anxiety....(comfortable gambling)
The Best and an amazing site.
By elixirpearl on 16 February 2018
Soccerpunter is one of the best service, no more addiction to betting and gambling. The best and an amazing site.
Wonderful site
By Kagehalinnnah_36 on 15 February 2018
Soccerpunter has help me indeed. When I bet then I lose I don't feel discouraged as before since I look at the tipsters rankings then I give myself thumbs up meaning that am not alone.Even now I feel like an expert in some areas of betting Lest say like am good in over/ under 0.5 or double chance.I encourage fellow ladies lest join its not as hard as it seems. Thanks soccerpunter for giving the opportunity to improve my betting skills
Soccerpunter makes the difference
By pollygo on 15 February 2018
After losing my money making random uninformed bets, I came to soccerpunter wesbite and joined as a memeber with amazing results. I now understand the statistics and probability of each bet I make, thanks soccerpunter being a platinum member gives even more tips and statistical analysis, perfect for making the right bet
I feel like a professional sports analyst working with this team.
By ezekielwisdom4 on 13 February 2018
It's really great to join this team. It makes me feel like a great football analyst. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.
An amazing experience
By Kagisho on 6 February 2018
It it fulfilling to gauge how well you know your soccer and accurately predicting the outcome . Everytime you strive to improve it is a nice challenge. Big up to soccerpunter
By Brighton Chisahwira
By bchiisa on 6 February 2018
Tipster competition comes with great relief to my betting life. For now it is killing the addiction party of gambling in my life, l say thank you
Super site
By JC44 on 5 February 2018
Très bon site Soccer Punter.Je suis enchanté,du contenu.En plus nous trouvons d'excellents tipsters.J'aime beaucoup,mettre mes pronos et lire ceux des autres.Nous trouvons de bons conseils.
Fun only
By emi on 4 February 2018
This is game, play wisely. If you can predict and show your capabilities by winning than do so here, don’t gamble your life away.
The best in the game
By mac04lly on 3 February 2018
Soccer punter is undoubtedly the best in the game.There football analysis of football matches is second to none. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to beat the bookmakers and make extra income
For punters
By Freddie1 on 3 February 2018
Thanks guys , this is am amazing platform for punters let's put heads together to beat these bookmakers.
Aims and target
By rcg on 2 February 2018
Is a place where ideas and knowledge is shared among punters in terms of prediction analysis. it serves as a guide line towards making a decision on a bet and enables you to aim big and acheive your goals.
Love Football
By KelongKing on 1 February 2018
I have lot of betting knowledge because I love football so in Tipster Competition I work What I really love and that love is Football!!!
By kipkemboykeysang1 on 1 February 2018
what has really motivated me is that i can view tips posted by other members on the group wow nice job
Great Website Ever, I dont look before it. So nice dude!
By hippie1970 on 1 February 2018
Nice website, from this website im learn how to make a prediction. Thank you owners!
By Macline on 31 January 2018
It has really challenged my mind to the goodness and also helped me to know my strength and weakness.
By kodaktrap24 on 31 January 2018
great platform and easy to understand analysis. and this is good for a good punter to check on the site before you go out with your decision and have a good return.. thanks to soccerpunter
Not just a game
By Warri on 30 January 2018
Most of us pretended to be the star player running out on the field and while the fans cheer on their team. On website we cheer on each other when someone predict the correct out come or has gone up a rank higher.
By wedgeypunter on 27 January 2018
soccer punter is certainly different from others i have seen so looking forward using this site
Checking my experience and becoming a win
By RamonBraga800 on 26 January 2018
I want to know how good I am in betting by competing with other people and looking forward to win the competition
The Best
By danzo4ever on 25 January 2018
It gives the best stats for a better football betting experience and gives a good run for your money.Best among the best
best site of all
By kkeinan3 on 25 January 2018
im a free user, i register an account and login everytime i want to access the site.. Its very entertaining and fun and also for those beginners learning how to bet. someday i get bored and go on to bet real money even tho there isnt any good matches, this site is perfect , you place your own real money bet and then i come over here and have fun betting
tip star comp the best.
By emmac4all on 24 January 2018
i like the competition because it improves my betting skills.
Benefited me mainly on single beting
king of kings of betting
By Prettomah on 24 January 2018
Am happy to be on this site for the past 3 years am a millionaire now
By ckegehi on 21 January 2018
My first time as a tipster and I simply love this site best place to be
Best sporting site ever
By ElFortz147 on 20 January 2018
This site is the best I have seen so far and it has been very helpful, I have been able to improve my predictions skills with up-to-date facts from this site.
All thanks to soccerpunter.
Best school bet.
By andy8004 on 18 January 2018
This is the best school for bet.I am bigger and bigger player every day.
Soccer tipster
By Kruppling on 18 January 2018
This the professional site for tipster!!! Thnx!!!!
Gaine experience
By thristen on 15 January 2018
I have learned a lot from SoccerPunter with all the stats that is available on this site.
Good news
By mwabili001 on 14 January 2018
I like this soccerpunter site because in every tips they offer possibilty of losing is minimal.
Its a good site ever
Experts tips
By Optimistgyasi on 12 January 2018
Awesome we can share ideas and get more insight and in depth analysis about how a match will end also peer to peer sharing of ideas this website is awesome
Awesomeness of the tipsters competition
By birdmoney26 on 11 January 2018
The tipsters competition is just beautiful..as much as people say football brings people together,i think this competition should also be applauded for doing just that, cos i believe the most important thing about football is analysis,if i didn't know chelsea or man u or Madrid were very good teams to watch, i wouldn't watch the game, i wouldn't meet people, i wouldn't have gotten that job i had last year. And the competition also rewards diligent people, accommodates gambling addictions.. I'm just speechless.. Just thank you and good job
Compete and share
By cantonatay on 10 January 2018
SoccerPunter is a great platform for me to challenge myself with other great human beings and fellow football fans all over the world to compete and share winning and losing together! Thank you
By Fredii on 7 January 2018
Football is my hobby & at first i did not know some terms in bookmaker. From the time I started viewing this site, I have it so entertaining & through competition, am able to beat the bookies.
best soccer prediction site
By Youngfuture on 3 January 2018
you guys are the best I love this site so much thank u for your great achievement
By Serdxshef on 3 January 2018
Nice site for training. Time to win . Good luck for all
Best site
By philz272 on 2 January 2018
This the best site
For betting analysis ever
Everything you are looking for is here, love soccerpunter
By K7E9P7 on 31 December 2017
This platform is the most interesting on all other sites, OK, at first me myself really thought it's here for real money, that you are granted a dollar million and play on it, good, I even shown my pattern the whole deal thinking it was real Cash, realizing the intimacy we just blasted laughter and when I was in the forum just by the time I joined, found one a Ugandan was seriously claiming this site where to withdraw, i laughed at this guy's statement "Hi guys where do you withdraw!!!" More so I declare to my friends who are out there and it goes even to all people around that this site has a good playing platform where any one is definitely gain skill, experience and becomes capable in expertizing into these logarithms and statistics. So you who is there I call--don't be left at the back benches. Thank you SoccerPunter thank you the Management of our site SoccerPunter for this good plan.Thanks.
great helping
By shahin.love on 30 December 2017
really when i searching for help then i got soccerpunter sites. nice job thanks all of stuff soccerpunter.
hey team punter
By munyaot on 30 December 2017
hey guys soccerpunter has changed me now am a guru on my bets keep it up
How to Improve your Prediction Skills.
By terryuwas on 30 December 2017
I can't believe that my new prediction model is working for me. I have discovered that there is a difference between Gambling and Trading Sport and there is more to trading sport than Gambling. I've learned to stop Gambling and start trading Soccer. If you want to succeed in this game, all you need to do is stop Gambling and start trading Soccer. At the end of everyday, open a live score of the day's Matches at FT and try to find out why the teams that won, really won their games by scrutinizing both teams' stats. continuous commitment to this singular act will put you in front. Trust me it works. I practically paused betting on here in order to carry out little research on soccer outcomes. I developed a new prediction model for myself and when I came back to resume betting on the 1st of December 2017, I was at Position around 60th - 50th. but now see where i am,(1st -10th) which means that my model is working for me.So stop today and do little work, develop your own prediction model and come back stronger. I love you all. Thank you Pals. Thank you soccerPunter for this opportunity. I feel the future hold something great for us in this path. May it be fulfilled. Aumen!
great fun and some good tips
By Bluenose81 on 29 December 2017
Great fun, great tips and a good football community worldwide.
By timileyinajibola on 28 December 2017
this is best i have ever seen, 100% confidence, since i joined, its all been fun and winnings, tested and trusted
fprward ever
By solcheen on 28 December 2017
soccer punter has been of great help to me in terms of decision making. my risk of losing a bet is minimal.
Nice experience
By Eyio256 on 28 December 2017
It has made me to understand betting better especially the head to head and I've got to understand winning odds, viva #soccerpunter
Best newspaper and home job
By alexyx7 on 28 December 2017
I like tipster competition very much because it is an advantage to help us to perfect ours predictions daily. So we get a best home job with many prizes offered and then I'll be best prunter for real bet. Thanks you to continouse competition forever.
Amazing site
By Victorbieber on 27 December 2017
This is an amazing site, I really enjoy every tick of my time here because it helped me a lot. I recommend this to my friends..
Best site for betting tips
By Jamochey on 26 December 2017
The best site for betting tips ever. It doesn't get any better
prediction guru
By sukiegreene on 22 December 2017
best place for sure bets with accurate statistics and also gives room to try their betting skills
best way to analyse ANY football matches taking place around the globe
By Rahulo31 on 21 December 2017
Lets be honest, no matter how much we know football or we can follow all the matches possible its hard to keep all the results in ur head but the best way to analyse or get any information about any past matches that took place which can help us decides where best to put our money on then i can't think of any better place for that than soccerpunter. On top of that u even get the odds of those matches. The amount of information and help u get here in order to place ur bet i can guarantee u that u won't find all these under one roof anywhere else. SIMPLY THE BEST
By TBONE77dash on 21 December 2017
I like Tipster Competition because it gives me possibility to share my view about my favoutite teams Schalke 04 and Real Madrid. Schalke has a great coach this season Domeniko Tadesko an they move up to second position. I really happy to share this news with other tipsters.
The best tipster site online
By tshepoleeuw on 21 December 2017
I really enjoy this website, i have all the tools at hand to test new strategies and track my games from within this website, keep it up guys!!!!! this is where strategies are born and super tipsters are made.
Good opportunity
By juniourr on 21 December 2017
This is a good opportunity platform to encourage good prediction and to enable members to be more engaged in soccer tips.
on its own
By farsider on 20 December 2017
Its all about statistics here,we make this work,if we compare the choices of hundreds of people,that alone will give something.
Best Pundits
By sevens on 20 December 2017
This site offers a wide range of markets and exposes tipsters to tricks of the game,enabling them place their money where they can only win. I have been around for years and have never been disappointed by the tips. Keep it up pundits!!!
simply awesome
By prediger0808 on 19 December 2017
soccerpunter has helped build my analytic skills. good job guys
wonderful site
By chema on 19 December 2017
I have been a member of soccer punter. com since 2015 and I can proudly tell you that it is a fantastic site. I have learned a lot from them. For those of you who have not signed up, you are missing a lot I tell you.

Peter Namasake
Nairobi. Kenya
Super experience
By gsoccer93 on 18 December 2017
Meeting a whole lot of young people with great ideas makes it wow! Amazing people and I feel soccer punter gives an avenue to showcase and challenge my knowledge of the soccer. It's definitely a plus
Funny competition
By driesmrtns87 on 18 December 2017
I like Tipster Competition because it helped me to overcome my gambling addiction. So, I just have fun and follow soccer matches without throw out money.
I love your colors
By Gekara on 17 December 2017
I read your guide to making predictions. It was amazing. Really changed how I view gambling. Sometimes I come here to make bets, just to confirm that I've still got game. That and I've also learned a lot from fellow members. People here are always willing to help.
Best of luck everyone. I wish you well.
By Samomos on 17 December 2017
It is fun. Stats don't lie. I have just given my first analysis and I have given the correct score between Brisbane vs Melbourne 1:2 and away win. Am now gaining courage for bigger things! Thank you for the opportunity to be in this platform.
Competition for Confidence
By JMugys on 17 December 2017
Tipster Competition is something I have done for years but soccerpunter brings a quite advanced and more organised version of it. I love it here. It's a global competition, and I believe it boosts ones confidence in placing the right bets to record a good ROI. Looking forward to explore more with this adventure
By niconeizkobina on 14 December 2017
This is my first time and most happy especially with your h2h filter. Thanks a lot and continue your good works.
Getting better daily
By Sahara on 14 December 2017
The tipster competition has enabled me to have much more confidence in myself since my predictions are now better much more than before...
By demamz on 14 December 2017
It is one of a kind with no comparison.
Technically and practically correct beyond reasonable doubt. This is where we belong, I don't know where you are but make the best choice and be with professionals that can only be found here soccerpunter. Welcome to home of winners and champions. I am waiting for you!
Praise from Canada
By Sittler27 on 13 December 2017
As a Canadian, most used to hockey wagering however over the past year I have been introduced to football/soccer. I find your site the most comprehensive for improving one's skills in a manner which does not include a monetary outlay. Keep up the excellent work.
Predictions with unparalleled guarantee
By Gmoh on 13 December 2017
I just found myself in the right place where i find value for my money. Your football analysis is purely unbiased and is tailored to benefit tipsters. The tipster competition has also offered me the opportunity to place virtual bets hence improving my skills in soccer analysis. You are really what everyone needs. Thank you.
By Chukz3229 on 11 December 2017
This site actually allows me go for my potential,I'm now familiar with how to bet and make a good predictions
Great Game Forecast site
By djremzzz on 10 December 2017
Gradually improving my forecasting skills....since i registered am beginning to make more profit than loss with real cash...which is good for me.....Thanks soccerpunter Tipters for the help.
I love soccer punters
By drextech on 6 December 2017
The best ever tippers site I love. It helps me to study and analysis game very well before investing my money to make a good profit. Thanks keep it up I love your work (SOCCERPUNTER)
Nice site
By thierryassuncao_8 on 5 December 2017
Just found this site,when researching for betting tips,seems very attractive with loads of different betting tools,also gives us the chance to simulate bets with higher money which is perfect.
By timosa on 4 December 2017
The site is excellent for providing exact tips. I love visiting the website to get updates, scores and predictions.
By fauzy99 on 1 December 2017
It's amazing, like playing real. Very useful for practising betting skills. Thanks, soccerpunter
World best soccer prediction site
By esquire on 1 December 2017
Considering the fact that what is attached here is not real money, it actually builds confidence. And statistics provide here also is one a million. Soccerpunter team, you guys is doing a very great job here.
Commending Soccee Punter
By dowsky on 29 November 2017
I must commend this site it is well equiped in developing ones prediction skills
Benefits of joining tipster competition
By Collins1997 on 28 November 2017
Tipster competition has enabled me gaming a rank among the best tipsters in world and being able to realise that with continuous participation I will be to earn without having to risk anything...its risk free.
Best Punter Site
By Gideonsnazzy on 28 November 2017
This is the best punter site ever, seriously this site has really made me learn a lot and also reduce my losing rate as I spend time here to predict before I play with real money... All thanks to Soccerpunter
By Alharho on 26 November 2017
Thanks and thanks for this feature on the website. You can never imagine how this website has helped me so far, I can compete with other tipsters. Just last week, I played the top ranked predictions to earn big money in real life. I love this website!
By omotayooladimeji29 on 24 November 2017
soccerpunter gives upcoming pundits the privilege to attain a high level of confidence and courage coupled with h2h selections and other tips and info...kudus and more power to your elbow..gracias
Informative and critical in analysis.
By Brandonian on 22 November 2017
First off I would like to add that Soccer Punter not only predicts but educates any punter. If you take the timeout and actually read the advice provided by Soccer Punter. It really for me as a regular punter has brought about tactical and sound advice. I would therefor recommend this to any one really wanting to generate money out of soccer betting. Overall the site is really informative and critical for the fussy punter (especially "FIXED MATCHES")

Just wish that a android app can be created. It would make soccer betting so much more exciting!

Keep u the brilliant work TEAM SOCCER PUNTER.

Great team ✌
By passerona76 on 21 November 2017
Best site to win money, if you want you can follow me $$
The best site so far
By Oduh97 on 19 November 2017
What a nice site it allows zero risk and also educates on game tips best football site so far
Betting platform
By fer86 on 18 November 2017
It's a nice way to play just for fun,and not for profit.
Thumbs up!
Wonderful Betting Site
By Divinox on 17 November 2017
I'm really impressed about this site. A great betting website indeed. It gives you the opportunity and confidence to predict your own games with no risk, and also helps in enlightening your betting skills. It's fun being a member here.
Where you can bank on
By princewillnnanna on 16 November 2017
If there is any site you can trust. It's SoccerPunter. With the best tips from great tipsters all over the planet. Thumbs up to Soccer punter.
By Alufaify on 14 November 2017
I have been predicting on my own,but now decides to show on this platform my ability on soccer predictions. And i have been on this site before but never actually know what it is all about until yesterday when i carefully checked and i discovered it is the type of site i want.
Tipster Value
By avins on 12 November 2017
The Tipster Competition helps me to get familiar of predicting match results at a free charge (NO DEPOSIT)
By slyfox on 11 November 2017
I'm happy to be here and seems exciting to explore
By omaligot on 10 November 2017
Its amazing how soccerpunter has put together their head to come out with top predictions of all kind and people who have subscribe to are making money the easiest way possible any time anywhere.
The Best Tipster Competition On the Planet
By Millmad121 on 9 November 2017
Excellent & very detailed, always updated statistics on every game around the world. Since joining I am getting better all the time and making easy cash when money is available. I use this site & every one I have told about this site have gained great knowledge. We all want to beat the bookies. SO LETS WORK TOGETHER AND BEAT THEM!
right attacking formation
By gals2 on 7 November 2017
it teaches the best mechanism of destroying the bookies
its my turn to chew n chop their money
By MAOA161 on 4 November 2017
a great web site for breaking boredom, plus a site with serious statistics and teams comparison
best site ever seen
By solomoney on 4 November 2017
I really love this site,the tipsters are highly incredible with experience on football.
An Alternative of Betting
By xolowere on 4 November 2017
SoccerPunter offers a way to quench the thirst for gambling even when one doesn't have money. You can use the virtual money offered by the website to place bets on teams you would bet with if you had actual money. Furthermore, the site also shows your strengths and weaknesses in regards to gambling through indicating the leagues where your performance is best and worse. I love it!
Soccer Heaven
By blessing218 on 2 November 2017
Just started using soccer punter and I am already in love with this site...its a whole new world here...Arguably the best site for soccer statistics I have come across...
soccerpunter as it best
By iwugod4real1 on 1 November 2017
As a lover of sports I have engage my self in many sporting tipsters and bet over the years and months and I have observed that soccerpunter is on top of it all respect of it challenge.

Although am new here it have added to my game and sports knowledge altogether
Amazing site
By jaycuttlerzzz on 1 November 2017
Soccerpunter is an amazing site that helps quench the thirst and thrill for gambling but in a safe and free way.
I've managed Addiction
By Jackstone7 on 1 November 2017
Finally with the help of soccerpunter am no longer addicted to betting, any time I feel like I run here to bet without losing a cent. Thanks Team soccerpunter.
By igweboii on 31 October 2017
i love this platform,at least for given people like me an opportunity to prove their ability on soccer and games predictions and also,i see this platform service as one of the best have ever across.
By SAMURAII on 31 October 2017
Is great to be here. Am learning and sharing experience with others. Thumbs up guys.
Learnig new predicting/betting skills
By Coolguy015 on 30 October 2017
SoccerPunter is the best place to be for all football betting lovers. Am really learning some new predicting skills here without fear of losing a real cash. With time i think i will start smashing the bookies for real. Kudos to soccerpunter owner(s).
By DANDIKO on 25 October 2017
Tipsters competition is super good. Even if wagering virtual money, THIS HAS MADE ME make so much money on real bet sites. ALL THANKS TO THE ADMIN
cool game
By stonejah on 24 October 2017
cool site enable skillz in betting, i want to be the tipster online to make money , what about you
Thumbs up !!!
By ghostilla on 23 October 2017
This is like a demo account to brush up my prediction skill (just like how I do it with my stock trading account). I have taken years of football statistics and now it's time to prove it, and improve it. This is gonna be fun and exciting!
It is good here
By kemarhkesh on 19 October 2017
I'm new here. It feels like I've been here many years ago. I never seen a site good at making one a great punter until i found soccerpunter.com. You have really help in improving my skills and I've gained experience with the football statistics here and most especially the tipster competition, i love it so much. I'd give mall to reach the first position. it is good here.
By eLDonkay on 17 October 2017
what a great site this site make predictions easy n understanding infact ive won games through here
By ogbudonoso on 17 October 2017
this site has change my mindset in soccer predictions in a positive way, am happy that am here. i can believe what i can analyse now, thanks again for the opportunity in this plat form.
team soccer
By Samuel234 on 17 October 2017
life is so good with this site.winning has been like a hobby to me
gain profit
By husalizingry on 16 October 2017
Football is fairly notorious to predict with so many viarables but I think soccerpunter worth to sticking with.It may go through a winning run,so my advice is stick with it and i'm sure you will make long term profits as I have.
Best Site Ever
By JSamtezz on 14 October 2017
This is the best betting tipster ever since i joined today, am more like improving will predicting, thanks for your appreciation for letting me a member. Thanks to @soccerpunter
Love for prediction
By luckyBET on 14 October 2017
My love for soccer prediction lead me to discover this site. This site is awesome!. SURE WIN!!.
Life Changing Experience
By prince007 on 14 October 2017
Soccerpunter is a life changing experience. With low risk and interesting prizes to be won. It makes the youth to be competitive and also work at achieving the best without staking any fund.
I always look forward to commending the authors of this site. Thanks
By Daniel0702039294 on 13 October 2017
I like my being here as a punter,i have really upgraded myself in sports betting.thank you soccerpunter.
build experience
By mbkt on 12 October 2017
I really appreciate competing with other tipsters, one day I want to be leading tipster in the world
Win win win
By mutungi on 8 October 2017
Number one site for the best experience in betting
It has taught me how to wisely pick potential matches.
Tipster competition turns sweet
By mashmanu on 8 October 2017
I have always had the desire to play football at any level and its due to that that my love for football has taken me to football predictions, alot of people worldwide are into betting, including the unemployed, and nothing makes me happy like an unemployed youth earning from my prediction, it drives me more and more to give out predictions, all in all thats what friends are for
Soccer world
By futaaboy on 8 October 2017
Alas! This site is so good. We practice free betting at no risk. Big up team soccer punter members
By Goldie on 7 October 2017
Great way to practice and clear your mind until you find the correct mixture of everything and start a winning streak.. thank you soccerpunter
By khaya on 7 October 2017
It's a great site to take off the urge to gamble with real money
By ballum on 7 October 2017
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Very Interesting
By okikiola07820 on 7 October 2017
This site is getting more interesting, it gives you more chances to improve in soccer prediction.
gain knowledge
By Herwish1991 on 6 October 2017
It's an interesting site where you gain more knowledge on betting. Fantastic, please bet wisely
Educational and informative
By ctos on 6 October 2017
One of the most detailed informative websites both for beginners and advanced punters alike.
Great website
By snanakwame on 6 October 2017
Very interesting and good. It gives you a good understanding of the teams and helps you in your judgement in picking the right team of the day.
Good analysis site
By Drayz on 6 October 2017
Soccerpunter is a great site for gamblers to learn how to analyse matches before they start placing real bets.
Best Times Opening Fast
By Fair.Major on 5 October 2017
Tipsters Competition has created for me a forum to bet games without fear of lose, so I am encouraged to play the best I could - while it still open up a platform for me to further learn, practically. I am optimistic that some day in the future I will qualify to win the month's champion position, and benefit.
By plies on 5 October 2017
Soccer punter helps a lot by providing you with the necessary statistics before a game which also helps to minimize losses.
best prediction site ever
By kennyoung on 5 October 2017
Soccer punter enlightens and gives you the best of the best tips and hints which improves and sharpen your skills in predictions
Happy to help others!
By kites182 on 5 October 2017
Happy to help bettors on their choices.
I have made a living by just betting online.
really great
By Kagi on 4 October 2017
I like it because I learn alot from punters and how choose teams it really helps alot with predictions n tips
By Tueinixon on 4 October 2017
everyone should be here to learn more about sports betting detailed anaylsis using soccerpunter h2h
By blakadon92 on 4 October 2017
the tipster competition has made me grown certain ways of everyday winning, though results are not here to prove, but for real I get income.the competition usually shows me where i have to go and where i don't have to go. overtime it has encouraged me to certain betting strategies I never tried like low odds
By nayeem on 4 October 2017
Soccer punter provides marvelous opportunities that allow me to profit without loss.
Just Great!!!
By HarryPoker on 4 October 2017
Thank you guys for the good work are you dooing here. I am glad that i found soccerpunter.com, a place where we can meet a lot of good and experienced tipsters.
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By daanbakker560 on 4 October 2017
Calculate and read the games up to 85% using soccerpunter that way you reduce risk while you smile to bank made for champions soccerpunter the best
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The site offers best the platform for the punters i think its the best
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By okparagt on 4 October 2017
It helps one a lot in betting analysis, It's a great site for beginners and also a forum to meet great and experienced tipsters
love this web
By mima on 3 October 2017
Can't compare any tips web with this #Soccerpunter da best
Expect the Unexpected
By souleman0392 on 3 October 2017
Great platform to share and analyse predictions. You are doing a good job guys!!
By nayarshinobi on 3 October 2017
I love this community for help each other . Mostly We dont have time to analysis for betting soccer . We love football than betting . This is the good start
By grafiti on 3 October 2017
Great platform for virtual soccer prediction. Alot to learn and wonderful experience here.
The best
By Crimson_X on 3 October 2017
Thanks for this website it helps alot in predicting games
By santa12 on 3 October 2017
I have greate time here. the analysis is wonderful and i take always a look.
Soccer punter made punting easy
By f11b62 on 2 October 2017
Punting has never bn easy for me but ever since I joined soccer punter, I have been using their on the spot statistics to know and predict football games easily without stress. Thanking the staffs/members/punters on this site... More Money via punting
best soccer prediction team
By jimvic on 2 October 2017
A lot tipsters with one common goal;to win! Loving the comments and analysis.
By twinmy88 on 2 October 2017
This site is all one ever needs when it comes to getting accurate tips. I am glad I signed up.
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By cosminursu150 on 2 October 2017
soccerpunter is the best profile site in this field ... there is not much here yes i like enormously .. respect team
By bettingguru on 2 October 2017
awesome service. best analysis system. best for punter.
Insightful and Informative Experience
By kebaso on 2 October 2017
Participation in the tipster contest has been been a quite captivating and insightful experience as it has offered a platform for advancement of my skills and betting logic. Access to a wide range of information about teams and performance has further facilitated my choices and success.
informative site
By stanley123 on 2 October 2017
this site is the best site to get information for soccer betting and information sharing.
By williamcupido on 2 October 2017
Absolutely the best prediction experience! I have researched many websites but I've experienced a more fulfilling SoccerPunter, that is very rewarding.
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By Sam_79 on 2 October 2017
this site is the best for tipster there is no complain
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learning from the best tipsters!!!i'll be there someday......keep up!!
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By kanu on 1 October 2017
In comparison,the best..on update, The best site ever.keep up the good work.
Great site.
By Twistedlies on 1 October 2017
Guys I have gain betting experience since I join this site.
By Jred76 on 1 October 2017
Great website for stats and analysis,helps you sharpen your skills and learn to bet either for real or just for fun.
Thank you
By Vicmaster on 1 October 2017
Thank you soccerpunter...This site is the bomb...I appreciate the predictions and statistics of the game....All on points.
Bardzo pomocne materiały.
By jarma on 1 October 2017
Korzystanie z materiałów jest pomocne w zawieraniu zakładów na realnej platformie.
love it
By mrkmunene on 1 October 2017
good site for helping to pick teams to win. i use it everyday as a point of reference
By calebashong on 1 October 2017
The best ever good site to develop as a inexperienced punter. the interaction among fellow punters is quite motivating and a game changer for young punters. its also the best stage to showcase ur passion and understanding for soccer.thank you soccerpunter.
By marmar.maric on 1 October 2017
The best tipster page on internet.Detailed information of previous games,form and table standings.Everithing you need for putting a bet.
Honing my soccer intelligence estimates
By Lordsbe on 1 October 2017
It affords me chance to be more exact knowings my judgement is on public display & cud serve to prepare me for professional tipping @ no risk
The future of tipsters!
By dano123 on 1 October 2017
Well, I was looking for a site for h2h statistics and I stumbled upon this site. Only for me to find this features, it’s amazing. With this I was able to minimize my lost and maximize my gain as a tipster. Thank you soccerpunter for this cool features!!!!
By Moizkim on 1 October 2017
Best site for any punter. I would recommend to any punter who looks for accuracy, precision and satisfaction of inner gut when placing a bet. This should be the number one site on the checklist before placing that winning bet.
By ricardosilva3219 on 1 October 2017
This site is the best for tipsters to gain experience.
I love soccerpunter
By livingstone26 on 1 October 2017
it was very wonderful and great skills and i learn alot in this site
my experience
By mangasou on 1 October 2017
good experience as my second month on this website good concept and moreminers
Good site
By IceW1nd on 1 October 2017
Nice site in betting tips thank you for all you've done
By carl6232012 on 1 October 2017
Soccerpunter is a fantastic website for deciding upcoming bets. I will always check the stats before making a decision.
By evansomoke on 1 October 2017
the best site ever coz it helps me improve on my betting skill..good work n may u continue with the same pace.
This place holds the true spirit of betting
By liam2wap on 1 October 2017
I appreciate all the technical effort and design that went into this site. Eventually the great computing power that is the human minds of the world will master betting, but in the meantime we can learn here without the distraction of putting money on the line.
By genuinerscompany on 1 October 2017
Its in this platform that I have gain enough enough experience that have so much been beneficial to me.. Thanks soccer punter
Victor Okewale
By okewalevictorwillz on 1 October 2017
soccerpunter is a nice app to aid prediction. It makes it really easy and fun. It has really helped me a lot
By moneymitch on 1 October 2017
Very practical website
By NJ_FIFA on 1 October 2017
Possibility to bet virtually, collect and review tips to win.
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By borga1 on 30 September 2017
great place to help u become winner this football site is very good
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By genex on 30 September 2017
My experience with soccer punter has been an amazing one because it is real time strategy improvement platform. All thanks to soccer punter.
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By mkeith on 30 September 2017
Soccerpunter is just the best site for betting practice.
By royolojoba on 30 September 2017
It is an amazing competition that has helped me to improve greatly on my everyday prediction of soccer. Bravo
I'm amazed about the good predictions and winnings
By oladapokudejo on 29 September 2017
This is a very good website, I'm awed about how people's predictions are spot on. Very intriguing
Shortening the learning curve
By dahmorla on 29 September 2017
Soccerpunter has help not only me but over hundred of thousand to bridge the learning gap in the world of sports betting and in return aided people to making a lot of cash.

Bet Responsibly.
a nubie that want to share his prediction
By tanteEDANG on 29 September 2017
i like football. and i like to predict a match. its just for fun.
By songa on 29 September 2017
it gives idea on betting therefore improving skills on betting, it also gives update on every team news thereby making us know about team weak points and strategy.
Cool stuff
By ken9ja on 29 September 2017
Great tool.... risk free way to mastering the game
Soccerpunter tipsters are awesome.
By blessbk on 28 September 2017
Hmm! Tipster competitors are awesome, and I love the commitment. They have helped me understand bookmakers tricks.
Best soccer platform ever
By mac32 on 28 September 2017
I had been a member since last year and i have improved my betting tips through soccerpunter. Prediction on this platform have managed me to win real money
By zsilverstarz on 28 September 2017
this is a good site to learn about soccer and I hope you guys can help me make lots of fortune
By Lasand
By Lasand on 28 September 2017
It's awesome experience like I have never seen before.It build confidence in real betting situation.
life is good @ soccerpunter
By hadji202021 on 28 September 2017
I like soccer punter, it makes me learn more on how to place bet professionally everyday.
By arp on 28 September 2017
I've gone through your games and it's been absolutely awesome. Big up to you
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By oscarmuriithi on 28 September 2017
With soccer punter you have the best experience to become the best tipster. Just give a try and no regrets.
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the best app so far with all favorable predictions as well as advice And Gg,over under all in the same site.
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By nikos2pal on 27 September 2017
this is the best tipster site of all thnx for everyone its a good advisor
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good training field for those who wants to win big in sport betting.
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By g35koech on 27 September 2017
soccerpunter has made me get value for my money invested in betting, a soccer site I highly recommend for any starter, anyone continuing or anyone in need of real value analysis. Thank you soccerpunter.
Hallo Team punter
By Pish on 27 September 2017
Wow! Up to now I have gain confidence in approaching any bet thanks to soccer punter for the great work you are doing. Secondly it has help me on how to use other bet markets that I didn't know such us Asian handicap
Gear up
By Adeysquare on 26 September 2017
Soccer punter has serve as a gear up tools to me in my ways of prediction. Now I think more about winning every time I the right way since I've got soccer punter.Big ups to you.
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By cyberzeus24 on 26 September 2017
Its nice being part of something as good as soccerpunter it really made me into a better person cause i dont need to bet with real money again
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has helped me to be best punter, made lot of money because of soccerpunter
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By spikey4u on 26 September 2017
This is a wonderful site for predictions cos you don't lose real money. you actually can test your prediction skills here to know where your prediction strength is.It has all you need to study teams b4 you make your predictions.
Good times
By Miserry on 26 September 2017
Really enjoy my time in this site. I started to do quite better in betting, since i joined. :)
wonderful experience
By omarulous on 25 September 2017
soccer punter has helped me improve on my betting skills through its analysis tools
just speechless for soccerpunter
By fasio on 25 September 2017
soccer punter has helped me to improve on betting skills without losing real money
By walminx on 25 September 2017
nice platform..helped me sharpen my skills and use analysis to make informed bets
Great site
By karnobat1 on 23 September 2017
Thank you for possibility to inform, analyse and to make virtual bets.
Great platform
By kingrich on 23 September 2017
Soccer punter is a very valuable tool to every potential gambler as the platform gives great room for improvement and adequate experience with no risk
By ebuboss1 on 23 September 2017
Soccerpunter.com has improved my prediction success rate, using virtual cash I've improved my picks.
Deep research
By viliera on 23 September 2017
the competition enhances my deep research on matches for better predictions in future.
By seanmak on 23 September 2017
best soccer betting site ever.. produces accurate results and statistics
My Soccerpunter Experience
By ice_mobileh on 23 September 2017
There is no other group of active mind exchangers like this group. I've been a member for just 3yrs and my life has been changed so much. Thank you soccerpunter #Soccerpunterforlife
Best soccer site
By sahilll on 22 September 2017
Best soccer site ever
It is a good virtual betting site
We will have practise when playing soccer punter
Best site if you want to make easy money online
By bobyiga on 22 September 2017
This is just the best soccer site folks. It gives in-depth analysis of matches and accurate predictions and match history
One Among The Best...
By elukujay on 22 September 2017
I came across this website last year and it is a very good platform using a virtual money to keep things going. The outcome of every tipsters predictions will allow them to be more focus and understand the level of their capacity in terms of prediction even without using their hard earn money.
good demo account
By Doraemon88 on 22 September 2017
has a lot of information for my analysis, and a good demo account for practice
By croma_tje on 21 September 2017
It is a great website. I learning so much from other soccer tipsters
Why I like tipster competition
By chinwubachuka03 on 21 September 2017
I see tipster competition as where I will prove myself in football predictions and learn from those that knows more than I do. This competition will guide you how you manage your money.
Thank you
By wigand on 21 September 2017
SoccerPunter is one site that helps alot with accuracy you can make profits. Am one person who likes total goals over and under and this where I pick them it has helped alot I see soccerPunter as the best tipster's site in the world I know there are other sites but that's my opinion good work SOCCERPUNTER
Greatest Tipster
By Jazzy9 on 21 September 2017
Soccerpunter is the number 1 tipster site on the planet right now. emjoy the virtual bets and translate into real
By GreenMoe on 20 September 2017
I use this site over years ago, here the interested point is sharing knowledge and giving tips... Some are expert in Champion League while other are good at Premier league.
Best betting simulation website
By Randomain on 20 September 2017
Great site to practice my method for betting. Keep going
By BradCook97 on 20 September 2017
Great way to bet when you don't have the funds you get to know other tipsters winning bets and bet types which you could make reference for future bets. You get to know other tipsters winning bets and bet types which you could make reference for future bet.
love soccer punter
By Tyclef on 20 September 2017
Am luck to be here the greatest and the most unique useful website have ever been to
Tipster competition creates self-confidence
By odoyosenric on 20 September 2017
TIPSTER competition is the new game in my hood, it has helped me save my time and money which I was losing as a gambler...but since I joined tipster competition with soccer punter things have been running smoothly on my side.It has also give me confidence to advise my friends who still bet on the right game to pick without fear or any feeling of denial.
Fantastic picks
By tally on 19 September 2017
Soccer punter is a football site that has helped me in one way which is head to head.Basically I predict looking at h2h,team form,& absence.So am with this I can be a good tipster.
A great place for starters
By pzidos on 19 September 2017
Soccer punter is indeed a great place for starters it has helped kick up my betting skills a notch and thanks to you guys I've gotten enough confidence on my betting skills
Thank you guys for showing me the way
By hinnehsam on 18 September 2017
I was an amateur tipster before I saw this site on the net. I was losing a lot of money to betting because the only tips or picks that I knew then was 1X2 picks. So my chances of winning bets was around 20%. I almost got out of business because I thought betting isn't my way to get to greater height until I heard the name soccer punter on the net. Soccerpunter expatiate to me that there are several choices that one can pick in betting. Though I wasn't a punctual tipster, I used every bit of my time to under study the senior tipsters of the platform.Now with the help of soccer punter, am a professional tipster and I win bets at least 4 times a week. Thank you guys for giving us this platform to even study more and more
guide on placing a bet
By oscarking1 on 18 September 2017
Gives you some good analysis on games like those with consecutive wins and loses thus giving you a hint on how to handle that game
By iamomomummy on 18 September 2017
wonderful prediction site, I've used it a few time and I didn't regret using it
By toto77 on 18 September 2017
its informative and best in analyzing games.most of all its fun not losing real money
Simply the best site ever
By bonyfasio84 on 18 September 2017
Soccer punter enables me to view the h2h and guides me before placing my bets.
just love it so much
Great Site for soccer prediction
By osubor1988 on 18 September 2017
You guys are awesome. soccer prediction is made simple with this very site. One now has an undoubted faith in self when soccer prediction is concerned.
Accurate and efficiency
By habexlexy on 17 September 2017
It has been a good thing for me to come across a site with efficiency and accuracy in their prediction. Thank you very much for the opportunity.
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By NixKigen23 on 17 September 2017
if you're a gambler, soccer punter is where you should be. I've been using their predictions for 3 years now
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By Tangeo on 17 September 2017
Soccerpunter stands as a unique tool on soccer that i have found nowhere else. It has given me all satisfaction in soccer. Saves a lot of money through its precision. One can not under-look this veritable laboratory for soccer model testing, skills empowering and knowledge validation. Tipster competition of soccerpunter has practically taken the game to a whole new dimension, coupled with its reliability and global clubs coverage. Bravo!!!
By Tito on 17 September 2017
Good prediction site ever!This site help me to improve my analysis
Awesome Site
By papapokudeii on 17 September 2017
This site has help me to control my real money when i'm betting out side SoccerPunter, THANK YOU SOCCER PUNTER
By tseinc on 17 September 2017
love the site it has helped me test my prediction skills
By boyyai on 16 September 2017
cool amazing site.. keep it up may god bless you
Great tipster site
By footballpunter on 16 September 2017
good site,very good tips and tipsters. Fair competition and its free!
Superb site :D
By MichaelScofield on 16 September 2017
Superb site for people who want to make consistent profit over longer term with soccer and not taking stupid risks. It even have has a platform where you can do virtual money bet to see if you would win with the real thing if you have placed your money, what more can you ask?
By bnkarthik on 15 September 2017
best site very useful soccer site for experiencing knowledge
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By jus4tus on 15 September 2017
The best site for winners, who ever wants the best stats have to finish up with other sites and join us here for its the best site of all times

The Best Ever(TBE)
By Specter on 15 September 2017
The Best Ever(TBE).

Ever since I joined soccerpunter, I've gained a lot of experience in analysing matches and making the right choices.
Thank you very much for this great opportunity. Keep up the good work
By egoeimai on 15 September 2017
very helpful site,specially the statistics,keep up the good work
Fantastic Platform For Great Minds.
By PapaD on 15 September 2017
It's a fantastic platform which enables members to develop and improve there betting skills. It's user friendly and also gives the opportunity to members to learn from beautiful punters who have mastered the game.
Awesome site
By bobodiouf on 14 September 2017
This site is perfect to try betting strategies and learn from other tippers around the globe. Job well done to the developers!
Soccer Punter is Out of this World !!
By Odrims on 14 September 2017
The site offers indepth analysis of games which is very germane to picking tips. A major advantage is the ability to connect to tipsters all around the world with the sole aim of achieving our missions and goals.
great site
By drleo on 14 September 2017
great site...helps to choose from a whole lots of games
nice site
By richardkocis on 14 September 2017
nice site, accurate predictions, nice statistics - great tipsters
By Vosquare on 14 September 2017
Nice and great site... I've been using this site for over a year now... All I can say is... Perfect
By Satanko81 on 14 September 2017
Great site for prediction. Perfect site to practise betting without losing real money, excellent site!
Best of the best.
By Nyangi on 13 September 2017
Best statistics and top facts found right here at soccerpunter.
Best Tip Site
By Thefogos on 13 September 2017
Excellent site for betting tips. I check the site every day to check the games and scores.
By MJ1MONSTER on 13 September 2017
It's very competitive and it makes you improve upon your prediction skills...it brings the nest out of one.It makes you a good soccer Pundit.
By vickygreat on 13 September 2017
Very good way of showing my prediction ability as it does not involve physical cash. Really interesting stuff.
By saran29 on 13 September 2017
very helpfull sites to predict..................\\\\\\\
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By strike969 on 13 September 2017
simply enjoyable the best prediction site on net...easy to operate
Join the winning team
By cyclopskolomasta on 12 September 2017
I must confess, this is the best prediction site i ever come across. Since the day I Join SoccerPunter I've Join the winning team.
Heartiest Wishes
By playnwin on 12 September 2017
Good site for punters to learn. Quality of the site is that management is constantly improving this site which others don't.
Very Realistic
By eoboro on 12 September 2017
Getting peoples thoughts with the facts/hunch/conviction behind their predictions helps in making a 75% realistic outcome. Good work.
Thank you
By skizoo on 12 September 2017
I love the idea to play in virtual so you learn how to deal with real betting
great bet site
By papoulis2 on 12 September 2017
the best site for reading and bet ideas congratulations to the admins
the very best
By odomsnk on 12 September 2017
I have visited many sites, but this site has no close rivals...
The best site for practice
By angelsoccertips2u on 12 September 2017
very nice It has helped me a lot win a lot of games with real money than losing.
By joesep on 12 September 2017
simply awesome,very nice site for virtual betting , have fun without losing real money.
Great site
By XtrimePT on 11 September 2017
SoccerPunter is awesome. Very good tools to make you get the bigger picture of a match. Awesome, thanks for your existence hehe.
Its is a great chance to participate in something benefitting and not costing anything..
By Andrei007 on 11 September 2017
I love betting a lot, it has helped me in several ways...sometimes I see games I really want to play, maybe to earn or just improve my skills but I don't have money or maybe am scared of losing. But with this beautiful virtual platform my problem is solved, it is now a situation whereby am earning or developing my skills..There awesome prediction individuals on deck here...so its a win/win all they way..
By family on 11 September 2017
best prediction that gives you depth analysis on teams before you place your bet.
By Zazy on 11 September 2017
Soccerpunter is the best site for soccer prediction, so amazing with wonderful people all around the world.
Отличный ресурс.
By kuller74 on 10 September 2017
Мне нравится потому что можно отслеживать свои ошибки и выявлять некоторые закономерности в движении коэффициентов.
Soccer prediction.
By Nahib1969 on 10 September 2017
As I love football , I try and challenge my self to see what heart feel about its opponent and their desired outcome or results if a particular competition or tie.
Five star
By kobbyGh on 10 September 2017
Tipster competition has helped me a lot I can now win a lot
great site
By Riziko on 9 September 2017
great site zero risk,great statics and tipsters.
i m having great times on soccerpunter.
Nulli Secundus (Second To None)
By Kobena7714. on 9 September 2017
I love Tipster Competition because it offers a wide variety of ideas from other tipsters, educates others and helps deal with gambling addiction.Thumbs up to the admin and everybody at Soccer Punter.Keep it up. You Rock!!!
Soccerpunter a way to soccer predictions success.
By natkams3 on 9 September 2017
Soccerpunter number one best online prediction website with high accurate h2h prediction. I have been a gambler for over two years coming to know about soccerpunter has aided my understanding to predict winning to games. No doubt soccerpunter is an easy way to winning soccer as its in-play is an interesting one offering a chance of winning.
Soccerpunter newbie and pro friendly
By sakalicious on 9 September 2017
i'm not a football fan but like to make some few bucks with soccer betting.

Soccerpunter made it easy for me to predict and rake in some bucks.... Thumbs up
By waport on 9 September 2017
awesome site for betting juvenile. the only place for punters to showcase their ability
By BetkingSA on 9 September 2017
This site gives you the chance to try using different betting strategy and pick the one that yields the best results for you. Great site and easy to use.
My Personal Opinion
By stormy3711 on 8 September 2017
Specially for me SoccerPunter is the best site for football prediction ever created. It is really priceless for my predictions at any time.
Hristo Hristov
trés trés bien pour s amuser
By sebcanaries on 8 September 2017
ce site me permet d apprendre de mes erreurs à recommander à tout pronostiqueur
By Devlin on 8 September 2017
A very good site for trial games for starter like me, nice website and good information. i hope to continue to use this site for a long time as i strive to beat the bookies
By AsAboveSoBelow on 8 September 2017
Very fun and risk free, I love it! Best place to practice different betting techniques.
Tipser Competition has helped me track my bets and learn from my mistakes. Great work!
By patweru on 8 September 2017
this site provides a variety of research tools that have helped me realize my capacity and capabilities as a Tipster. surely it has made me convert my previous lose into profits. tipsters competition has played a major role in challenging my skills and thus improving my forecasting in soccer sports
By adebariayooluwa on 7 September 2017
This Hans really helped me in betting I get to analyse all the games properly am glad I got to use this site
By raysuct on 7 September 2017
don't chase losses, soccer punter is the best site for you..
By DanHutch on 7 September 2017
A great and fun way to practice your prediction skills (risk free) on the wonderful sport of soccer. This site also offers a fantastic insight with depth into statistics, results history and much more.
By Feryl27 on 7 September 2017
i love this site and the tipsters from to many countries with many experiences on football.
By Koosh30 on 7 September 2017
I love soccer punter coz minimises my gambling addiction it also provides me with a greater chance to trouble the bookmakers and to all tipsters let's make more moola by making the right decisions whenever you place a prediction...
By Agent007 on 7 September 2017
Soccerpunter is the site for predictions and to enhance your betting skills.
Love it
By anon on 6 September 2017
Awesome site, really fun to play on. I especially like how it has heaps of leagues from all around the world.
By massy70 on 6 September 2017
big tipster competition i have signed a lot of years the best in the net
it's wow
By boutjack on 6 September 2017
the tipster competition is helping me to analyse soccer games by offering head to head of the previous games it's is a great site.
SoccerPunter; teaching to never rush in betting
By ansomtosy on 6 September 2017
I've learnt that no matter the scoreline of a game, you don't rush to pick them for winning and also, have a bet limit for each day. The more you are trying to recover what has been lost, the more you loose more. So I learnt to sit back and re-analyse my games and check where I've been making mistakes.
life changing
By rainel on 6 September 2017
this is a token of life changing.
great soccerpunter smash the bookmakers.
good site indeed for all suitors..
everybody is interested with it.
no risk to lose money as losing goes 0% i am enjoying with my family.
Love the prediction
By oshuo on 6 September 2017
I love the quality of prediction from tipsters , it lively and brings knowledge
Soccer Punter informs
By ekebet on 6 September 2017
On soccer punter, you garner the experience for better football forecasting.
soccerpunter is the best way to earn real money
By kababaa93 on 6 September 2017
I appreciate your run so far is very nice for stakers to learn to hit the target..good lesson I acquire it from here
By akin3313 on 5 September 2017
this competition is one of its kind it will surely help me to think positively and how to make reasonable choice when the need arises.
Great job soccer punter
By tingetabei on 5 September 2017
great site.very good tipsters.well done.I have used this site and it has been wonderful to me.
ottima esperienza
By niknoa on 5 September 2017
scommettere è una passione che mi accompagna nella vita e sono sempre alla ricerca di nuove informazioni,statistiche,percentuali in maniera da indovinare uno o più pronostici e in questo voi e il vostro sito siete molto competitivi oserei dire fra i primi posti di tutti quelli che conosco.
I love soccerpunter
By lummy06 on 5 September 2017
Tipsters competition is super good. Even if wagering virtual money, THIS HAS MADE ME make so much money on real bet sites.
The best outchea.
By Shockwave on 5 September 2017
I'm not new to soccer predicting but while I was playing and losing money I didn't have the knowledge I have now, but thanks to soccerpunter,I have an edge now.. You guys r the best outchea.
By soussa on 5 September 2017
thank for this services
great site
$good tipsters
Awesome website
By edmund on 5 September 2017
Great place to hone analytical skills without the risk of losing any money.
Competing and Learning
By bettorman on 4 September 2017
These are the words that summarize my SoccerPunter experience. Here one can get into a real tipster competition without any risk. It's also a great way to improve a predictions' methodology. To enjoy!
For the love of sports
By Crunchymonkey on 4 September 2017
A good site to get predictions based on every individual's analytical skills. And fun when you get your predictions right.
By Douzah on 4 September 2017
To all punters who need to gain here just follow your favourite tipster based on rankings.Easy.Nice site.Best tipsters
Soccer Punter a platform to actualize tipster potential
By Quality on 4 September 2017
A platform for entertainment and economic empowerment
By johncago on 4 September 2017
This site has helped me in honing my skills as a tipster and has enabled me make more profit from studying other tipsters picks
By Greatmike2017 on 4 September 2017
a great place to get all kinds of analysis and suggestions of team advantages. i'm loving my experience and money making
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By mt.sunday on 3 September 2017
i love the site, its money saving and help build up soccer analysis
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By parikos1985 on 3 September 2017
Very good, bester site tips. I have follow you for a week and I m passion. thank you
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This is a proper ground for training oneself to bet better.
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very good tips and tipsters. this site help me a lot.
Nice betting website
By Aliens on 3 September 2017
Very good analysis, very helpful, good site for betting
By Chiba on 2 September 2017
I must say that this tipsters competition is very challenging to compete in because it needs someone to make use of his skills and Iq in selecting the winning team based on certain criteria. It helps each tipster and me offcourse too to know how to place a bet on what I can afford to lose in this competition becoz when ur money is exhausted due to poor management of ur staking money, then you are left with nothing to stake again which in reality it shows that we shouldn't be too greedy just becoz we wanna win big we must stake high which leads to mismanagement.
Here for Fun and Learn
By dilema1804 on 2 September 2017
It is an excellent place to learn to bet, thanks to the administration for allowing us to have fun
By betmax101 on 2 September 2017
Hello all friends this nice site for prediction and great working
By timpk on 2 September 2017
Its a great experience to see how your bankroll fares doing it without risk and intense emotions.
By Mjomba on 2 September 2017
good for testing. i like competition. for beginner.
By donandrea84 on 2 September 2017
The fact that its just virtual money, it helps in dealing with a Gambling Addiction.
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By minifrienzaz on 2 September 2017
great site to practice on soccer,experienced tipsters,very good competition,keep up the good work!!!
Game on!!!!
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By elevation001 on 2 September 2017
It has been the most helpful app for analysis and their stats is in details.. Thanks
Nice site to show betting skills
By Rekoshe on 2 September 2017
Great site to show betting skills, and master the art of betting. My fellow bettors let give kudos them for this wonderful site
Betting skill development
By Trophimus181 on 2 September 2017
Tipster competition has developed my betting skill. I do pick many games to bet on but I have learnt in the tipster competition that picking some well analyzed games even if few in number is better.
I have also learnt to research about matches before beating on cus I don't wanna loose my rank..
Tipster comoetition is a great blessing to me... It has changed my thinking on betting and also developed me..
By xareco on 1 September 2017
Expetacular este site o melhor de todos em apostas
Analysis On Point
By Budha100 on 1 September 2017
Great Service and analysis tools, improved my overall betting performance.
Make it more creative
By olotuwalevincent on 1 September 2017
I found this site splendid and fantastic and I think it is d best football site I have ever gone through.Fun,it is!
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this is the place ...no risk of losing real money,games analysis,tips,h2h.... excellent site!
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Nice site.. love the tips and analysis... recommended for anyone
By Nylyus on 1 September 2017
Bom site para testar as capacidades de cada um no mundo das apostas desportivas
Learning experience
By anneg on 1 September 2017
The gradient for learning is less steep. As I continue practising and observing, my skill is improving. A very good idea for newcomers.
best tipping comp
By neverwinner on 1 September 2017
Good luck everybody. Best tipping competition ! Thank you for your services and keep walking !!!
By cosminutz3045 on 1 September 2017
Foarte bun acest site.Un site serios care bate casele de pariuri
By Tetrado on 1 September 2017
Best prediction site i have ever come across, simple to use, easy to understand.I highly recommend this to everybody.
Best place to experience your skill
By slimshaddy on 1 September 2017
The best place to test your level of experience in prediction, i love the rating as well as the level of interactions amongst the participants
By Waley on 1 September 2017
since I started following this site it has made improve in predicting matches thank for offering me your service
my review
By ugonnanwokorie on 1 September 2017
great website soccer punter u guzs are the best as a new tipster i will do my best to comout the best in this competition thanks soccer punter u guys rock.
lovely platform
By tairusley on 1 September 2017
lovely place to practice, analyze and to get advice on betting....
By nelex6 on 1 September 2017
SoccerPunter is a great Website, it has enable me to edit and practice my newly found Soccer betting Strategy without losing a dime on it.
Atleast with this Strategy, I guarantee Myself 30% monthly Profit on my ACCOUNT.
By payaka on 1 September 2017
Wow this is the best platform ever
Before joining soccer punter, I was unable to forecast or research on games before betting on them
Not until I joined this competition, now any match I want to bet on, I first check their head to head, their last games and how inform they are!
This platform have made me have so much experience on sports betting
This is a great platform, I love u guys!
By damzeey_lumuyi on 1 September 2017
its being a great experience so far. I cannot place a bet without consulting the h2h on soccerpunter.
Wager your heart out.
By Oakie on 1 September 2017
I would not say I have a issue with gambling. I do make bad bets all of the time which can cost me. This site allows me the freedom to put together some wild parlays and bets to see if my analysis fits the outcome! It is great! I am on this site almost everyday just looking at all of the statistics and old results. This site provides me with a nice safe option to make wagers as well as find information about soccer teams that you can always find elsewhere. Thanks Soccerpunter.com!
Tipsters competition.
By Ayanga on 1 September 2017
It's interesting and helps one gain experience. Plus helps one be able to analyze matches deeply.
Practice for teams and bets selection
By RoundEvenz on 1 September 2017
Thank you for this free service, site works very well. Like the tipster competition.
Increased Success Rate
By nwako3107 on 1 September 2017
This is wonderful platform to improve my tipping ability. I have had a successful winning rate.... So many different combination and great punts.
A site to always be on
By ikemba on 31 August 2017
Soccerpunter have come to become the most useful betting site I have ever seen.it helps you to make a profitable decision on the bet you want to place.the h2h,home advantages and both team to score analysis is one that anyone needs soccer betting can't do without.keep the flag flying soccer punter.thank you
By Okutoto on 31 August 2017
virtual betting gets me to know the ins and outs of betting giving me the experience for the real life on how to place the bets. This is a good platform for me.
By gamblerpunter on 31 August 2017
good perfect love this a lot bravo ! HOPE TO SEE MORE COMING
By Unsafe on 30 August 2017
Nice site for analysing and enjoyment. t's a great place to be for those who love betting
Nothing comes close to soccer punter tipster competition
By SoccerGoon on 30 August 2017
Soccer tipster competition has availed me the opportunity to share my thoughts about the beautiful game. It is a great platform to test your knowledge and understanding while you share your views and opinions about the game of soccer. More importantly the tipster competition provides a leveled playing ground to compete alongside some of the best tipsters around the world. Sharing thier unbiased analysis and expert tips. The site also provides a lot of statistical information and analysis to go with. Tipster competition second to none #superb
soccer punter
By kiddingwho on 30 August 2017
good site for money free betting with no risk, a perfect platform for online betting
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By beelz81 on 29 August 2017
it really guide me and expose me to different league that exist throughout the world and provide sufficient information to guide my betting skills
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Good site for analysing and practising soccer betting. Very good statistic.
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By Tawii on 29 August 2017
use it for practice before going to the bookies...
By Muguka on 29 August 2017
This is the best gift i have so far,i have found the reason to be online and i won't give up until i become world best Tipster....kudos
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Ability to learn from your mistakes, study games and bet without saving a heart attack. great platform to horn your bet skills.
Cool Betting and Statistic platform
By popchissy on 28 August 2017
Soccerpunter is my baby, i advice my friends in my locality to always check on soccerpunter before playing real life bet and happily they have always been rewarded, i love the platform, she's BAE #mwuaah
its very helpful
By fem4mular on 27 August 2017
I have started to learn more about betting with this site and have been earning more about the predictions....its very fun
Interesting project
By ciobanu_augustin on 27 August 2017
I find it interesting as long as you are not tempted to play for real money on those "sharks" online betting websites. Stay here and have fun with fake money...
good analysis site
By dreezy on 27 August 2017
Soccerpunter is a great site for beginners to learn how to analyse matches before they start placing real bets.
3.5 stars
By M_nutd on 27 August 2017
This site has turned into my dearest companion. It shows an opportunity to probe diverse wagering recipes. Most importantly, it showed me a decent lesson, that is, going out on a limb with all your income will most likely prompt catastrophe.
By vivax on 26 August 2017
helped me practicing with virtual money before betting real money , thx.
Five star rating to soccer punter
By Mosesembugs on 26 August 2017
Soccer punter is the best analysis site for professional gamblers...you find well analysed odds by the punters worth staking all your money...so gamblers if you cant afford to lose your hard earned cash befriend the punter site
Great !!!
By thamsl on 26 August 2017
Good way of playing this is the best thing ever, hope to have others sports as well
Sure Bets
By Ovickiey on 25 August 2017
Soccer punter provides arbitrage opportunities that allow me to profit without loss.
Not bad. Fun
By tydenus on 25 August 2017
Not bad.the site makes it easier to win games. I guess... With great predictions from mates.. Hehehe
By assapcaxx on 25 August 2017
this platform is a breakthrough of soccer analysis and betting. i can confidently say that i have benefitted in may ways
Great site , glad I found it in the internet jungle...
By brent.argue on 25 August 2017
Why would you rate it any lower? , that is unless your a degenerate goof.
the masters of soccer
By Lawrence2016 on 25 August 2017
I use to bet blind and always lost lots of cash, it all changed as soon as I discovered soccerpunter. now all I do is introduce more people to soccerpunter.
By kollyns on 24 August 2017
I love the fact that i can follow many experienced tipsters. I dont have the time for analysis much. But i have a community. Good one guys
Authentic football analysis
By halm_adot on 24 August 2017
I love this website because of great analysis of football matches by the tipsters
Great site
By Emygentle on 24 August 2017
It's a great site for beginners and also a forum to meet great and experienced tipsters
By B2Gold05 on 24 August 2017
This site tought me to never put all egg in one basket and not to bet more than affordable risk. from my experience here this site is indeed simply the best of the best.
Best Sites
By kobo88 on 24 August 2017
This site is the best site for tipsters to gain their confident.
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I discover this site recently and since then i have been winning big..... Tipster is the real deal
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Super predictions always. All things works out here. Keep it up.
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Awesome website to practice soccer betting! Nothing beats betting without a worry on real money.
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Tipsters competition is super good I feel like placing a bet on bookmakers.
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By sparojnr2 on 23 August 2017
good site to develop as a inexperienced punter. the interaction among fellow punters is quite motivating and a game changer for young punters. its also the best stage to showcase ur passion and understanding for soccer.thank you soccerpunter.
amazing experience
By markisssss on 23 August 2017
Soccerpunter has helped me sharpen my skills and use analysis to make informed bets and let me put together great acca's.
By agenda4u on 23 August 2017
this site is good because it gives me the platform to test my new formulae for making predictions
By sholayeedun on 22 August 2017
Waoh soccerpunter is the best site to be when you are looking for odds and h2h of good games you want to stake on.
Hi folks
By Black2017 on 22 August 2017
I'm even speechless. This site is very wonderful. When you follow you can huge of money.. will not say much test it and see soccerpunter is good.
Loving this site
By danoak on 22 August 2017
great place to experiment. using it to improve my betting style.
A good tipster & virtual betting site
By steamroller on 22 August 2017
Soccerpunter is a very good tipster and virtual betting site. You get to make virtual bets based on your analysed picks and combined with tipsters pick to gauge your style whether its a winning or losing bet. Besides the adrenaline in getting winning bets, you get to know other tipsters winning bets and bet types which you could make reference for future bets.
Soccer Punter the best
By MerloLisa on 21 August 2017
It helps me on how to become a better gambler. I wish more South African can register here & became the best cos here we see the best tipsters around the world and it teaching us a lot.
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By testescp on 20 August 2017
ty for webiste this site is really great. keep going
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Allows me to predict scores without fear of losing real money
By nsagold93 on 20 August 2017
My experience with soccer punter has been an amazing one because it guide me on how to place a right bet. Secondly , it gives me confidence to play any of my games especially when i find the same prediction in soccer punter. Based on that confidence, i have won more game than before. All thanks to soccer punter.
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Soccerpunter is the best training for betting on sport!!
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...great site, to bet/test my prediction skills without losing real money.
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This is the best site of prediction i always check this competition
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soccerpunter help me to analysis and predict,it is fun for everyone and without losing money
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By publique on 19 August 2017
nice job, its been a couple of years here and i am most astonished with this site. u guys have help me win a lot of money. thank you
Soccer prediction just got better
By lgarverni on 18 August 2017
I guess it's one of the best websites for soccer prediction and also a great sites to learn from other punters
By damiangks on 18 August 2017
The site is very enjoyable ! best betting competition.
Thanks a lot!
By Dr.ZawZawLwin71 on 18 August 2017
Thanks for the site. May god bless you. With respects,
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By davido91 on 18 August 2017
i love the site it has helped me sharpen my skills
Potential soccer punter
By Phillyzeddy on 18 August 2017
Frankly,soccer punter has helped me to predict and bet as well as to win so it s potential to me
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By charisi003 on 17 August 2017
Best of the prediction sites ever with the tipster competition it really helps to get through the match analysing team news before placing a bet.Hence forth helping to win all your bets.
the best site for practice
By fanias on 17 August 2017
very nice site for virtual betting , have fun without losing real money.
SoccerPunter is Amazing
By anindmal on 17 August 2017
Thank you SoccerPunter for providing in depth analysis on teams. A lot of these are not available on any other sites or even if they are its not very user friendly. It has helped me a lot win a lot of games with real money than losing.
By MEMI on 17 August 2017
Tipser Competition has helped me track my bets and learn from my mistakes. I get to bet every day and not invest anything in it. Great work!
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the best!! If you read carefully you can win a lot!!
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To all punters lost a lot of money on betting, soccerpunter is the way to change your life. where everyone is serious and no time to waste. Together as one we can change our lives. come on guys lets hold our guns and get ready. 2017/18 is our season i swear i am going to driver one of the expensive cars with betting
Soccerpunter has changed my life
By tunisiangambler on 17 August 2017
it helped me get rid of my gambling addiction , and i met some great people here
Good site
By BlackGold on 16 August 2017
An excellent site for predictions. The best choice of betting line.
soccer punter has improved my forecasting skills and load me with research tools
By wailer36 on 16 August 2017
Soccerpunter site provides a variety of research tools that have helped me realize my capacity and capabilities as a Tipster.surely it has made me convert my previous lose into profits.tipsters competion has played a major role in challenging my skills and thus improving my forecasting in soccer sports
I love soccerpunter
By tian2107 on 16 August 2017
Nice place to getting skills and share,,, You can play without real money and get the same feeling about betting
By goalsandstats on 16 August 2017
great site i love to play here. thanks for offering this service.
By danielokioga on 16 August 2017
The best thing about soccer punter is the virtual betting so you can predict without bias or fear for losing money. That is the reason the predictions are object oriented and well analyzed. Thank you soccerpunter team for the platform!!!
By fiqfiq86 on 15 August 2017
Great tips and accurate. Best website and good info
the best site
By paripari on 15 August 2017
good site,very good tips and tipsters,good analysis,
Tipster Contest
By Rais75 on 15 August 2017
Good betting comparison site. As far as I'm concerned, I just want to perfect and show that
"No winner believes in the case".
By khanyim on 15 August 2017
i don't know much about soccer but coming on the site helps a lot, and also interacting with other tipsters is a bonus.
Here for the Money
By musyimi on 15 August 2017
I have personally benefited financially from the competition as it makes me have different perspective.
Improved performance and increased success rate
By MALEMATTHEW on 15 August 2017
My performance and success rate's increased over time. I've been able to win back over 57% of my capital from my book maker.
good fun
By supermac88 on 15 August 2017
just for a bit of craic an try better myself at tipping and try my luck also
By Chip on 14 August 2017
Really good practice. I like this game. Thanks to administration
Fun site
By Stef10 on 14 August 2017
Nice site for analysing and practising soccer betting with zero money risk.Bravo!
By United256 on 14 August 2017
great place to show off everyone's expertise or knowledge in the world of sports betting with one aim - to bash the bookmakers
Good game
By brown7 on 14 August 2017
its a good combination for players who know what they need to win . A good training tool for soccer tipsters . i have learned from it alot.
By ottewa on 13 August 2017
its good, i feel soccer punter has benefited me in terms of honing my analytical skills but also just creating a community that shares ideas is quite cool
great forum
By okongopierre on 12 August 2017
best site for analysis and enjoyment.I like playing here and sometimes watch how much good other people play also. So the best things and you can learn from their experience.
Risk free
By delong on 12 August 2017
I can play using virtual money and learn without risks.
Nice website
By zly26 on 12 August 2017
Good site for betting,easy to use for beginers.Great tips and solid predictions, perfect site for punters.
Betting tips and stats
By pete41 on 12 August 2017
it's a great place to be for those who love betting to get tips for the stats are amazing.
By Elvis89 on 12 August 2017
The best betting site, very useful where you can test various online game systems.
great site
By iyko on 12 August 2017
words alone cannot describe the great lessons and contributions this site(soccer punter)has impacted to the soccer loving world.The contributions, the reality and followership is second to none.I cant stop loving it.one love to the team,the players,the tipsters and long live soccer punter.
Great Simulator
By MoneyManRSA on 11 August 2017
Great to experiment first before starting to throw cash in real life.
By hu62da on 11 August 2017

Me gusta esta pagina por toda la informacion y estadísticas que ofrecen, además de poder participar en el concurso de pronosticadores, ojala pronto gane algún premio.

good betting site
By kentheoriginal on 11 August 2017
good site for games and odds. you can get so many different combinations from so many people
By schaulen on 11 August 2017
i like this site because i never lose any money :)
h2h master
By dimakaco on 10 August 2017
ok,its my 2nd year with this site, never ever used better website with h2h statistics.
By Leadership01 on 10 August 2017
This site has become my closest friend. It presents a chance to experiment on different betting formulas. Above all, it taught me a good lesson, that is, taking a risk with all your earnings will most probably lead to disaster.
super good
By SinguyBae on 10 August 2017
Tipsters competition is super good. Even if wagering virtual money, I feel like placing a bet on bookmakers.
Great Platform
By rothmas4life on 10 August 2017
This is a very good opportunity for one to showcase his/her ability at predictions..#loving it here.
Soccerpunter has changed my life
By tipsterRSA on 10 August 2017
Soccerpunter has helped me sharpen my skills and use analysis to make informed bets.
By ponana on 8 August 2017
very beneficial in terms of soccer analysis. provides best predictions for bet
Amazing site
By bornifas on 7 August 2017
Realy from my heart i like this site and it help me to predict games and to win
The best site
By Mdias on 7 August 2017
Great site for prediction. Thanks you soccerpunter, it is fun for everyone and helps without losing real money.
By Aji457 on 7 August 2017
Soccerpunter is a prediction site to beat interm of well articulate games analysis,comparism,H2H,expert betting advice, decision making and most importantly,creating a platform where you can prove your worth in the field of soccer betting.
Here you can actually bet on any game of your choice without losing your real money because it's all full of fun.I have actually recommended this unbeatable site for hundreds of soccer stakers in Nigeria and they have been testified to a goodwill of soccerpunter.Kudos to you all(soccer fans)globally appreciate your fantasy.
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By punterjohn on 7 August 2017
Great site to have a lot of fun without losing any real money.
best site in the world, always win big
By ayobam780 on 6 August 2017
Great tips, best site its lovely and kul to be here...keep it up tipsters
practice makes perfect
By Nelzo on 6 August 2017
since i joined soccer punter i have managed to practice and perfect my skills, it has also made me to stop the bets i used to make without a proper analysis, now i'm able to use the different tipster selections to come up with my own predictions, i hope to be the best soon.
It's the best football analysis site you can trust anywhere else.
By alren10 on 6 August 2017
It's the best football analysis site you can trust anywhere else.
Site can show how good my results are with statistics
By bsyne on 6 August 2017
This is the perfect combination of tipster and statistics,go hand in hand,its got all the right tools for showing true potential.
unequaled predictor.. simply the BEST
By chibyce on 5 August 2017
Thank you i appreciate, this is a good platform for meeting and sharing mins with effective punters with zeal and passion.
By chikagreat on 5 August 2017
By shakor on 5 August 2017
I enjoy this the game and this is really stuff. u do not lose money and same time gain experience.
Very helpful
By yakason on 5 August 2017
Soccer punter is just a money saver, give you ideas on how to go with staking and it's been good seeing and learning other punter ideas. Thanks.
By Jack1Augustus on 5 August 2017
this is a very good site. I like playing here and sometimes watch how much good other people play also. So the best things and you can learn from their experience.
By Asmelo on 4 August 2017
Great place for anyone who wants to rehearse before trying something bigger.
By duffmaanx on 4 August 2017
Soccerpunter is the best site i have ever used. the h2h function is invaluable when it comes to betting.
Thank you soccerpunter for the site
yours sincerely,team soccer punter
By anold851 on 4 August 2017
good site with plenty of tipsters,where tipsters can share their experiences in various league,not only that but also it has helped me to have a desire also to become the top tipster so that i can upgrade and also become a premium tipster
apik banget
By andi1975 on 4 August 2017
best site to learning about game,saya menjadi lebih paham tentang odds sepakbola.mempermudah saya bertaruh di dunia nyata. thanks
By samed.seidu on 4 August 2017
best betting competition i ever know i love it so much
fantastic tipsters
By edmund1 on 4 August 2017
making prediction here makes u better and better.with best bettors are born
By CornerStats on 4 August 2017
I only study this site and my experience is small. Site look attractively.
Big "+" is automatic pending tips.
By cesar986 on 4 August 2017
Tipster competition It´s a great method to be a best soccer tipster, I am a better betting soccer thanks to this competition.
pitch perfect
By lionzeal on 3 August 2017
awesome site to discipline punters. its more like trading with virtual money
Great website
By Belacuchiha on 3 August 2017
Super good way to bet without a fear of losing.Highly recommended
By wisam on 3 August 2017
i love this site so much than bookmakers. yes. true this is the best site for analysing games and my little experience. it has really helped me to improve and avoid losing of real money
By Tipsbyefe on 3 August 2017
nice site..love the tips and analysis...recommended for anyone
By hary65 on 3 August 2017
Шеметен сайт за футболни залагания! Много интересни и необичайни ИГРАЧИ . Спокойно можеш да правиш
рисковани залози без да губиш реални пари .Сайтът е съвършен! Има и Многоезична подръжка.
Супер! Поздравления на екипа!
The best ever
By JMOTA on 3 August 2017
Soccer punter you are the, the site makes me to have the ability to know the best picks. And this site its easy to use and also one can easily learn from experienced punters and become a professional. Soccer punter I love, you are the best.
Thumbs Up!
By Somitsports on 2 August 2017
An excellent platform for all punters who really crave to improve his or her predicting skill. Try this site out for free and become the best you can.
it very wonderful
By sparklet on 2 August 2017
soccer punter is not just a match prediction site, but it has these wonderful things like inspirational thought, ideas that makes anyone to try and believe in himself that on a good arrangement the president might see the less privileged..... thanks
By mphovt on 2 August 2017
Tipster Competition made me realise the potential of soccer punter to bring me Joy of the games while am earning
By warrenruss91 on 2 August 2017
Its simply the best site to upgrade your betting skills, I have improve on that just by using this site.soccerputer simply the best
Best site for winning BIG!
By Mattgabs on 2 August 2017
Great tips and solid predictions, perfect site for punters
By allanito on 2 August 2017
An awesome platform that gives me a chance to enhance my betting discipline.
By ehadulu on 2 August 2017
Helpful....quite helpful..has opened my mind...looking at this at a different angle than before.
By anonymous567 on 2 August 2017
i love this website because it gives me joy i find it interesting and competitive which take away boriness from me keep it happy new month
By sokoohp on 2 August 2017
thank for good site nice prediction system help to practice of make prediction
By Rick92 on 2 August 2017
Perfect site to practise betting without losing real money, excellent site!
Es una pagina maravillosa para los novatos aprender sobre las apuestas
By dragonrojo on 2 August 2017
Es una pagina maravillosa ya que nos da oportunidad de participar ya que asi tomo mas experiencia en mis pronosticos, hay jugadores muy buenos, aunque no he estado en los primeros lugares espero algun dia poderlo hacer.

reciban un afectuoso saludo
soccer punter is the best
By atangmogwera on 1 August 2017
nice soccer punter is the best. it always give me what i want. it never disappoint
soccerpunter is born wid fantastic tipsters
By opokuedmund777 on 1 August 2017
fantastic site for prediction. helps in making good prediction.is the best as betting is concern
I am always satisfied each time I visit soccerpunter
By livecash on 1 August 2017
I was introduced by a friend who is very active here, he told me how he has been able to make betting decision with the help of the tips provided here and I registered. am must confess that the tips am seeing here are an eye opener, it gives me a better idea on which team to place bet on.... I'm always satisfied each time I visit soccerpunter... thanks
Professional Web
By linhdoan.acc on 1 August 2017
Useful data, good tips and interesting competition
Win Money
By tardemir on 1 August 2017
best tipster site around the world.Best odds Best analysis Best tipsters
A way to gamble without risking nothing
By Mcfurtherin on 1 August 2017
Finally, here's a way to put ur money where your mind is as regards football matches without standing a chance to lose a die of your money. Welldone SoccerPunter. U guys are the best!!!
Great to Learn
By Donpedro01 on 1 August 2017
I recently joined soccer punter and i found it interesting , as it gave me a platform to learn about the rudiment in the forecast of soccer games. An interesting one and i just play my first tipster competition and hope for a winning.
By kaka500 on 1 August 2017
goodv enjoyed using soccerpunter website because it helps you develop your skills and teach you more about soccer betting, I have learnt many techniques from the First class players and also learnt similar
By georgeonyango024 on 1 August 2017
yes. true this is the best site for analysing games and my little experience suggest that 90% of odds that range from 158 to 178 went through.
love it!
By artemis on 1 August 2017
I found this site accidentally couple of years ago, and I only can say, absolutely loved it!
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The best site for bookmakers I have ever visited. Lots of genius on the site and since the moment I set my eyes on soccerpunter I have no regrets. Kudos to the administrators and the founder. You guys doing great job. I have make more recommending of the Web page to my friends round the world. To the players on the site keep the good work going and sky is everybody's limit.
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Soccerpunter is the best site as it had enabled me to compare football teams in H2H statistics,thus hencing me to come up with best betting tips.
Thank you soccerpunter for enhancing our betting skills.
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thank you for good site that helps everyone!! we'r helping each other for growing up !
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The experience with Soccerpunter has been excellent so far. I rely on the statistics for my betting analysis and it works most of the time. Take a trial and be among the winners
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best site i found to see what others are thinking. I hate all other prediction sites out there, they are not very good
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Nothing more to say than, it made a better tipster in dealing with real money.
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Great virtual betting site.. i tried so many websites and this is the best
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Great Site for all kind of tipsters. It is fun for everyone and helps everyone to make money.
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I enjoyed using soccerpunter website because it helps you develop your skills and teach you more about soccer betting, I have learnt many techniques from the First class players and also learnt similar mistakes people do as a amateur punter. Now soccer punted remains the best place to learn and become successfully within a short time.
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yes your right soccerpunter it is therapeutic to us gambing addicts,, follow me people i will follow you back !
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The best predictions for bet.Many games many successes
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No real money lost here, so great fun especially for beginner tipsters
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Brilliant idea to make a site like that. Thank you soccerpunter.
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i love this site more than jack love rose in the titanic love story because it as helped me to save some of my money. jah bless soccerpunter.
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Great site, best for tips and predictions, the competition is very competitive as well
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Fantastic virtual betting site very interesting, good luck!
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I like to check the bets before, it helps a lot on sports betting
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i am congratulating you for helping fellow punters in their betting and analysis of tips.
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With soccer punter competition betting is made easy and entertaining because you don't lose money directly bit form of way to exercise and play when you think your ready to play real money.it has helped me
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The most important thing is that it provides a good platform to measure performance and rate you among fellow gamblers. It gives good tips to bookers
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The best. Its fun and you dont have to play with real money
Losses cut-down
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Soccerpunter gives me the opportunity to experiment with high risk options/market in a less tensed condition, which in turn helps me to cut-down my losses in reality.
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By wslarry on 26 July 2017
just active lately..posting tips and followed tips by others tipster. fun site to join and help me a lot in gaining confident in betting
By elikplim on 26 July 2017
i am so excited to be part of soccerpunter. it gives me clear ideas with regards to my soccer tips. i am greatful
Enjoying this new platform
By Betshine on 26 July 2017
Having joined these community yesterday,so far i am enjoying every bit of it, i have already learned and gained much on match analysis and prediction. Looking foward to give best of the best analysis and predictions so as to benefit our esteemed customers world wide.
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I have won bets with predictions from this site. Soccer punter is the place to be
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Wow! Actually, I don't really know what to say or words to use in describing this opportunity for old and new and young punters here... but one I know is, my betting skill today, started here. Thanks to the whole soccerpunter team.
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Soccerpunter has helped me gain profits, totally amazing
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SoccerPunter and Tipster Competition is a good site to test my knowledge.
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By bedza on 24 July 2017
I like the tipster competition because it provides with an excellent learning environment for soccer betting with realistic odds, it gives insight on previewing matches as well as necessary statistics and other information to make informed decisions. The most important thing is that it provides a good platform to measure performance and rate you among fellow gamblers
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no other site is better since i started i have learn alot of ways to gamble with virtual money
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Sangat membatu, saya banyak belajar dari website ini
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I will say precisely that soccer punter have helped me a lot since i joined. i have improved in my bet and you can get 80% of their predictions if followed well correctly. I have win some games because i followed them always.

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Great site for those who are addicted to betting. You can assess yourself on betting skills; whether you can make a profit or not. Five stars!
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Very nice way to have fun and also to increase your experience in betting game!
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Great betting tips ever. I think if our luck runs out we can always look out for others to help out.. this is a great side to help our fellow brothers. This side has no racist at all. We serve each other without prejudice or skin colour. Kudos soccerpunter site
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By Avvish on 24 July 2017
Soccerpunter is a platform for a punter to evaluate their profit making ability. It gives a clear picture whether we can gamble safely. Moreover, it has the best league for punters as well.
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SoccerPunter tipster competition has been has helped me show case my sports betting skills. I love betting a lot, the details analysis and history here has also helped me made perfect predictions which has made me won money for myself.
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More than informative. the best football data bank that you can have!

Thanks guys for this great work keep it like this.
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The site is very enjoyable. Loved it. thanks a lot !!!!
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By TheFirstAvenger on 23 July 2017
I love betting. And soccerpunter give me a chance to compete with others.
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By coulsta on 23 July 2017
soccerpunter, is the best for h2h stats and tips, the tipster competition is great fun and a great learning tool
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There are many people in soccerpunter with the right skills, sharing their knowledge provides help to some of us who enjoy sports betting. Their ability to help guide others towards a stronger betting strategy is the reason why I joined soccerpunter and I don’t regret being here. The fact that membership is also free makes it worthy, I love it and cheers to the team.
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By nowaku on 22 July 2017
I love soccer betting.For all your football stats and in-depth analysis, soccer punter has the best h2h stats which help you get the real information about football
By martin_mrachef on 21 July 2017
един саит в който можеш да получиш една добра подготовка и да знаеш какво можеш да загубиш и да се научиш да играеш според възможностите си и запомнете най доброто на което учи сайта че най добре е винаги да играеш с един или максимум два мача,иначе търси система ако са повече.А за този саит занимателен и дава голям шанс за да станеш добър играч без да инвестираш!!Бъдете успешни пожелавам на всички!!
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Website ini unik dan sangat membantu kita untuk belajar prediksi bola... salam sukses
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i love soccer good site it helps me a lot to keep statistics
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soccerpunter is the best in virtual betting.Great site for learning the ins and outs of soccer betting. The site gives you the opportunity to make bets without losing money. I like soccer punter.
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Great site to practice my method for betting. Very fun
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By Bennochis on 19 July 2017
This is a very good prediction site... Which enable it's users learn soccer prediction betting minimising gambling.

I'll also like to see that this site is upgraded to a responsive mobile site.

Thank you
Very helpful
By Mortansp on 19 July 2017
Soccerpunter has been of helpful to me always. I made good money from it yesterday
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Loved it.especially when it comes to the pie chart and h2h comparison I once got a jackpot bonus for using its predictions
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Saya suka web ini, saya jadi banyak belajar prediksi bola. Thx
Great Site
By Mr.Beast on 18 July 2017
I like the Livescore here better than others and there is a wealth of other great information as well. The one thing I would like to see improved would be pre-match lineups, injury information, players being held out of match, etc. I have to get all of this roster information elsewhere currently.
Educative for punters
By luxtrit on 18 July 2017
Impressive site. Detailed information of teams and statistics to guide your predictions. Also the use of virtual money to stake which gives you the chills like using real money
Perfect site
By Cedrick_Ji on 18 July 2017
If you have any friend u care about losing more money on sport bet just invite him here,its really great learning from this site
Pre-match bet
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Its easy to learn it all here
Kudus nd thanks to those who own this site
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By emma90 on 17 July 2017
well I think now that I have started I think it will help me make money to earn a better living
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By AandV on 17 July 2017
i like this game because is not using real money. you can try this game
By TimothyW on 16 July 2017
It will be a competitive games for all tipsters to see who is the ultimate champion. And because is not using real money. U can test out ur strategy to see whether you are on track.
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By Ladorishti84 on 16 July 2017
One of the best online betting site,a lot of information and to test your betting skills.Also,improve your accuracy so in the end of the month you are GREEN !!! :). I played many betting methods here and all of them worked well.
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very fun and great site for betting. Perfect when you dont want use real money!
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This site has made me to master different odds and their fluctuations therefore to decide when and where to place my bet even in real betting type, have earned money from this site's experience... Thanks Soccer punter keep it up
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you did a good job for opening a website like this offering punters the opportunity to learn more about prediction and give them something to think about. though we suppose to be the one compensating you but you turn it around compensating us for what we are profiting from i must say, this is extravagance. EXCELLENT!!!
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I like the fact that we get an opportunity to make predictions and get a reward after all. Soccerpunter is indeed the best platform where you get to meet best tipsters, have fun and make new friends all over the world.
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WONDERFUL SITE... give you the basic of prediction and makes you profit conscious....
a great site if you truly aspire to become a great tipster.
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really great for h2h predictions, great platform for beginners
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bel sito per provare a scommettere con il proprio metodo
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I'm glad I came upon this site to practice my method for betting. If it wasn't for this website I would've had to practice the hard way(losing real $$$). Very informative layout for h2h/bet.
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This is the best site for tips and tipster.
The site is very well done
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Returning back to SP after a very long break. Can't wait for the new season, and to work with everyone of you guys. Kuddos
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This is the best tips site that I have ever registered on. Apart from learning from other tipster, it also build my ability to win day in day out. I love this site so much! Keep it up!
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I like it when I get to know how to do prediction it's easy with soccer punter it is a indeed a break through soccer prediction.
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Best site ever where you can share your own betting tips ,soccerpunter has helped me a lot
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The most reliable and trusted site for soccer lovers and also gives accurate soccer news globally. Best prediction site ever!!!
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Best site for testing your betting skills and learning from other tipsters all over the world!
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this is the best site for tips. Soccer punter is a great betting community where you can share your own betting tips, participate in competitions and read other's analyses. There are members from all over the world posting tips within many different sports
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Best site ever and no need for real money to play, saved me a lot of money if I had played in real money.
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This competiton will no doubt build my courage and instill boldness in me. I don't need a better influence than this! Realising $40000 from a single stake propelled me to move on.
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Saya sangat suka website ini, terima kasih banyak.
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Good website,for beginner to be a profesional tipster.
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SoccerPunter Tipster Competition is a good site to test betting and prognostic strategies.
I win allot from here
By samzy500 on 8 July 2017
Soccer punter is a great betting community where you can share your own betting tips, participate in competitions and read other's analyses. There are members from all over the world posting tips within many different sports.

The staff is excellent when needing help, and the site is great in many ways.

I can definitely recommend soccer punter to anyone interested in betting.
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By cmf33 on 8 July 2017
C'est un site sympa qui npus permet de ârticiper d'une manière détendu à des pronos; l'ambiance est cool. C'est sérieux. Les lots sont pas mal aussi. GL
great to improve your betting skill
By ilbollettone on 8 July 2017
Con soccerpunter tu puoi testare le tue abilità di scommettitore, studiare nuovi sistemi per le tue bet. Il palinsesto è abbastanza ampio, anche se non completissimo, ma sono presenti i maggiori campionati e competizioni. Suggerimento, se fattibile, è quello di implementare altri sport.

With soccerpunter you can test your betting skills, study new systems for your bets. The offer of match is fairly wide, though not complete, but there are major championships and competitions. i hope in future, if feasible, is to implement other sports.
exciting and profitable.
By chamber90 on 8 July 2017
I came to know of soccerpunter through a friend,through soccerpunter he bought a car and also finished his studies(university),and now owns a Plusbet shop as an agent,and I said guy I no go carry last oo,now I'm here,soccerpunter has helped me a lot,great guys are in soccerpunter,I've won with soccerpunter and I'm looking forward to keep winning big with soccerpunter,long live soccerpunter love you guys,cos you are doing a great job.
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By bale2103 on 8 July 2017
With soccerpunter i improve my betting skill. Here i can see my mistakes in betting and see what is right betting strategy so i can profit at the end of months
By tipstero on 7 July 2017
Great entertainment for football funs all around the world
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By Game_bler on 7 July 2017
It's a virtue platform, i place bets without the constant fear of losing real money. the wins in turn are building my confidence levels. my fellow tipsters across the world make me want to be an even better tipster. can't thstnk you enough Soccerpunter!
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this is the site which i cant stay a day without checking out what going on. Their platinum membership is the best. i love winning all the time and thats what soccerpunter has tought me to do. greAT WORK keep it up
Good sight
By TheFootballDon on 7 July 2017
Good sight for getting your brand and tips out there.
Good site overall
By b47ance420 on 7 July 2017
its great for increasing your profit. Great site to test your betting instincts without the pressure of risking real money.
By Goose on 7 July 2017
Dobra strona do wypróbowania roznych sposobow gry bez potrzeby uzywania prawdziwych pieniędzy; ciekawi typerzy; godne uwagi typy. Polecam.
Gambling Deterent
By cashcarol2000 on 7 July 2017
It takes my gambling addiction off. Fun and entertaining just to find out how I have performed. Win or lose not important, but it feels good to see the end results, especially when my predictions came out pretty good.

Although you don't bet on real money, as well as you don't get real winnings, it keeps my mind active. Cheers....
By goonerfan7 on 7 July 2017
its helped me learn alot about betting and opened my eyes up to how easy it is to lose money if your not disciplined
Simple,Profitable and entertaining
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The first time i joined this site,i fell in love with it. Its the best site i have ever visited. I got some wealth because of this site. I picked some predictions from my friends and got over 3000,000(Thirty million shillings)
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I love soccer betting.
I even love it more when you can try things out for free and follow it later on.
easy to use and reliable platform as this
It's fun
By khmerguy on 6 July 2017
When I'm here, it made me fun because I can predict and bet on any match I want without any paying as well as getting reward too. I'll keep trying to make my rank on the top of competition. :)
It's fun and love it.
By swesan on 5 July 2017
Love it. Virtual betting is fun and less stressful.
By PKS91 on 5 July 2017
LOVE IT ! It's the best site for punters. It helps a lot and I've learned a lot.
By rahja on 5 July 2017
J'adore soccerpunter cela m'apporte beaucoup d'informations pour un passionné de football comme moi je recommande vivement ce site
soccer is the best
By elitrophia on 5 July 2017
great odds great bets good tipsters here. no risk only you can enjoy
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By JasonnnnnP on 4 July 2017
great site for everyone that love soccer. i love it personally myself and visited almost on daily basis!
Ajánlom mindenkinek!
By nedudgi on 4 July 2017
Rengeteg hasznos információ, statisztika, segítség, tipp.
Remarkable Site
By RayZar on 4 July 2017
Great site to test your betting instincts without the pressure of risking real money.
By Mbaata on 4 July 2017
For all your football stats and in-depth analysis, soccer punter has the best h2h stats which help you get the real information about football
Benefit of being part of tipster competition
By pablo89 on 3 July 2017
Is awesome to always participate in tipster competition. A lot have I learnt from other great tipsters and still counting
By Blinco on 3 July 2017
The only site with true betting simulation quality.
One can without fear, risking our predictions without thinking of losing our money.
It is very useful for gaining experience in the betting world, as many players fall into disgrace with aggressive bets and without any kind of moderation.
Best Competition...
By paulovsc on 3 July 2017
It's great for me to be participating in the SoccerPunter Tipster Competition. Is an excellent website and here we all learn from all the tipsters in the world. Thank you SoccerPunter ...
The master of control
By Kayobi on 3 July 2017
It is my fourth round participating in Soccer Punter competitions. I have greatly improved form a -40+ in the first round to +8% in the just concluded round. I have greatly achieved great control in how much I stake and the number of picks on every slip. My responsibility has gone a notch higher for I handle the virtual money as it were real money. This is the best site to horn your prediction and money management skills, both at the same time. Excellent!
Practice Makes perfect
By Jeff2mil on 2 July 2017
I have learnt valuable lessons playing on soccerpunter without risking my real cash, now with other punters experience and strategies on this platform, i am gradually making some real positive profits,
Thank you Soccerpunter team!
Best betting simulation website
By Vaiticatar on 2 July 2017
That is the best website simulator in the world.
Easy to play and amazing to get new experience and create strategies
New In this site.
By Thrilos on 2 July 2017
it will surely help when the big leagues begin, for the moment its a fun page.
By neroerosso on 2 July 2017
Soccerpunter is a very good betting soccer site to perform your experience to bet without risk your real money. Keep up the good job!
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By Hazeez15 on 2 July 2017
This is just the best site ever
So incredible work and efforts towards the development of such a website like this
This website is one of a kind
SoccerPunter is the best website I've ever known for the checking of results, H2H and previous results of any match.
God bless you guys and will strengthen you all
safe ground for preparations
By iam_Hardric on 2 July 2017
I normally first view the teams that i want to bet on with real money on this site then comparing with odds given on real betting sites so that i can clearly see and also view others peoples thoughts on those matches providing me with wide range of choices before submitting my cheque.I have benefited alot with this site and people within thank you #Soccerpunter for making betters lives easier
Próbáld ki, élvezni fogod!
By Verhetetlen on 2 July 2017
Tetszik az oldal, sok jó tippet látok és kipróbálhatom a magam tippjeit is!
Good Site!
By Tradehub on 2 July 2017
A place to practice and play safe. Also learn from many others. No risking $$$. Thumbs up!
The best
By Ciruelo2411 on 2 July 2017
Es lo mejor para ver si nuestras apuestas son tan buenas antes de hacerlo en verdad.
Mejor simulador de apuestas que conozco
By Pablov3000 on 1 July 2017
Sin duda una gran web de apuestas de futbol.Muy recomendable. Permite probar estrategias de apuestas y sin perder dinero. Felicidades a todo el equipo soccerpunter.
By tebza100 on 1 July 2017
Great soccer site where i have practiced and gained confidence. im consistently making profits.all the information you need is available. TRULLY AWESOMEEEE
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By maxsoldiers on 1 July 2017
Soccerpunter is the best betting soccer site to try and perform your experience to bet without risk your real money,and become good tipster.Many thanks
Best Regards
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By Hedge_Fund on 1 July 2017
Top ;-J

I never found an equal website, great for testing strategy.
I hope it continues for a long time, and that it improves to be always on top.
Congratulations to all, members and staff of SoccerPunter.
By wondergee on 1 July 2017
Soccerpunter is the best in the world, Since I joined the industry,I have never came across any comparable place like soccerpunter. quite marvellous and most experienced tipsters,try it and you will never regret in your betting lifetime.congratulations.
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By businezmogul on 1 July 2017
So far, this is the best soccer site I have seen with great graphics and where you can learn a lot and gain so much valuable experience about soccer predictions, and in return, stand an excellent chance of winning big in sport betting........

Good work from you guys and it's GREAT to be here :)
Great site
By Justedith on 1 July 2017
You guys have help me to be able to predict my owntuition games unlike before that I depend on other punters to nice place a bet.
best training betting site
By poli on 1 July 2017
Great site for testing, load very fast.Thanks soccerpunter !!!
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Since I joined the industry,I have never came across any comparable place like soccerpunter. quite marvellous and most experienced tipsters,try it and you will never regret in your betting lifetime.congratulations.
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By argy78 on 1 July 2017
great sites have learned a lot and have improved my returns over time
Nice Site
By calebchanyeehang on 1 July 2017
Soccerpunter is one amongst the best soccer sites in the net i think; great graphics, great live-betting section, very cool tipsters; a 5 stars one indeed, don' t miss it! ;-)
The best soccer sites on the internet
By johnny67 on 1 July 2017
Soccerpunter the best soccer sites where you can learn a lot about sports betting, whether beginners or more advanced you can work on your own system and learn from many other tipster or even participate in their success. The betting limits per pick, game and maximum limit also helps a punter to be disciplined and maintain his bankroll.
By Goaleador on 30 June 2017
Its the best site we have see.Many Analysis,good tipsters,great livescore...bravo,good work!
great real data for opportunity to win
By rumah_pondok on 30 June 2017
soccerpunter give a real data for pick a team which has great opportunity to win.
5 Star Site
By casson65 on 30 June 2017
Great site where you can practice your betting without losing real money, all the information you need is available.
Peerless Battleground
By albaanee2003 on 30 June 2017
Great platform to exercise and flex the prediction muscle without apprehension.
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By scormix on 30 June 2017
I am from Greece and we Greeks like betting a lot. It is amazing that we can bet here live at real odds and feel great at wins. It is the best site and we greeks knows it. Before 2013 there was a same site in Spain that was called beticius but it closed as it was a very hard task to have the real odds at real time. keep the good job for many years as we love soccerpunter
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By blackdiamond47 on 30 June 2017
I just want to speak with pride and excessive self satisfaction that theres no other site like this, none that i've come accross. With a well written and detailed article on betting advice, what more can a tipster ask for!. "In football betting there are only three outcome win draw and lose" soccerpunter is indeed the ultimate formular.
By sundekorr1 on 30 June 2017
multumesc soccerpunter,ma ajuti mult la cronologia pariurilor
Good to go with.
By Ibitiano2020 on 30 June 2017
The site has built my football experience not just betting alone but to know the importance of head to head... I love soccerpunter..
Outstanding page to get soccer insight
By mailtoremco on 30 June 2017
keep up the good work my friends! I am always checking in to get an ease overview of hot matches that are upcoming. Haven't seen such a plug and play place like soccerpunter.
A deadly nice site!
By Antonius89 on 30 June 2017
Soccerpunter is one amongst the best soccer sites in the net i think; great graphics, great live-betting section, very cool tipsters; a 5 stars one indeed, don' t miss it! ;-)
Easily one of the best soccer sites on the internet
By Astor on 30 June 2017
- Head to head data is easily accessible.
- Tons of matches are available for betting everyday.
- Great site for practising your soccer forecasting skills without risking money.
- Nice monthly competition to see how well you stand against other punters.
mi opinion
By neto007 on 30 June 2017
Gracias por tener una oportunidad de aprenderlas en este campo de las apuestas y es muy buena pagina para aprender y poder desarrollar un método para poder ganardinero extra en las casas de apuesta son la mejor opción
Best Demo betting site
By bandave on 29 June 2017
If you want to be a successful that rips off the bookies, soccerpunter gives you the platform to learn, develop and adopt betting skills. The betting limits per pick, game and maximum limit also helps a punter to be disciplined and maintain his bankroll. big ups!!!
successful with soccerpunter
By BeMinh on 29 June 2017
Soccerpunter is a great website where you can learn a lot about sports betting, whether beginners or more advanced you can work on your own system and learn from many other tipster or even participate in their success.
best ever tipstars...
By nikotop on 29 June 2017
soccerpunter is best prediction sit with high QA tipsters on soccer! The time i had got this site have started winning my bets, thus has H2H and livescore not only that but also more than 1000 tipsters
An educative model for any tipster
By Homebred_67 on 29 June 2017
An amazing platform to hone your tipster skills without losing any real money. I would recommend this competition to anyone looking to start betting.
Number 1 in the world
By webson480 on 29 June 2017
Best Tipster Competition in the world, User friendly. Soccerpunter 1st other follow
By AdrianFlorin1 on 29 June 2017
Soccer punter is very good site.
No money to lose.
User-friendly interface.
Wide range of bets.
Website that loads fast.
No difficult navigation.
best time to tip
By beli4real9 on 29 June 2017
I really like time I spend on this site, it has make me to think on how to make used of my money so as to win, thank to u soccer punter
By Asdmotors on 29 June 2017
Nice site, User friendly, indepth Analysis .....
i recomend this site to all football tipsters.
A Perfect Experimental Framework!
By nambari9mugongoni on 29 June 2017
Soccer Punter is to betting what TC2000 is to stocks trading.It is a top-notch betting software. Soccer Punter provides you with an experimental framework that helps you develop a fine-tuned betting model before you delve into actual betting.
Great site
By Diamondjack on 29 June 2017
A very nice way to sharpen your betting systems & try out new strategies prior to laying any real money down
Best Training Facility
By stfylyx on 29 June 2017
I have learnt so much as a punter because of succerpunter.com's tipster competition. Now I can boldly manage my self greed and avoid making unnecessary loss as usual. I really appreciate you guys. Thumbs up soccerpunter.com
best on internet
By 19942014 on 29 June 2017
To me its the best site currently on the internet which brings gamblers from all parts of the world together to share betting tips. Makes them sharpen their gambling skills through the tipsters' challenge.
By iswarnath on 29 June 2017
It's awesome! I am really competing with the tipsters all around the world from my home. Its so amazing! Besides its totally free and rewarding as well.
Best Bet Innovation Of All Time
By teerexx33 on 29 June 2017
Best Website, User Friendly, Best Statistical Analysis Control Room, Best Tipster Competition, Great Live Betting Framework, Best Tipsters Forum for Socialising, Best in Everything. It's a great learning platform more of a University... It has Saved me and my referrals lots of money.... it's a worthy psychological therapy for gambling addicts because it's the read deal & its risk free.... it has made me a better tipster when real money is involved thanks to your indepth categorising of teams such as "worst teams", "Best Teams", "Teams With Home advantage" "Poor Away Teams" just to mention a few... i have been able to pick up betting trends by observing other tipsters and knowing the true situation of bet events even when I am not familiar the teams and their nationality and help reduced the incidence of odd trickery by bookmakers... The Best by far... There's no alternative
My experiences
By Urufuos1 on 29 June 2017
Love it Like it- it gives me the opportunity to practise and know how to play safely.
very good
By supercat on 29 June 2017
very good. but i miss very well. great!!!
turn up~~
Good for testing
By illhorse on 29 June 2017
I believe this is a good way of testing your ability to predict games. This site has amazing features such as goal times so you can work out when a team is likely to score goals (FH/SH). I use this site on a regular basis for up to date statistics.
the benefits of being a punter
By rudoo on 29 June 2017
in as far as betting is concerned being a punter helps in the appreciation of the perfomances of the teams and getting a better appreciiation of the art
The Best Free Tipping Site
By Stretch on 29 June 2017
Excellent site been using it for years now.Easy to learn how to use different markets and to keep track of winnings and losses each month.
numero uno. super duper site
By aderinola1997 on 29 June 2017
This site really taught the rudiment of sport betting. Consequently,i have become a local champion in my area.Thank you.
Strategise and socialise!
By Macca on 29 June 2017
Great testing environment for any strategies that you might have. The really special thing is the large amount of markets available to bet on, so the boundaries are limitless.
The proactive community element also offers support and social entertainment to enhance the experience.
Definitely makes honing your craft an extremely fun journey.
By WeltonTrader on 29 June 2017
Ótimo website para postar e fazer um acompanhamento de nossas tips
Superb Soccer tipping simulator
By aldo1234 on 29 June 2017
Great site for learning all about sports betting. Have developed confidence in my tips through experience. A must for any sports tipster.
Thanks SoccerPuner
A special Site To sharpen Tipster Instinct.
By mayoking on 29 June 2017
It really enhances my prediction prowess by providing a vast sum of virtual money for prediction with less risk of losing income. I am able to employ different prediction strategies with less risk.
Unique site to improve your betting skills
By berts on 29 June 2017
This site is a great tool to stay sharp as a sports bettor.
It enables you to test all kind of different betting strategies risk free!
A+++++ site!
By teomacd on 29 June 2017
exelente para practicar y llegar a ser un buen tipster
Timemable ans profit generating site
By Synky10 on 28 June 2017
Thanks a lot S-punter team for the great analysis and predictions you post on a daily basis. It has quite help me to save my time on winning prediction in terms of improving my score card on profits.
Be blessed and continue saving the individuals who have lost hope on betting.
Thank you,
With Soccerpunter, no more bet lost
By hawkbet on 28 June 2017
If you want to win big in soccer, soccerpunter is a website to visit.
No lose in any form, it's win! win!!! wim!!!
The only Tipster Competition platform for live betting
By ValueRainbow on 28 June 2017
Soccerpunter's Tipster Competition is the only one i know for live betting. This only is so big and useful that i don't need to have another reason to give the 5 stars. But there are many other reasons too: great stats, live odds, special tipping services, wining free tips and many more! In addition of all these, soccerpunter's Tipping Competition is a clever way to not lose money before test your tips and be sure that you are a winning tipster. Congratulations for your site soccerpunter!
Good site
By Jack00 on 28 June 2017
it helps me to pick my bets and to help other members.
top site for tips
By statsmyname on 28 June 2017
great site for information on prematch stats and good tipsters on here to get tips from also
Best site
By jaroslavs on 28 June 2017
This is the best site! Much fun and no money to lose! Thanks!
The best tipster site
By Jorge_Quin24 on 28 June 2017
Complete in terms of statistics, leagues, tournaments and collaboration from other tipsters. As a betting man, this site is an essential tool to take my game to the next level.
great platform
By goalbuster on 28 June 2017
this a great platform to practice and perfect as soccer selections need exactly 100 for a guaranteed win.
Great Soccer Knowledge and Prediction
By TJ94 on 28 June 2017
A Vast Collection of Gathering information about Soccer statistics and Acquire Soccer Punter Skills in Football Match Analysis
Tipsters Competition for Everyone
By beck on 28 June 2017
This is truly a fun and risk-free platform for every football fan to play and submit their predictions. I think if you cannot make profits in this virtual tipsters competition, then forget about betting with your bookmakers.
Thank you
By alvinseow94 on 28 June 2017
Thank you soccerpunter. I enjoy placing bets and learning from the player through different country. There is a lot of fun here.. hope there will be more fun for the upcoming competition and bets
Good to learn...
By blueyestiger on 28 June 2017
The tipster competition help punters like me to know how to predict and analyse football match accurately. Its the unique free site to help punters.
By Bilesanmiabiodun on 26 June 2017
This site is actually where you can derive the maximum enjoyment in soccer because you are free to pick your selections,derive maximum pleasure without loosing a penny,that is what I call PEACE OF MIND.Thanks.
Best Site
By senior24 on 26 June 2017
Great site this site has made me a good punter. I didn't take it seriously since I have been here but now I can tell you that since I took it seriously it has changed me completely
prediction gone right
By Blaqprince on 25 June 2017
Well" the beauty of this site just can't be over emphasisised, I have been here since 2015 and I can admit my growth rate as a punter as heightened, courtesy of Soccer punter am now a draw specialist...
Very nice
By msk on 24 June 2017
The tipster competition help punters like me to know how to predict and analyse football match accurately. It also make me to understand the importance of head to head analysis before betting on any team of your choice. I so much love soccerpunter because it has helped me a lot when predicting. Thanks
Great site
By Ch888 on 23 June 2017
i lean alot from this site and, i am betting with real money and make a laving throu soccer betting in my own county.
I am now a Tipster in my own right !!!
By Kingsammy40 on 21 June 2017
This is really amazing how I have learnt to be a Tipster through Soccerpunter.com . I have come to love everything about this site . The Tipster Competition has given me leverage on Sports Betting . It is so real that I now simulate the real Betting sites . Meeting mother Tipster here is a pleasure .
Great site
By Jumu88 on 19 June 2017
It's great website where everybody have the chance to prove their skills
I find this site as one of the best
By Chizy2017 on 17 June 2017
This site have help me to know how odd are fixed, i take the free risk here and i fail, i still find a way to correct myself next. In fat this site has take me to another level
soccer at its best
By fraada on 14 June 2017
For me it is good platform to help build winning tips,it has help me to win cash.keep up the good work ....
Best tipster and betting site
By mtn72 on 12 June 2017
Soccer punter is very good site. I like when we can play virtually and share our tips with other tipsters.
'Asante' Soccerpunter.
By Sir_Hillary_Bett on 10 June 2017
Soccerpunter offers a risk free platform for anyone who intends to venture into sports betting.I continue to learn and understand how to go about sports betting. I appreciate soccer punter
By gurulwanga on 9 June 2017
Soccerpunter has been a good site that helps one to identify his best market,Has good rewards,an apt customer service and it is the best virtual betting platform.Long live soccerpunter and all their fans,We have a reason to smile.
Challenge effective
By bajosky on 9 June 2017
The platform creates enabling environment for me to dig deep and play value bets. The ranking is equally a target that must be attained by every punter and worth celebrating if you make it.
Soccer Punter Fan
By yoven on 9 June 2017
i appreciate very much your game.Many Mauritians are participating in your enjoyable competition which is very popular in Mauritius.
Best Soccer Analysis Platform
By Ndimele365 on 8 June 2017
I have built a lot of confidence in football betting using this platform, its great and practically rewarding. With all the necessary tools to excel in football betting.
I vouch for this service
By joex on 3 June 2017
A place of great learning. Volatility of odds and home advantage of teams give a dependable criteria. I vouch for this service
The Art Of Betting
By EbukaJohnson on 2 June 2017
Here @SoccerPunter,You Learn The Art Of Betting and Its Strategy.When To Stake and When Not To.Register and Come All In To Experience The What Am Saying..
The best
By liilstenky on 2 June 2017
SoccerPunter is no.1 when we talk of betting.it gives u the platform to bet on ur own without lossing money.SoccerPunter is Awesome.SoccerPunter noSize.keep on with ur good work.thanks.
Tipster competition
By Kenta on 27 May 2017
It has been a year since i started playing tipster competition and the results are outstanding,it has given that confidence in betting and an experience that has enabled me to be in a position to predict more than 6matches and get them right.thankyou tipster competition.
By Nelson777 on 26 May 2017
Learning is the act of acquiring new, or modifying and reinforcing existing, knowledge, skills, values, or preferences which may lead to a potential change in synthesizing information, depth of the knowledge, or relative to the type and range of experience.
Agreed with most customer reviews here, its an awesome learning experience that will take you to another level and its nothing like what the normal person assumes.
practice for prediction
By patrick0333 on 25 May 2017
Soccer Punter is like a manual for predictions.The matches are easily arranged according to the time of play in a chronological manner plus they show you which country a club comes from thus its easily accesible. Also their statistics and the movement of odds helps alot in determining an outcome.Also it has different tipsters from all over the world who has various tips and strategy when it comes to betting which helps alot. I recommend most of friends to join this site to sharpen their predictions skills and try out different strategy. The management of Soccer Punter keep the good job.
5 STARS!!!
Every body wins in soccer punter
By Mcchemical on 24 May 2017
I call soccer punter the perfect place for your own predictions without fear of losing because even when you lose, you actually win thereby making you a good soccer punter.. kudos.. for a job perfectly done
The best I have seen so far
By geepeetomyom on 23 May 2017
I love the level of organization and accuracy of prediction here. I particularly love the way tipsters are ranked as that can be a very good source of motivation. I also love the fact that its free here and would like to have the VIP membership as soon as I have enough cash to pay.
Manual Book for Predictions!!
By karanja911 on 23 May 2017
Soccer Punter is like a manual for predictions.The matches are easily arranged according to the time of play in a chronological manner plus they show you which country a club comes from thus its easily accesible. Also their statistics and the movement of odds helps alot in determining an outcome.Also it has different tipsters from all over the world who has various tips and strategy when it comes to betting which helps alot. I recommend most of friends to join this site to sharpen their predictions skills and try out different strategy. The management of Soccer Punter keep the good job.
5 STARS!!!!
By samuel.ugbede on 22 May 2017
This is definitely the best virtual online betting site there is. when the urge to gamble sets in,soccerpunter provides you with a platform to experiment your predicting skills. and the amazing thing is the fact that with all the effort and hard work this site provides, u can experiment your potential without having to risk anything while doing so.
You Are The Best
By xolargo on 19 May 2017
A very good platform which helps us a lot in match statistics,easy fast and accessible to all matches.It really helps me a lot in games to play!!Really one of the best sites and deserves 5 stars!!Continue with the good work!! Thank you
Great Platform
By djoga on 19 May 2017
soccer punter is a great platform so far that helps members learn from each other as they develop their betting skills. they help even in gambling addiction since you learn how to bet and control how you bet. i have had the best experience in soccer punter and they are worth a 5 star rating. Become a member, learn from the top predictors and enjoy a profitable outcome.
Greater improvement on gaming
By WILLIAMSXCODE on 17 May 2017
it had made me better in real scenario, i really appriciate the creator of this platform.grwat piece great sense.Thanks
improving confidence
By lawyaz on 16 May 2017
its a great experience and also improves confidence in a risk that can return high profits
Soccerpunter-a betting college
By masiga28 on 11 May 2017
With soccerpunter,you get versed with all you need to become a proffessional gambler.wanna know how to predict the outcome of a soccer match using analytical techniques,historical records or through relying on other gurus info?then this is the ideal site for you!
simply the best
By arceltips on 11 May 2017
I used to focus on one betting market only,but after viewing other tipsters bets and the choice of markets they have,I changed and improved on my winning. Here I can stake high without the fear of losing real money.The tipster ranking table is what propels me more as I target the top. SoccerPunter you are the best
Soccerpunter gives you confidence
By sammywasko on 8 May 2017
After joining soccer punter I developed confidence in soccer punting, and I found it so interesting to predict matches of any kind...Kudos to the management of Soccerpunter keep it up
soccer punter is the best
By Luckyisaac30 on 8 May 2017
iv improved on my soccer skills and i no longer playin favourate teams only cauz i aint got no doubt anymore
soccerpunter is the best
By johntex on 6 May 2017
I think this what have been looking for for these time.soccerpunter is perfect in it's predictions..l just like gambling and sometimes on soccerpunter I do it for fun.. it ha natured my skills and knowledge on how to gamble! For everyone in the gambling world.
SoccerPunter has really helped me...
By iFebo on 5 May 2017
Here's why;

1. I get to test and get better at using my skills without the risk of losing real money.

2. I follow other skilled punters and get to view their bets, compare with mine and improve daily.

3. The tipsters' ranking system gives me encouragement and makes me always strive to get better and rank higher.
Master Gambling
By mjanjez2016 on 5 May 2017
good site for becoming pro. You will learn on how to take advantage of various markets in every bet in soccer. I learnt how to manage my bank here.
Mind Blowing
By Alpine254 on 5 May 2017
The site provides a good platform for wanna be gamblers to practice as well as perfect their skills. What blew me away is the fact that there are a lot of different people from around the world showcasing their skills and competing for the top 10 position. There being virtual money makes it easy for one to make risks without having to worry about loosing. Best Site to be in.
Amazing site
By greatmind on 4 May 2017
Though the money is virtual but keeping real and hot,. alot to learn and alot to gain,is the only site you come in as a beginner and within few weeks you turn to an expert,more kudos to you guys @ soccerpunter we are at the right place....keep it up 100%.
you are the best.
Knowledge from soccerpunter
By hyginussunday on 2 May 2017
I was a novice on sports betting but not until i came across this site
i am now an expect with the help of their tipstar competition thanks to all the adminstrators of this site
Betting control tool
By kinjosh on 1 May 2017
I have learned a lot through soccer punter and one of the things is to be patient and learn to maintain self-control. This avenue has sharpened my betting skills greatly thanks, team punter.
Happy SoccerPunter player
By Hluphy1591 on 1 May 2017
I really enjoy playing the soccerpunter & discovering new leagues & new teams abroad.i enjoy the fact dat im testing my new skills & betting method as im playing for fun
The Best!!!!
By amiir_dj on 30 April 2017
soccerpunter is the best in virtual betting, though i lose many times but i have learned a lot in betting and analysing teams. keep it up soccer punter team :)
On Point!!!
By Loaded on 29 April 2017
SoccerPunter gives in depth head to head info that dates as far back as when soccer was invented. The info is priceless and gives me what I need to get the best from any match.
getting great experience with soccerpunter
By pee on 27 April 2017
just within three months,I av learnt enough,how to predict even when the odds are fluctuating.learnt my weak point and how to go about predicting without loosing my harden money,raw cash.
thanks soccerpunter for this great opportunity.
yours beloved
By Iphone6s on 27 April 2017
SoccerPunter is the perfect site to find great tips and maximize my wagger on my daily Sport Bet.

Thanks to all the Tipster participating on this web site
best gambling site
By pradissen on 27 April 2017
best gambling site ever my vote 5/5 Stars, SoccerPunter is the perfect site for every one,
Do you want to spend your money wisely?.. Try Soccerpunter.
By oseay169 on 24 April 2017
I have learn more than a enough with soccerpunter on betting and gambling. now I have more knowledge of world football and its main tournaments. I have learned to handle the virtual money wisely in every bet. Soccerpunter is the best tool to learn how to bet. keep it up guys . thanks
by Prince Iyke
By princeiyke on 21 April 2017
Soccer punter have really help me to manage how a bet through the virtual game. Really appreciate the opportunity to improve my bet skills
By krisakas100 on 20 April 2017
I called it football school because it Teaches me how to bet without losing my real Money , I enjoyed it because am competing with many punters ,especially with those that is better than I, but I promise my self that one day I will be the 1st in the competition.
Great site to better betting skills
By kisaii on 18 April 2017
Thanks to Soccer Punter because whenever i want to bet, i do use this plat form. It has helped me improve my betting skills
Soccerpunter is best Demo
By agurudhu on 18 April 2017
I have a learnt a lot from this site.The demo we play after research and checking odds woow,the tesults are amazing .An accumulator with 3-5 teams is the way to go .

The best demo in soccer betting .Thank you Soccerpunter
Soccer punter is the Bomb
By patchu on 17 April 2017
Soccerpunter is a great prediction site for bet for the best and interested people that need to be getting good analysis for better returns. My bet account has been a lot better since I started using this great site
Kudos To Soccerpunter
By ntesco on 17 April 2017
Is the best competitive platform for punters worldwide to predict and check their accuracy with​out losing real cash.
Soccerpunter is a good site
By BB3030 on 16 April 2017
It allows you to practice and learn without the risk, other good part is the wide variety of games they offer that allows you to learn more leagues. Only real things i would say that could be improved is live wagering, it seems to often that a live wager i place is cancelled due to odds change. Where a bet can be placed and 2 minutes later a goal is scored the bet will not stand, which can be a problem especially if betting for a goal late on and you only have a couple minutes left.
Learning with Soccerpunter
By jgmorales23 on 16 April 2017
I already have more than a year and I have learned a lot with soccerpunter. I have more knowledge of world football and its main tournaments. I have learned to handle the virtual money wisely in every bet. Soccerpunter is the best tool to learn how to bet

Ya tengo mas de un ano y he aprendido mucho con soccerpunter. Tengo mas conocimiento del futbol mundial y sus principales torneos. He aprendido a manejar con mucha sabiduria el dinero virtual en cada apuesta. Soccerpunter es la mejor herramienta para aprender a apostar
best place to realize best options
By khedha on 16 April 2017
this is the best platorm to really realize the best way to bet without loosing real money used to lose lots by playing silly un educated accumulators until i tried betting on singles using soccer punter and then i realised that i could actually make profit overtime by playing singles, rather than daft get rich quick accumulators which where always let down by one or 2 teams. great platform and very good analysis from top tipsters here.
Great site for soccer lovers
By Dogface253 on 16 April 2017
I like trying soccer skills in soccer punter games on a daily basis,I play on this site without fear of losing my money, I play for fun... I do loved the beautiful game....
Learn from another
By Fanny on 16 April 2017
It so good to be on a soccerpunter, less stressful but watch soccer play games and it's so nice to see how other soccer team do their playing selection on games. Thank you soccerpunter you make us to others the gud way,
Good company
By buzadaddy on 15 April 2017
The Soccerpunter has creative program.
We used program everyday.
And we shared too each other.
Great bettors
By Bradone46 on 15 April 2017
Very professional team. The site gives you a Great chance to Win money
the best of bet anaiysis
By sacadume007 on 15 April 2017
there is no gain saying that This site gives you the opportunity to practice your betting skill everyday/months free thank you Soccerpunter. i truly think this to be the top soccer tipping site on the internet with the only gripe being no prize money
soccerpunter is a great betting site the best
By vmdvoke on 15 April 2017
socerpunter is a great site that teaches me how to predict game and play games without real money i have really understand what the meaning of betting because of soccerpunter i am very greatful thanks guys
Could be so much bette
By kwithey on 14 April 2017
This is a very useful site but the variety of bets available is limited. 13 options from the myriad of available bets out there has mouthed me to another site offering so many more, also a free site. The other criticism I would make is that most winners on here have hot one lucky accumulator, that's not tipping it's luck. A quality tipster shows profit from singles and perhaps the occasional double or treble. Most winners on here have never done it twice, just got lucky once.
Soccerpunter and Tipster Rankings
By Ranmanefc on 14 April 2017
Great site and can be used to test yourself against fellow football tipsters. Highly recommended site if you like to show your mettle and get stuck in.
user friendly
By mufambi on 14 April 2017
easy to use for beginers. very user friendly. good site for fun betting no real money lost. I enjoy using this site keep up the good work
Soccerpunter is a place to be for great bettors
By masaheed on 13 April 2017
Soccerpunter is a great platform for bettors who are interested in getting good analysis for better returns. My bet account has been a lot better since I started using their tools. Great details and analysis second to non worldwide
Good service
By amigo1980 on 13 April 2017
This site gives you the opportunity to practice your betting skill everyday/months free thank you Soccerpunter.
Super Soccer at it`s best
By Inva5or on 13 April 2017
I must say if it wasn't for you guys i would never have accomplished and improved in my understanding of football , i truly think this to be the top soccer tipping site on the internet with the only gripe being no prize money
By jedza on 13 April 2017
great site for us as beginners it will save our money by playing here you will get more experience to become a good punter
By LUSOTUGA on 13 April 2017
Soccerpunter is a community of winners. Thanks to the statistical information at hand, Soccerpunter gives us our highest hopes of success, where luck was considered before.

Soccerpunter gives hope in competition to beat our peers, or at least better our previous months best. It's a fantastic community of like minded souls ... it's the best site on the net. I would highly recommend it to anyone (as I have, to friends, in the past)
Great Stuff
By Nyamo on 13 April 2017
Great Predictions site which can guide a long term pundit to make profit especially the OV2.5 and BTTS market which is quite lucrative
SoccerPunter my training ground, SoccerPunter my Trigoria, SoccerPunter My Cobham, I have gained a vast experience ever since I started playing on thi
By Vuyomeniers365 on 13 April 2017
It's really a privilege to have SoccerPunter site only because it reduces and make sure in all aspects of gambling addiction are eradicated and by saying so I mean I don't gamble with money like I used to. And I thank you guys for that. Lastly I would like to thank Berts from Belgium, he is one of the very intelligent tipsters I know and I learnt a lot from him. Thank you
Betting Culture
By smartsavvi on 13 April 2017
Soccer punter has helped improve my level of discipline with regards to selection of games. The best no rival.
Great way to find potential tips
By Vanalex62 on 13 April 2017
SoccerPunter is the perfect site to find great tips and maximize my wagger on my daily Sport Bet.

Thanks to all the Tipster participating on this web site
Invaluable Resource
By Goza on 12 April 2017
Soccerpunter is an invaluable resource for planning your days football betting well in advance. Alternatively the site is great fun to play without actually wagering real cash
By Drumsticx on 12 April 2017
Do you need the best tips from tipsters around the world? Here is where to get it all.
Excellent soccer stats & H2H info even on the least popular soccer teams in the least popular countries
By GodfreyH on 12 April 2017
I appreciate the fact that I can find stats on almost any soccer game from any country. Soccerpunter is truly dedicated to the sport and is excellent at compiling soccer states in an easy format to understand
Top Beters Site
By malinga7 on 12 April 2017
Since l joined soccer punter site my betting improve
improved .SoccerPunter without any doubt you
deserve my five star.with you soccer rocks.

with you betting and learning soccer becomes ra
The best of betting site
By danhlathang365 on 12 April 2017
A place that punter can test strategy betting without losing money. Very useful for anyone who have passion in gambling industry.
5 Stars Website!
By Lyudmiln on 12 April 2017
Great Site! The Best Choice For Active Players! I Vote 5/5 Stars, Because Here The Players Share Their Reviews And This Is The Most Important For Beginners!
The Best Fantasy Betting Site
By 0707277726_Mwas on 12 April 2017
Since I joined soccerpunter, I have learnt a lot about soccer betting from the easiest markets to win from and how to predict matches. Besides, this website keeps a wide variety of bets you've placed helping you learn from your previous mistakes. On the other hand, you can easily get top-quality tips from the best tipsters by simply following them.
To say the least, Soccerpunter is the best betting site.